Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Art of Eccentricity

A typical conversation at my home, Saturday afternoon:

Dad comes to visit with Step-Mother and 5 year old Peanut

Mum: Hey, guess who I saw?
Dad: Who?

Az and T singing Barney is a Dinosaur in the background

Mum: Dino!
Dad: Dino?
Mum: Yeah Dino, remember him?
Dad: No
Mum: Dino Dino man! You know him.
Dad: Dino? No I don’t remember

Az and T are joined by Birdy and Peanut singing Barney is a Dinosaur

Stepma: Who’s Dino?
Mum: Well when we had the shop he used to come around and sell those spares.
Dad: Dino?
Mum: Yeah Dino Dino!!
Dad: (thinks hard) Dino?
Mum: Dino, remember that time he sold us that transmitter?
Dad: (frustrated) I don’t know any Dino
Mum: Yes you do, Dino Dino man!

Az and T switch from singing Barney is a Dinosaur to Dino is a Dinosaur

Dad: DINO?!?
Dad: (Frustrated, Angry & Dead Serious) Is he a fucking dinosaur?

Everyone stops and bursts out laughing


  1. any family that has kids named Az and Taz has got to be cool.

    Mine is only half cool, they only have Taz :)

  2. So who's Dino?

    Was your mum right or did she get the name wrong?

    Now I have Barney songs in my head!

  3. Taz - Thanx...we have a Taz too :) How cool

    BB-Aisha - No mum was right...Dad just couldn't remember...Dino was some guy they worked with like eons ago lol :)