Monday, 13 October 2008

Battling Demons: My Parting Comments

Ok, I have too much to say to post a reply...

So heres my last rant and rave (PG18) about this whole thing..(and its purely my subjective point of view)...

FUCK Gaams...PERIOD! There I said it. I'm tired of people who want to please everyone for status' sake...but they can't please our Creator SWT.

For those who think that this Un-Islamic practice is still ok and socially acceptable...well then we might as well re-institute Apartheid...because that regime pleased some people too.

People want to know why there is no cohesion amongst the Muslims... its because of this fucking Gaam shit that we have allowed into our society. As Sheikh Salaama Said said: "The problem with the Muslims in South Africa lies in the divisions amongst them and the caste system. That is NOT Islam".

I took this excerpt from Trinity's Portal...
The concept of Race is a phalicy, because it was justified by biological factors that at they time, those people didn’t fully understand. Religion and Culture - the whole world even the academic community seems to misinterpret. It is NOT the same thing. We don’t get married in Indian Church. We get married in a mosque, or church etc. We get married in front of Allah (God). Your morals and values should be from your religion. The MI’s (Muslim Indians) should be looking for people who display Muslim values. Not someone who know the traditions of the Ghaam. Cultural laws can be learned. But people don’t realise that culture is constantly changing. Religion stays the same because it is defined by a specific set of laws. Culture is how we interpret those laws!!

So the way I see it...people chose to be either Muslim or Indian in this society.

I've always had a problem with those Jews that had the need for a Jewish state - as if to say that they weren't only Jewish by religion, but by culture and state as well, and that they were entitled to live seperately from the world because they were more superior then any other race.

Well guess what? This fucking Gaam shit is no different from Zionsim.

The problem with Muslims today is that they do not fear Allah SWT enough...because if we did, we wouldnt do half of the things we do....
If people truely Feared Allah SWT, they wouldn't be standing there and justifying every piece of shit that they've been fed throughout the years...and feel no shame.

Being a Good Muslim is not just reading your Quraan and Salaah and observing Ramadaan. It reaches beyond that...into your soul. Amongst many other things, being a good Muslim also includes the way you treat people and recognising that everyone is equal.

And I DARE anyone to challenge me on this...because you WILL lose.


  1. You go girl! I absolutly and totally share your sentiments :-)

  2. this is for the other bloggers out there...Azra had her final comment on this...

    Ok, so what is a Gaam? Why is it so important?

    Is it a cast system... like, lower cast, higher cast ect? or is it a color issue? black, blacker.. blackest?

  3. Azra I am having a t-shirt made, if you don't believe in mixed marriages - go fuck your sister

    don't know how well it will go down though

  4. I'm loving the T-shirt idea Aasia lol...

    Bilal RA was black and he married an arab woman with the blessing of the Prophet if it was so wrong, the Prophet SAW wouldn't have condoned it.

  5. The Gaams come from the Indian caste system...basically they are groups of people whose ancestors lived in one particular place in India (from my understanding)..and they share minor stupid details of their culture. There are different Gaams or sects of people...and in India, some Gaams are "higher" than others...meaning those people are considered upper class or better than others (Elitist) because of the section of India they came from (since some sectors were more prosperous then others) and their lineage etc.

    Its like the old British class system on Steroids.

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  8. Killa - by the "We" do you imply yourself or others that you know of?
    ...because I certainly dont compare Lenz, Roshnee, Durban and Laudium me they are all the same.

    FYI - Pride is Haraam...Allah SWT says so.

    Lineage is over-rated...

    You know what? I wouldn't mind half as much as I do if one of the GF's told me that they preferred someone they can connect, relate to and understand and that perosn happened to be in the same Gaam as they are in...because that is their Preference and they are entitled.

    But to take this whole Gaam thing to another level...people ruin other people's lives because of it...then they take their "Indianisms" and make it religious law...and if that is not enough...they discriminate and are openly racist to other people...these things I have a problem with.

    The Culture in itself is a Hindu one...or at least its shared with the Hindus...

    As a Muslim, I see my culture as an Arabian one..and even though I dont like that they are rude and arrogant...Islam is "My first, my last, my everything" Barry White would say...

    Another thing that peeves me off is that sense of superiority that most GF's have...

  9. Killa, culture may be a holy cow to some, but how do you as a bright and allegedly intelligent human being justify it when it prejudices other human beings on the basis of arbitrary standards. And when something conflicts with Islam,it is arbitrary. Other examples of culture you might find appealing, slavery, colonialism, apartheid, anti-semiticsm, holocaust of palestinians. That forms a culture. I guess they carry their merits to their supporters.

  10. Hmmm never heard the word ghaam before but have come across the concept. I don't get why it matters to people so much - yeah look for some common ground but that doesn't mean we all have to be incestuous marrying our cousins and what not. In this day and age, it may matter to my grandparents where in India someone's great grandparents are from but I can't be bothered. So long as he's a decent Muslim, can have intellectually stimulating conversation, makes me laugh and is on the hottish side (to me), it's all good. Thing is, I don't know if I'd have the guts to marry someone my parents don't like even if their reasons are silly.

    Aasia, I think the t shirt is brilliant haha.