Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blubbering Idiot

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life and the one thing I always say is don’t ever, EVER under-estimate people, because you never know what they may be capable of. And I truly believe that.

I’ve seen the blogosphere turn very nasty lately. First it began with OH and then with Killa but more recently with MJ. Anonymous bloggers seem to reign supreme and they think that they can run their mouths off as they wish, talking absolute rubbish because well, they are “anonymous”.

I’ve been a victim too. There I was, minding my own business, giving my 2 cents here and there. In the meantime, some Fucknut who doesn’t even have the beads to post under a decent pseudonym, decides to involve me in one of his fights with another blogger -because of some or other misconception he has. The fucking coward then decided to post subsequent comments under my name, involving me in this juvenile matter. The amusing part is that I hadn’t even been online in the hours that he was conversing with himself under my name…MJ and BB-Aisha can attest to that since I had to go and hone my culinary skills in the kitchen.

I cannot understand what drives some people. Shear boredom perhaps or a serious lack of intellect…maybe they need hobbies and lives. And I really can’t understand how such ignorance manages to “blom” amongst intellectual and gifted writers. Its like a disease really, it festers in the cracks until it’s unleashed upon the world. For me, blogging is a place where I can express myself therapeutically, a place where I can engage in intellectually stimulating discourse, conversations and debates. It’s like brain food.

For others, it’s akin to the crapper. They don’t even have the courage and fortitude to say what they want to say and be honest about who they are at the same time. I find it ironic that most of the comments posted anonymously are negative. They have to come anonymously, or under moronic and derogatory pseudonyms because they are cowards.

And this need to create controversy and online “fights”…seriously…like get a life. I have no qualms about engaging in thought provoking debates where I can learn a thing or two. But I’m not here to walk all over people to boost my own fragile ego.

Back to under-estimating people. If this asshole only knew that I worked for Private Investigators for almost 3 years, in Industrial Espionage. That I worked with Interpol, the FBI, the Scorpions. That I use to track criminals for a living. That all it takes is a single phone call and that it wouldn’t matter in which part of the world he was, they will find him…they always do…and his life would become hell at my request.

But there’s no point in wasting so much energy on a Fucknut. He’s just not worth the effort of dialing that number.


  1. cool tag :)
    it happens to me once every two months or so - im used to it now. i wouldnt call the anons bloggers though -

    if you wanna see something scary check this out

    someone created a clone blog last year and stole all my stuff (details - look etc).

  2. Geez...

    Thats why I call them Wannabe Bloggers...because they can't write their own shit...instead they have to go on like animals.

  3. MJ,just take it as a compliment :)

  4. If you don't like what people say just delete it...fuck freedom of speech...i have the freedom to delete shit too.

    I don't understand why would some bloggers keep stuff on their blog about other bloggers if they know its going to create havoc.

    But then is very entertaining...but still we should be responsible with communication.

    *Every time I read the word blogging...I think of that stork advert... " know blogging" lol

  5. Hi Azra, as discussed i had the trace done and got all the info on the required subjects.... just let me know when.

  6. People should be free to say what they want, because an exchange of ideas contributes to the development of society. That is what the fucktards don't get. Retards should stick to rock paintings to communicate. Primitive, ignorant ass bastards. Some ppl have kids, others have badluck.

  7. LoL.. I remember chatting to you about this.

    Why give him attention. The more you stoke a fire the longer it will burn.

    Anonymity is the wed's greatest flaw. (Well not that they cant track you and stuff) but it gives people that freedom.

    Also, being a blogger, you need to know that not everyone shares your thoughts and sentiments. People are bound to disagree with you. (trust me i know).

  8. Trinity - I agree 100%. People are too chicken shit to take responsibility for their actions, or what they say.

    Speedy - Thanx man, I can always count on you :)

    OH - LMAO...Really no one says it better than you do. You really crack me up. What a loss to the blogosphere. Can't wait for your website.

    Killa - I dont go around looking for people to agree with everything I say. There would be no reason to continue blogging.
    There are boundaries. And theres a little thing called respectfully voicing your opinion - that I'm afraid most of your commentators (the Anonymous ones especially) dont have. Now I to be honest I can tell that some of the various commentators under different pseudonyms are the same person. I can see it in the patterns of behaviour.
    Now what really pisses me off about some of them on your site is that they have nothing constructive to say. Instead they will sit there and make derogatory comments about everyone else. And for them its all "fun".
    I'm sorry but I dont find it fun or funny at all. And as a consequence, I will not insult my senses my reading or engaging in that shit anymore.
    Sadly, it really destroys what use to be a good blog.

  9. Well said Azra :-)
    I couldn't agree more---people should get lives and grow up...not start fights and think its a joke.

    You know the saying 'silence in the best answer to a fool'---its very all the time. sure have CONTACTS hey? I must remember never to piss you off :-)

  10. TCQ - I've been fortunate to meet and work with some very helpful and well connected people. I do my utmost to maintain those relationships...for reasons like these :)

  11. hey I did a smililar post! Im so sick of these people!

  12. awww shucks, sorry.

    but wow, part of P.I - how fascinatig!

  13. lolol take your wannabe as a compliment :)

  14. What they want is a reaction, dont give them the satisfaction of knowing that they are getting to you. If they dont get a reaction they'l get bored and give up.

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