Monday, 6 October 2008

How the day transpired...

07:15am – I should have known…I should have known that this was the beginning of a shit day when I over-slept and barely managed to crawl out of bed. I should really get to bed earlier in the evenings…

08:05am – It usually takes me 20 minutes to get to work, but 3 assholes, 2 slow-ass drivers, a R500 speeding fine for driving 79 in a 60 zone and 30 minutes later, I eventually arrive. I’m late…and I have to get those production figures out before that bitch from head-office sits on my head. And as if I don’t have enough problems, some idiot stole my parking space.

08:35am – The daily production conference call meeting was cancelled…oh well, there’ll be another one tomorrow...Boss said something about an emergency at one of the plants (like I care, less work for me)…Mandy drops by my office and updates me with the latest affairs in this workplace…Its like Days of our Lives here…David with Bonnie, Nadine with John and Nick …she continues, I stop her and tell her I’m not interested unless it affects my ability to pay rent….I can hear JT laughing in the corridor as he walks by.
Her parting comment is about Natasha (aka Satan), getting divorced so that she can screw around freely with Calvin…again, her business not mine. My Inbox is offline...complicating matters further.

09:27am – Ava calls…dispatch is quiet …guess no one wants any Liquid Nitrogen today.

10:03am – I’m starving…no sugar and a handful of oats will do that to you. But I can’t give in…I have to look my super-model self by December…so I have a cup of mint tea instead. My head say’s “well done”…by body says “Bitch feed me”.

10:58am – And all hell breaks loose. E plant is down, a trip out thanks to Eskom and the client is going beserk. I’m running between reception and my office trying to sort out everything. Boss is MIA…Another twit calls me…where the F@ck am I suppose to get 400 Tons of Argon from?

11:22am – I’m exhausted already…I get informed about three new meetings for the week and a Huge to-do on Wednesday. So that’s extra preparation. Oh yeah…I have Varsity work to do.

12:14pm – I begin my mini dissertation on the Technological Implications of Strategic Management – 20 typed pages…send a quick email to Professor Rensleigh, got his approval.

13:03pm – Now I’m really starving….I briefly reminisce about Eid’s roast chicken and grudgingly eat my salad. Uncle AB calls, he wants to set me up with his friend’s son…a 36 year old business man…I say he’s way too old, but I’ll give it a shot…

14:08pm – News flash: Salad does not actually promote any kind of brain activity. I’m a flippin Zombie. I can’t understand a word that Mandy is saying and I begin to get grouchy from the lack of Sugar, Dairy, Carbs, Caffeine, Tobacco (from the Hooka) and everything else I decided to cut out of my life. I begin to cuss (swear) incessantly…Look, I need some kind of outlet.

14:44 pm – Mandy tells me about this guy she wants to introduce me to on Mxit. I tell her to F@ck off.

15:12pm – I’m in my office, minding my own business and trying to do my Varsity work when Tumelo walks in and antagonises me. I tell him to F@ck off too.

15:37pm – Stupid F@cking Receptionist confuses two meetings creating havoc, thus becoming my problem. I tell her that she should go to the high school she graduated from and ask for her money back.

16:24pm – I anticipate tonight’s work-out session, a mixture of Pilates, Yoga and Cadio for an hour, maybe that will take the edge off…..Packing up to go home :)

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  1. Ooh say argon again. Some people dont get it. Unless you're contributing to my goal, you're the pimple on the complexion of life. I once said i will cut off your head and display it at reception if you dont shut up. Humans.