Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Singing in the Rain

Location: In my head...
Mood: Cynical and Sarcastic

There’s no good news these days. Everywhere you look, there’s a reporter or analyst predicting doom and gloom for the consumer, Eskom, the country, the world, you name it. I guess no one ever thought that when we rang in 2008, the shit would hit the fan on such a massive global scale. For us, it started with the Power-cuts. For a minute there I thought I lived in Zim. Then it was the rapid rise in oil prices, petrol, food prices and every other commodity that we utilise in society on a daily basis. Things are bad. It actually feels like the society we know is regressing, not progressing…it’s a miracle I can still check my email and blog. We could even be a couple of horses away from going back to the horse and cart/carriage system of the 17th and 18th centuries.

My friend Bea told me that the Clinic has never seen so many patients in one week…and that’s in London. She reckons the global credit crunch is making everyone in the UK physically sick. Even her family in Venezuela is complaining. Joanita has to move out of Paris soon, because she simply can’t afford bringing up a toddler and a baby in the city, even though both she and her husband work. I’m devastated at this news…no more free accommodation in Paris? Noooooo :(

Anyways, so one day, while I was sitting in the dark, eating MJ’s Pringles @ like R50-00 a pop, I started wondering who is benefiting from all these price hikes? Seriously, think about it…everyone is adjusting their prices to keep up with the overall price increases everywhere. But who started it? And why? Yeah I hear everyone tell me it began with the rapid rise in oil and fuel prices. But who is sitting at the top, raking in all this money, that’s what I want to know.
Maybe it was the darkness…or maybe I shouldn’t eat Sour Cream and Onion flavoured Pringles at that time of the night…but I had a theory…a theory crazier than anything Killa could ever come up with…what if there was this elitist group that controlled the way the whole world operated. They determine which prices go up and which come down (not that anything ever comes down). They decide who goes to war and who receives immunity. Kinda like the Producers of Survivor….they pull all the strings…and the puppets work the stage. Well Shakespeare did say “All the worlds a stage”…so maybe he was in it too…

Everyone’s looking for a solution…what does one do to escape the dreary existence that has become life to so many of escape the horrors of human nature, the tragedies of mother do we escape the everyday problems that plague our tortured souls?
I’ve heard that a positive attitude can help your goals materialise…so they say in “The Secret”, which by the way, is no damn secret because we all knew that on some level and positive thinking has always been encouraged in society and religion. Some say that charity work encourages self-reflection and creates a greater consciousness...and others believe that prayer is the only way…

While I agree with most, there is only so much positive visualising a person can do before you give yourself an Aneurism...and I’m sorry to burst the bubble but no amount of visualisation will get you the new Ferrari Adonai F-800 especially if you’re stuck in the perpetual cycle of the capitalist drone.

Self-reflection brings forth appreciation and contentment and prayer is solace… but neither encapsulates true escapism. Can we even escape ourselves or our dreaded lives? Or are we prisoners of our own existence?

The answer is that we think too damn much...just suck it up and get on with it. Go and thrive in your adversity, smile in the face of frustration and sing in your hurricane. You might as well have some fun while you’re as miserable as hell, and be the happiest saddest person around.

PS. Go invest in Horses while they’re still reasonably priced :D


  1. Horses are reasonably priced?!! *rubs eyes* WHERE WOMAN?!? Those beauties are bleeding expensive which is why ive never been gifted one. Should have asked for a horse as my mahr instead- come to think of it, would serve many purposes!

  2. Pringles (mxit smiley with the hearts for eyes)

    The two products with the highest profit margin are Fireworks and Coccaine.

    im saddened because we live in a time when food production and storage is at its highest yet poverty is also at its highest. All because greedy people manipulate the market - this might sound reductionist and over simplistic but it really is just that.

  3. Ah..

    Well firstly let me start by saying i have already blogged about 'the forces that run the world'.. it was highly controversial and caught the wrong attention.. (considering the nazi shit i had on my blog at the time).. even had a commentator called rockerfella.. Like Geez..

    Pringles at 50 bux.. I should be grateful they 30 Rands here in Abidjan.. But then again my last nights lobster was R450 a platter..

    Also maybe just maybe its this whole 700bn debt thingy going around.. Just a thought..

    I still dont understand how a LINDT slab cost R11 here.. I love this country..

  4. Zahera - LOL...well I know they're like R12k and above...but they could become much more exxpensive. Will you pay R250K for a horse? Thats what we pay for some cars...

    MJ - It is quite sad...but that is the problem with capitalism isn't it? That the rich get richer and the poor get poorer...makes me want to become a farmer...a coke farmer lol

    Killa - I originally posted this on another blog in Nov 2007...I just tweaked it abit..I really want to read your Nazi shit :)
    OMG - LINDT AT R11?!?!?!?!?!? Its about the same price in Switzerland...but in Cote de Voir? You've got to be F@#$ing kidding me? I hate you :)

    Oh just put a whole lot of other ideas in my head with the 700B thingy.

  5. Yeh but thats cos most of the stooppid people who pay that much for a car- actually think its their house and live in it :-D I guess after paying that much you might aswell!

  6. Ooh the elitists running the world? This seems to have been a topic of conversation everywhere I turn lately! And apparently they created this global financial crisis, the solution to which will eventually be a single currency (maybe ze shekel?) and then they'll start preparing for the end of days (Mayan predict 12 Dec 2012) That isn't very far off!