Tuesday, 7 October 2008

What some women DONT want!

aka. I'm not your F#$%ing Sweetie!

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I just don't know where I meet them. And I really have no freakin clue as to what I'm doing wrong! What kind of F#$%ed up signals am I giving out? The Lord only knows.

So this moron calls me up last week...shame I shouldn't say moron...ok misguided person...(bear in mind that I have NEVER even met this bloke or even spoken to him before)...and we start chatting. The first five minutes was cool...then the dreaded "S" word crops up in the convo. Yeah most guys use it today and maybe I'm just old fashioned but I just don’t get guys who think that knowing you exist for 5 minutes qualifies and entitles them to call you “sweetie”....so seriously, like WTF? It’s tantamount to walking up to a strange female geriatric and proclaiming “Grandma”.

To make matters worse...my misguided friend took a liking to me in the most disturbing manner. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING warrants this message:
"As from today, you are my best friend ever and I want to thank you for that and dont worry I wont let you get away that easily sweetie" - Day 3 BTW

Ok, seriously like WTF? I would like to know how does this line attract women...and which women are attracted by this? Because I am certainly NOT attracted AT ALL!! The guy comes across as needy and clingy and desperate...geez, I'm not a materialistic person...things like money and looks dont impress me and even if there was the slightest chance, after the first offensive "sweetie", there wouldn't be a chance in HELL after this message.

Whatever made men believe that a real woman enjoys this offensive take on the vernacular and whatever happened to the concept of the Gentleman? Its easy to blame it all on women’s liberation and feminism…but it still does not warrant impertinence and provocative statements.
So what do I do to deserve these unwarranted over-familial gestures? It’s not like I’m sitting here begging to be violated by some idiot who can’t get his prose right. It would be easy to say that some men are just predators looking for their next victims…the proverbial wolf hunting for the sheep that’s going to be his next supper. And all the wanna-be women who are so desperate and man-hungry just fall all over these morons which encourages them further and perpetuates this repulsive cycle.

The truth is, it is becoming more prevalent and socially acceptable to use the "darling's", "sweetie's" and "baby's". But I'm sorry...not for me...at least have the decency to get to know me for like a month or two or three.

So what do REAL women want? How about a MAN...Lets start with that...I like my men fiesty...real...honest...true to who they are. I DON'T want a man who's going to be a little pansy by moulding his character and being who he THINKS I want him to be...and tell me everything he THINKS I want to hear...Grow some beads man!

Life is essentially about these four things:
Moderation and

And most of all there is NOTHING like a guy with manners…it’s a huge turn-on…enough to make a girl want to say “gimme more”…


  1. weird, on accessing your url, blogger throws up a 'blog violation' screen. What have you been doing in this space?


    The dude sounds needy.
    Your post resonates, takes me back to something I wrote a few years back. Seems we're on the same page.

  2. Yeah I get same message. You got anon haters already? That was quick.

    Most guys are assholes unfortunately, you need to find someone in the 1 percentile, but that person is probably crazy about someone else.

  3. Saaleha - Well I put a YouTube Link so Blogger's automated generators mistook it for Spam...I asked them to remove it :) Apologies that it wasn't more sinister :) :)
    Hilarious...although ironically I am a romantic, I just dont like guys who are too forward and presumptious. They come on too strong and it turns me off.

    Waseem - I do believe that there are good guys out there...its jsut sad that they are becoming extinct.

    Francois - You're entitled. I just think its wrong to perpetuate an ideal that has no moral basis in society. Since when did it become ok to talk to women that way? Whatever happened to respect?

  4. I have this habit of calling people princess. I realised that it is gender neutral when I called a male colleague princess.

    As in time to move your fat ass princess. or

    Look here sweetheart, no point in your making a noise, no one is listening.

    But ja I understand how it could be offensive.

    As a guy I cant stand guys who have to change their voices and accents to get a girl to talk to them. I think there is a fine line between respectful and forward. I mean at the end of the day I suppose a woman wants a man not another girlfriend or someone who is so insecure to say what he wants.

    Men should feel confident to say that they want to wear dresses more often. You know what I mean?

  5. Waseems talking about me again :D

    I call people son - even girls. its weird.
    please remove word verification - i feel dyslexic

  6. OH - Its one thing to use the term facetiously or sarcastically. Because you're either trying to make a point and it has a whole other meaning...But to hit on someone? I'd prefer some cheesy pickup line...like "you must be tired, because you've been running in my dreams the whole night" ...or some other crap like that...that way I know he's being a moron deliberately :) & LOL with the dresses...

    MJ - I'm working on the kinks...still trying to figure out how to remove the word verification thingy...I work with this Irish guy who calls everyone "love"...and then he accidently does it to a few of the guys every now and then..you should see his face when he does...like he just drove over his kid's pet dog...its freakin Hilarious!

  7. I cannot stand guys calling me babes (well i guess its no longer an issue) :-D but i really could NOT stand it.
    The ice queen glare and clenched fists where enough of an indication for them to either back off or get a punch in their gut.. and im not even a violent person- how about that? :-D

    Loving your blog- giving me my early morning kicks (hey-11am is early for me)!

  8. Hmmmm....Respect?Honesty???
    What do woman really want?
    when terms of endearments are used... guys are called assholes.. needy and a long list of other names. When guys dont, and treat woman as equals... they are incensitive! When guys spare your feelings... they are liars, when they tell you "their" truth, they are assholes etc...
    So "WHAT DO WOMAN WANT" Please educate the asshole out here!

  9. Easy Franny :-D No need to get ya knickers in a twist- surely youre not that bad!

    See, its not about what women want.. its about what they DONT want! :-D

  10. Zahera - LOL...you sure its not the baby giving you the kicks? :)(Obviously not since its only 1st Trimester right?)

    Francois - All we want is RESPECT. And everything has its time. You dont run before you learn to crawl. Its as simple as that :)

  11. Azra- This bubba of mine kicks throughout the entire day! Seems like quite an active lickle bugger mashaAllah :-D looll.

    (Im nearing the end of my 2nd trimester)!!

    I said something to my husband before i got married to him. I couldnt love someone i didnt respect. I wonder how true that holds for others.

  12. See, you cannot even answer a straight forward question!

    "What do you want?" or beter still...
    Explain to the guys out here What dont you want?
    Zahera, you have just proven my point made earlier...Respect??

  13. :-( See, what i wouldnt have gone for (no offence-and this is me being as true as i am, which means im blatant)! is someone like you who cant seem to take a joke. Lighten up man- all in the name of humour :-D

  14. Francois...you seem confused...I already told you that I want respect from a man...and that I dont want a pansy...

    Zahera - MashaAllah, hope you're enjoying this trimester more...and spot on about the respect...

    The foundation of a relationship is layered with Respect, Trust, Compromise, Compassion and Honesty.
    If you ahve these things, the love comes automatically...

  15. Aye- this trimester feels like the height of euphoria :-D
    I agree with you- stick in a load of love and laughter and youre sorted! ;-)

  16. See...back to labeling!
    Woman dont know what they want or dont want! You keep wanting respect but cannot give it!

    I'm feeling unloved...:(