Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Why I want to be a Housewife...

I hate working. Period.

So why do I work? Well, firstly I love to travel. And those kinds of things don’t pay for themselves. Secondly, I don’t have the kind of parents I can sponge off like the majority of the Indian population. My parents brought us up to be liberal and independent…so it makes it very difficult taking even 1 cent from them. Both my parents are impeccable workers, my Dad has his own factory and my Mom is a Forensic Data Analyst, so both work hard and long hours. Education and a good work ethic has always been emphasized in our household. So by nature, I’m a good, hard worker. So let me explain why I hate working…

You can’t escape this no matter where you work…there is always bitchiness and shit flying in every office. You can’t please everyone so you’ll always have an enemy…that someone who doesn’t like you, or just doesn’t get you or wants to make your life miserable.
Personally, I stay out of office politics unless it involves me directly. Even then, I don’t give a f#$% what people think or say about me. People come to me, they complain, I tell them it’s none of my business and it doesn’t pay my rent, some of them get offended, others ignore me. This office and company is not my life, I’m here to work…work is something I DO, it does not define who I AM. And the way I see it, I have enough things going on in my life, I don’t need extra shit.

It Brings Out the Worst in Me
It doesn’t matter where I work or in which country, (and I’ve had like 27 jobs already), I always always always have some asshole thinking they can just walk all over me. Now anyone who knows me will tell you: “HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE AZRA SCORNED!”
I’m a true fire sign. I’m cordial and polite and even engaging …but the minute someone steps on my toes, UNLEASH THE DRAGON…and I start spitting Fire.
It’s ironic because by nature, I’m an easy-going, loving person…I enjoy talking to people and laughing etc. But I always find myself behaving like an evil wretched thing, against my will, just to get some respect.

Lazy MOFO’s
Most people can’t seem to grasp the concept, that as an organization we have to function independently and collectively to make it work. Come on, it’s not Rocket Science. You do your job correctly and it allows me to do mine, as simple as that. But no…you have to get those mofo’s that want to sit around doing jack, getting paid for nothing while they expect you to do everything. You see, they feel entitled for some reason and they love to give orders like they own the place. I call this the “False Sense of Authority Complex”. And many people are prone or susceptible to this diagnosis. From the many people afflicted with this disease where I work, there is one particular MOFO that just works on my last freakin nerve. She can’t do anything for herself, mainly because if the shit hits the fan (and its bound to when people don’t know what the hell they’re doing), she doesn’t want to be the one taking responsibility for it.

Rude People
You always encounter them in some way or form. They are either clients, customers, disgruntled suppliers, disgruntled employees, management from Head Office etc. So you’re having a bad day, or you spoke to 10 different people before getting to me or you’re pissed with your boss…whatever the reason, that is your problem, not mine. If the source of your unhappiness doesn’t involve me, then don’t take it out on me. I am not your wife or your mother…You will NOT talk to me the way you want to and the rule applies to everyone…including the President and the Pope.

Thank the LORD ALMIGHTY, I don’t have to deal with this anymore. I used to be exhausted before I even got to work. Spent a good 3 to 4 hours a day just driving…I could have driven to Paris and back numerous times with the amount of km’s the car racked up. Needless to say, I don’t miss it.

Lack of Sleep
No matter how I try, I never get enough sleep to come to work refreshed. People ask me “How’s it going?” and my response is “It goes and I don’t ask questions”.

But as long as there is a world waiting to be explored and I have no other source of income…I will continue as one or the drones in this capitalist society :)


  1. Azra,

    i thought this was my life.

    But if you really want to be a housewife and want to continue your lifestyle, you must marry a seriously rich man. I mean seriously loaded.

  2. OK where to start where to start..

    Firstly makes mental note to stay away from above commentator Tazeen :D

    Politics - Its inevitable.. Mainly exists among the feminine breed.. I stay away tho..

    Fury - Azra wears Prada ??

    Lazy PPl - Erm no comment :D

    Rude - define rude

    Sleep - do it at work

    Erm ur mummy is a forensic data analyst.. Erm like i do exacly that..Wat co-incidence

  3. blogger is not allowing me to become a disciple in the church of Azra

  4. T - I was thinking the same thing...although, I dont need much...I just want to be able to travel :)

    Killa - Most of the time the Men are worse then the women!
    Azra freakin wears Prada, Gucci, Versace, Fendi and every other evil brand around :)
    Rude people are those who are pissed off with other people, but dont have the balls to confront them, and then have the need to take out all their frustrations on you...PS. My mom is in the medical aid industry.

    MJ - Blogger has an issue with me...but I asked them nicely to sort out the confusion. The second time wont be so "nice" :)

  5. I'm right in that boat with you.

    I hate my job...even though its not that bad...I work in a nice environment, but seriously there are days that I want to jump out of my first story window. Every time I do a domain renewal I die a little inside!

    Wow its so weird, my parents are exactly the same!! Its like we could have been sisters;D

    I wish what I was passionate about paid the bills!

  6. Also hate working, the lack of sleep thing is one of my main issues. If I could get up at 10, I would be alot happier maybe.

    I also have same hate for my job as trinity, every time I do a support call with an enraged client or get called to check the printer, I bang my head against my monitor. The more irritating thing is I am meant to be a programmer, not the damn IT support.

    I also hate people who take their frustration on you, its in my top five in my all time greatest hates.

  7. Trinity - You are a freaking sister LOL :D

    Waseem - Yeah its irritating when you get confused for someone elses job - alot fo the time its because the person responsible is one of the Lazy MOFO's...and other times its because the eprson requesting help is too lazy to go and get the person in charge.

  8. MJ - Why not - wahts blogger telling you? should I kick its ass? :D

  9. loolll funny! I never trulky experienced the world of work. I just had too much of a good time in the world of academia! Student life was what i couldnt get enough of.

  10. Hey Azra, nice blog :)
    Hmmmm some days I really hate work - the waking up ridiculously early, dealing with incompetent slackers and fighting the urge to throw one of them out the window - but alot of the time I really enjoy it. Can't ever c myself being a housewife... Oh the thought of making curry and baking cakes, making sure someone's shirts are ironed. Yikes! I'll take my job over that anyday.

  11. Thanks WIP...

    I hate cleaning and baking...but I'll cook any day. I love cooking.

    I think if my job was more challenging and rewarding I'd like it more. But I'm so bored with it and I haven't even been here 3 months!