Thursday, 20 November 2008

Paper Cut

I’ve been so busy lately that its amazing that I've managed to take five minutes out of my increasingly hectic life to type this out while munching on a few Bakers “Gossips” chocolate wafers that promises to be Trans Fat free and the salad I should have been eating 2 hours ago (note to self, an extra 100 sit ups tonight). I really do hate this time of the year and November really is the worst month for me (aside from January, March, May and August – but for different reasons)…everyone is rushing about like they’re going to miss the train and I’m expected to rush about too, to keep up with the pace. I’m doing 7 million things at once, because I’m that good and capable. When I don’t feel like I’m drowning, I feel like digging a hole and hiding until December.

I’m literally swamped with the most inane things to do. Tomorrow night is the dreaded Year End Function…or the Christmas Party to some. Now since I’ve organized it, all eyes are on me… Literally…they even monitor what I wear these days and tell me that I look nice in my red and gold satin top today. But the weather has been up to shit, and considering that the event is taking place in a Lapa by the River…I’m on my last nerve. And like a cherry on my cake of misery, bossman is leaving next Friday, so I’ve once again been handed the task of party planner…like WTH? Since when did I become the company’s event co-ordinator? And if that is not enough, I have to entertain the Americans, the Britons and the Spanish again next week....I hate the corporate world.

The result of my pressurized circumstances, anxiety and apprehension is a paper cut…from one of the cardboard signs that has to be posted to direct the idiots I work with to the Year End Function. Dynamite really does come in small packages, because the pain right now is akin to a root canal without any anesthesia. But there is some light at the end of this tunnel. I’ve got tickets. I love tickets. Especially air tickets. I’ve booked a mini-holiday…more like a long weekend away in January aboard the Melody departing from Durban harbour to an uninhabited Portugese Island where I get to spend a full day basking in the sun and frolicking on white sandy beaches…the stuff dreams are made of. The last time I went on a similar cruise, it was to Barra Lodge in Mozambique and it was fantastic. It’s still two months away though, but I can’t wait. I’m sure that time will fly as quickly as this paper cut has managed to heal.

PS. Anyone who wants to join us can email me for details. But stalkers beware, there are 3 certified black-belts on board and a massive ocean at our disposal.

PPS. Nooj, fellow Globe trotters, this mini-vaca means nothing. I'm still holding you two to the the way MJ will be carrying my bag...I'll cry if I have to :D

PPPS. The Blog-Meister synopsis will be up soon, for those who wanted to know.


  1. Oooohhhh lekker! A Cruise! Always wanted to do one of those...but my sister never wanted to accompany me :(

    Good luck with all the event-planning---I know how much of a hassel it can be.

    Paper cuts are definately the pits! Since I work with lotsa paper all day, I have become accustomed to those nasty cuts (not that I'm used to the pain or anything, mind you!)

    Can't wait for your synopsis ;-)

  2. STOP. BREATH. right now that i have your attention: all will be fine. you will laugh about this when you are on your cruise! enjoy enjoy!

  3. you sound like Michael J Fox in For Love or For Money lol. Good luck for tomorrow night, make sure you charge the company for ur pampering and outfit for the function...

  4. paper cuts arent funny; theyre like lifes darkest sense of humour made manifest in the tiniest way... i wrote about paper cuts putting my mxit finger out of work for a few days tho.. :P twas a sign...

  5. Well at least your bosses actually let you plan it! Mine just make me run around for information that they never use!

  6. I always wanted to go on a cruise, i had that opportunity some time last year, only thing i went on my father's ship rather than a cruise, bored till death and addicted to tv, i watched all pirated copies of english movies- which i hardly do.

    i really hope you enjoy your trip and for your sake, lets hope the weather is brilliant...

  7. Paper cut?!?!?! do you want me to kill you now woman!?!? Try being blumming pregnant! Damn sympathy seekers! :-P

    Can i come with you? I need a cruise... i need a beach, i need sea and sand.

  8. TCQ - I've had enough of the working life...I need a holiday. Especially after these 2 weeks!

    Prixie & Tazeen - Thanx lol...I'm still waiting for confirmation on the cruise btw...but wither way I'm going to be frolicking on some beach..

    Nooj - it went off ok I guess...this miser of a company pays for my petrol only :P

    Shafs - i hate paper cuts...they are annoying and unnecessarily painful.

    Trinity - I dont have a choice, have to plan it because no one else can!

    Safiyya - Cruises are cool...Ilove sailing, and I love being on water...and theres always a cute guy to stalk :P

    Zahera - You're most welcome to join us...but my guess is by then you'll be holding your little soccer player in your arms sayin "what cruise?" lol