Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Something Weird

I’m quite accustomed to the extraordinary and the exceptional, the peculiar and the preposterous. In fact, my entire life has been is lived on a platform of eccentricity and absurdity, with bouts of wonky-ness and crazy episodes making their debut from time to time. That said, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.

I’ve been lazy…making my lunch is a laborious and time-consuming task that involves chopping and mixing and cooking and wrapping etc. etc.…well that’s if I don’t just throw last night’s leftovers into a lunchbox and go on my merry way. Lately, however, it’s been exhausting and sometimes as an alternative, I utilise the services of the KFC situated approximately 5 km’s down the road from where I’m currently stationed.

It began a couple of weeks ago, when I pulled into the drive-thru and ordered a mini-twister and two pieces of chicken. The staff seemed unusually friendly and everyone looked like they belonged in one of those 50’s musicals with either Gene Kelly busting a move on a Hollywood set made to look like your average street or Julie Andrews running down a lush green hill with arms embracing the air in front of her. It was amusing and I couldn’t help but smile. If only I could be so enthusiastic at work. I briefly thought that they must have either gotten free Zinger Wings or free Zinger Weed, which would explain their behaviour, and dismissed it as an extraordinary, one-time occurrence.

It was two weeks later, when I pulled up at the drive-thru and heard the staff - 5 of them in particular - serenade me from the window with Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, that I began to realise that they had to be smoking some Zinger Weed. Just yesterday, I was enticed by a vocally challenged rendition of Joshua Kadison’s “Beautiful” from Mary and Jonas, two of the Cashier’s.
And for those of you wondering, they only sing when I make an appearance. Its business as usual once I depart and everything is generally silent when I initially walk in or drive by the site.

Now, I’ve seen and experienced some pretty whacked things in my life. I mean, this is the same girl who was once so desperate to swim that she, along with some equally outrageous siblings and cousins, scaled the wall of an uninhabited house and utilised their pool and all their facilities for the entire afternoon…running and hiding away at regular intervals at every suspicious noise that resembled a car or people arriving. But I’m not familiar with this particular brand of crazy, it’s weird and amusing at the same time. I always indulge them though, seeing as they go out of their way to impress me with lyrics and mini dance routines…but I honestly don’t think that my presence is that intoxicating. Must be that Zinger Weed.


  1. must be your beauty... maybe you make people wana sing, you never know :)

  2. The next time you walk in, start singing before them...or better yet, cover your face with a mask, then slowly remove it and say BOO...

    If they are smoking zinger weed, then you should send me a sample, I will use it as part of my studies...

  3. lol...which KFC is this?

    that's amusing, sweet in a way, but very funny.

  4. nk - If it is, then at least they're enjoying themselves lol

    Stunna - I have a feeling that they will still know its me behind the mask...its one of those freaky things going on...will ask them about the Zinger Weed.

    Fatima - Its a KFC situated in the South lol...maybe that explains the madness lol...I find it hilarious.