Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Whats in the Bag?

I've never been a huge “handbag” girl. I don’t actually like schlepping things around in an oversized sack made of leather or some other textile decorated with all sorts of trimmings and embellishments. But there are various aspects of adulthood that we just can’t avoid.

So I eventually became a participant of the whole burden-your-right-shoulder-movement and these days I find that I carry so much of my life in my bag that I’m sure it must be illegal. I’ve been rummaging through it the whole morning, having a few hours to spare because it’s my “pretend-to-work” day, and I can’t believe the shit I carry around with me on a daily basis. Here’s a summary of what lies in my treasure chest and my justifications behind them:

 My Purse (Must have item; to store 2 credit cards, bank card, garage card & anything that translates into cold hard cash with a 5 digit number and a smile).

 Two Cell Phone’s (Because one is not enough…1 is the designated radio, the other is Internet savvy).

 Two Cell Phone Chargers (Because there’d be no point in having 2 phones that I can’t use).

 My ID Book (An aid to get some more money…in case they need it at the bank).

 Bettaway Multivitamins for Women (No more fainting spells).

 Company Access Card (Because it provides easy access to my prison cell).

 Jab We Met on DVD (Because it’s my Salaam Namaste for this year).

 High Performance Duct Tape (Because I'm a Freak and who knows what or who you may need to tape down).

 A 2GB USB Flash Drive (Because I save every little thing I do on the Microsoft Suite).

 Biogen 5HTP Neuro (Because I have a depressive streak and there’s nothing like Serotonin on the go).

 One Fake Pair of Chanel Sunglasses (Because it’s as good as the real thing at a fraction of the price).

 A Tube of Pritt Superglue (Because it has magical powers and can glue anything together).

 Hermesetas Sweetner (Swiss made, no Cyclamates or Aspartame – Because I’m off sugar and I don’t need Cancer).

 Colgate Floss (Because I like clean teeth and I’m secretly addicted).

 8 Library Cards from 2 Different Libraries (Because I still read, don’t buy books and need variety).

 4 Med Lemon Sachets (Because its the ultimate virus buster...and I’m always 2 people away from catching a virus).

 Sinucon tablets (Because sinuses are a part of my everyday life).

 Debonairs Pizza Takeaway Menu (Because it’s on the way home and I can call and preorder and not wait an hour on collection).

 A packet of White Cheddar Jumping Jack Popcorn (Because it's a snack on the run and another addiction).

 One iPod (When I’m not in the mood to read or sit on the Internet).

 An Envelope filled with at least 30 ABSA deposit slips (Because Azra banks on the Internet and hates standing in queues for other people who have to fill out stupid forms first).

 One Bottle of Burberry London Weekend (Because it reminds me of London and I like the smell of the weekend mixed with excitement).

 1 Always Ultra Pad (Because PMS, like Murphy, is a Bitch that creeps up on you at the most inconvenient time and in the weirdest places).

 1 Pair of Phillips Earphones (Backup if anything happened to the iPod’s earphones).

 2 Blue/1 Black Pilot G-2 Pens (Because they glide on paper like a skater on ice and you can never have too many pens on hand).

 A half-pack of Mint Airways (Because sometimes the Sinucon takes a while to kick in and it’s a quick-fix).

 Personal Diary/Telephone book (Because all the information I could ever need still resides in a book…no device could ever compare).

 A Printed CV (Because you never know who you may bump into).

 1 Hair Clip (For emergencies only).

 My Vanity Case (Includes Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye Drops, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Tweezer, Another hair clip & Mirror. Because you never know where life may take you to e.g. Gate-crashing a party on the spur of the moment, or deciding to attend mini-Saturday on Wednesday night in Sandton Square).

 Lunch box with Tuna, Ryvite, an Apple & Small Salad (Because a Girl needs to eat to have energy to type up shit on the blog).

So there you have it…all the crap that I have accumulated over the weeks, months and years… stuff that I have convinced myself that I cannot live without. I do occasionally leave the bag behind to rot in a corner, push a phone (the one with the Internet) into one bra-strap and a couple of folded monetary notes in the other and then go about enjoying my bag-less weekend …but I always end up needing something.


  1. im thinking this need go with a pic of the bag, missy poppins! i wana know the size of this bag!

    (Im a total bag lady btw) :P

  2. I agree! How big is this bag? i've given the big bags a boot for the moment and just do clutches. Less clutter in my life :)

    But I must admit I do have a bag addiction

  3. You'd be a useful person to have with if the plane we'd be flying in suddenly crash landed on a deserted island...then again your library card wont help a great deal would it...:)

  4. Hey we so have a lot in common! I was never a bag girl either, it was a bit too girly for me. Now I own a couple cos my pockets simply aren't big enough to lug around all the stuff I seem to need. But my word, ur bag sounds more like a friggin tent! Think I probably have a bunch of stuff in there that I don't need either but the bigger the bag the more shit u end up carrying around.

    Oh, I just remembered I'm supposed to comment on ur previous post!

  5. I usually use small fashionable bags! I hate huge bags and I like just a few things which I can find!

    otherwise its a problem cos I lose things even bags lol!

  6. thats alot of shit. im a guy - so its just three things - wallet, phone, keys.

    I havent watched jab we met yet - but i love salaam namaste

  7. "Burberry London Weekend" - Good choice love the scent

    but you seriously need to explain the duct tape in more detail.... lol

  8. During a short-lived lucky streak, I won a handbag organiser. Nifty thing, though it doesn't help that I still manage to stuff things in my bag outside of the organiser's pockets, like wads of receipts, the pepper spray, the asthma pump (for when I had really bad bronchitis), the soundrecorder,the office pens (they keep taking mine), the notebook.
    I think I'd like your handbag.

  9. i love bags-& i love big bags for the day. clutches for night. gosh azra-i thought i was bad with the amount of stuff in my bag.
    but you've far outdone me-methinks i need to add some of ur stuff to my stash though.

    saals-i really need one of thoase organisers since i swap bags alnost every day-must match the outfit:-)

  10. after measuring my favourite bag, its 22cm(wide) by 22cm(long)x 22cm(breadth)I shit you not!!!

    Its a camel coloured, camel skin bag :))

    In there I have:
    2X usb flash drives (2G each)
    1 tub Vicks(Its my windex)

    I hate clutter, and I lose my cellphone quite often in the bag. I'd attach a pic but maybe i should rather mail you

  11. Ok Ladies and Gentlemen...by popular demand, pics are up so you can see for yourselves :)

    KShafs - There you go

    EMMind - The bag is actually bigger than it looks

    Stunna - I would so kick ass on "Lost"..though you're right about the library cards lol

    WIP - thats exactly what happened, my pockets go too small. And yeah, he bigger the bag, the more shit to carry around.

    Princess - I'm not a huge bag fanatic, but I needed something that I can throw everything into - i.e. lunch tins etc. because I hate carrying more than one bag at a time.

    MJ - You HAVE TO WATCH JAB WE MET ASAP!!! & then tell me what you think...

    EOW - Hmmm its divine innit? I love it. Duct tape is a long story associated with keeping things in place :D And in case I ever see Wentworth Miller :D

    Saals - I must admit, it is annoying to carry the bag, but such a relief when I need something and realise I have it right on hand in my trusty bag...

    bb-A - I don't think I could change bags every day...I have too much stuff Lol

    Aasia - I'd love to see it...Oh and I lose stuff all the time in my bag..I often have to use one of my phones to call the other phone, just to find it! lol

  12. Oh My Word.

    I used to carry a wallet, keys, cellphone, pda and bleeper, and pen. That was a lot for me. Then I got wise. I got a combination phone/pda and I asked the hospital to send me an sms so that i discard the bleeper.

    So now it's wallet keys cellphone and pen.

    Why on earth do you carry a DVD around?

  13. thank god im not alone, i carry a whole load of shit too... but im more in an "organised choas"
    but i love big bags...

  14. hahaha

    and i thought i was the only nut who who carry two phones. btw, one of mine happens to be the same moto razr.

    Apart from Jab we met, the contents of the purse look quite similar. My satchel, though, is blood red these days

  15. BPK (Blogger Previously Known) - The DVD is for when I'm bored or need a little hope...or its one of my "pretend-to-work" days, then I jsut pop it in the comp or DVD player (depending where I am) and I watch my favourite bits :)
    Its like a legal pick-me-up lol.

    Safiyya - I like my chaos organised too...with a dash of psycho here and there...lol

    Tazeen - I LOVE my Moto Razr...I can't get rid of it...I'm not a Hindi-movie fanatic...but I did enjoy Salaam Namaste and Jab we Met quite a bit...hence the DVD in my bag lol.

  16. lol! yep... i came back to look for pics :P

    u actually get alll of that into a rather spiffy looking bag, hun! and the thing is... it doesnt look like one of those onflite trolley bags that i imagined it would ;)

    just kidding! thanks for sharing. lol

  17. I carry a lot of shit too. I cant help it...I'm always thinking what if I need...but don't let me decide to 'go-light' then I will actually need the shit that I just threw away!

    Jab we met - One of the best Indian movies I have ever seen.

  18. I agree with kimya, it really doesn't look big enough to house the half of ur life that u HAVE to carry around :P

  19. Ok i understand you may love jab we met, but do you carry it around in hopes of being in a dvd dilemma, and people will say, oh no we dont know what to watch, and you be like Azra to the rescue, and everyone be like Yay.

    Haha at the Pritt, I remember in primary school, class 2, there was this teacher E.A. Ragwan, she used to hide herself behind her bag, and come up upgain with white stuff on her nose. My friend said she was sniffing glue, i thought may just be a donut.

  20. Shafs and WIP - Thanx...& Yep..its not that big...I still ahve alot of shit though lol.

    Trinity - We always need stuff when we dont have it on hand...thats why we carry the bag, so that we don't need things :P

    Waseem - Jab we met are for those afternoons I sit and stare at my computer, already read and commented on most blogs, already called everyone I know using the company phone and basically have nothing to do...so I watch it on my PC :)

    And the Pritt Superglue is excellent. It costs a fortune compared to the Superglue you can buy ont he street for less than R5 but it does work wonders, I can fix anything with that. lol

  21. Geez girl...you are like frikkin Mary Poppins!
    Only recently have I obtained a big bag...and let me tell ya---the bigger the bag, the more crap you shove into it!
    Nevertheless, I love my big bag...although I do hate having to search for my teeny tiny cellphone in what seems neverending junk...

  22. oh my word, its insane how much stuff you have inside, and I thought I was bad.I suppose it would be a real pity if you ever lost it coz you could actually live out of it.;)

  23. the pics do bring it to life!
    i wear cargo pants :P
    oi Mj said he's not carrying ur bags on holiday so we leaving him, k?

  24. TCQ and Sameera - LOl, yeah I have alot of crap...but funny enough, the only important things to me are my purse, phone and id. I can leave the rest behind.

    Nooj, we need someone to rub our feet at the end of each day... from all the walking we're going to do...and what about faking the Mahram? There are other uses for him too...makeshift table, chauffer, chef...what do you think? LOL

  25. lol with all that stuff in your bag...i wonder how ur days without it are :p

  26. Are you Mary Poppins by any chance? :)

    I never was a bag person until I joined the adult world and started working (even though it was for dad). The amount of crap that goes in there still astounds me. Now that I'm on a break from a working life, I just keep the wallet, notebook (when life makes me write), lip balm, tasbeeh (when I need to make zikr and I'm pretty lazy to do the finger zikr), scarf pins, pens, female crap, driver's licence. I don't keep my ID book as I know of many people that have lost it or had it stolen. Rather lose the driver's licence, but the ID stays at home.

  27. That being said, I'm glad I'm not a mummy yet. I found nappies, wet wipes, change of clothes for both kids, toys, sweets and baby bum cream in my sisters bag. She's stopped lugging the big nappy bag around, now she stuffs it into a huge handbag.

  28. Mubi - My days without it are ok...well it depends where I am and what I need :)

    Fatime - I use to love Mary Poppins lol...Geez, can you imagine the crap I'd keep if I had kids?!? lol

  29. excuse me, but how does that volume of stuff (including unopened earphones, nogal) fit into a bag?


    boys can't do it.