Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I will try...

Theoretically, I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions; even though I always end up making one or two anyway, in the hope of achieving some or other moronic goal that I usually forget about by Valentines Day…I hate Valentines Day, but that’s a whole other story.

This year is no exception. I don’t want to make resolutions that mean nothing. I don’t want to set limits or restrictions on my already yucked up life. I don’t want to pressurize myself to achieve some unobtainable goal and then feel like a failure for not following through. So this year I’ve decided to tell myself to “try” even though I’ve always believed that some of us “try” and some of us “do”. I’d much rather prefer the “doing” because “trying” is for pathetic losers. But that’s all I can afford to do at the moment. “Trying” means being ambitious without commitment. It means giving it a shot, without beating yourself up if you fail. So, for now…I will try.

I will try to be more patient with those around me, even those who are morons and can’t think for themselves.

I will try to put more effort into my academic work because it’s now or never.

I will try to be a better Muslim that is deserving of The Almighty’s bounties.

I will try to let go of the past and that last piece of baggage I’ve been carrying around.

I will try to be more generous, especially to those in need.

I will try to be more obedient to my parents even when they’re driving me up the wall.

I will try to be less aggressive with people who piss me off and suppress the urge to bash their heads in with a baseball bat.

I will try not to brand all men with the same label just because a handful are assholes.

I will try to continue to be non-judgmental of people and their circumstances.

I will try to eat more healthily, keep up the gym routine and take better care of my health.

I will try to save more money for my future escapades.

I will try to be more open to good things that may come my way.

I will try to be less obsessive and stalker-ish when it comes to Wentworth Miller.

I will try to curb my penchant for all things made of Cocoa.

I will try to read more books and I will attempt to buy them too, since I’m all out at both Libraries.

I will try to manage my time more efficiently.

I will try to be a better person, whatever that means.

I will try to have a more objective outlook on life.

I will try to be less lazy in all aspects of my life.

I will try to be a better friend to all my friends.

I will try to travel more, even if it bankrupts me.

I will try to laugh more, although I don’t see how that is possible.

I will try to continue being my whacky crazy wonky self and may even step it up a notch.

The one thing I have resolved to “doing” is actual living. Time is fleeting and as I get older, I have a growing need to live it up regardless of the obstacles, trials and tribulations that stand in my way. I will do one thing every month that I’ve never done before and that makes me happy. I will push aside all the drama, fear, apprehension and uncertainty in my attempt to enjoy life. I will also take huge leaps to enhance the quality of my life and savour every second of it. For once, I will actually LIVE.


  1. Mj doesn't believe in new years resolutions. He only believes in hope, and speaking in third person :)
    With that in mind though- 2008 has been a very bitter year, here's hoping for 2009.
    All the best for yours chica

  2. when you have a will... you sure have got a way too my dear!

    goes without saying... I WISH YOU! FOR HIM TO BLESS YOU.. :)
    p.s. every day is a new day.. 365 days in a year and 365 new 'I will's' hows that?

  3. ok let me help you here. cut down on few of your resolutions coz those cannot happen, ever! here are those...

    wentworth miller!! keep stalking please :p

    about branding all men...umm well it would happen. m telling you...:p

    i only resolution i loved and support you on is on being the whacky crazy wonky self :p

  4. Living, really living is something we all owe ourselves. I hope you achieve all that you set out to and I hope 2009 brings you everything you want. Life will always be what we make of it so make it a year to remember :)

  5. MJ - All the best for you too :)

    Seher - I wish you the very best in 2009...may it bring more enlightenment.

    Mubi - Wentworth Miller is too delicious NOT to look at and stalk. I really mean stalk hey! I even know his address in the US! I'm going to hell. :D

    Kay - Thanx :)

    Emmy - Heres to a great 2009...because we'll make it great :)

  6. lol, and i thought i am the only one who googles celebs :p i have a secret mission planned with my friend ahemm that is related to a celeb :p

  7. dream on :P that's my resolution too

  8. Hi.Lol at wentworth comment:) maybe thats something I should attempt to. Well being less stalkerish abt him and tom welling.

    I really like your resolve to LIVE. So often we just exist, waiting, rather than doing all we can make every moment worthwhile. Good luck for 2009.

  9. I am never obedient to my parents for the sake of being obedient to my parents. I listen to what they have to say - as I've been gifted with a brain that works overtime (on account of all the nonsense in the world it has to deal with) - and if it makes sense to me, I'll um obey.