Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Resilient Soul

Despite being bombarded with negative reviews, I decided to watch “Swept Away” yesterday, a Guy Ritchie film starring his now ex-wife Madonna. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t half as bad as all the critics penned it to be and I found it to be quite funny actually and a little sad.

Ok so I admit the only reason I was enticed to watch it in the first place was because I knew the Protagonist was going to be stranded on an Island and I was promised great Island footage. I’m a sucker for Islands. I will watch anything if I can look at what can be described as the closest thing to heaven on earth…or any aesthetically pleasing scenery for that matter…while I make mental notes to go and check the place out myself.

What struck me about the movie was how adaptable we humans are. In the movie, we see a woman who is degrading, spoilt, arrogant, aristocratic and condescending. She happens to fall in love with a poor Italian fisherman after they get stranded on an Island but it’s no ordinary love affair. They are the most unlikely pair and despise each other from the beginning, because her bourgeois and patronising tendencies provoke him and incite hatred for her.

After they are stranded, and because he is the sole (Get it? Fish? LOL) provider and has a significant advantage with his survival skills he gets his revenge by making her perform the most demeaning tasks like washing his clothes and calling him “Master”. It was hilarious…Azra loves justice.
But the main point of the story is that they fall in love, adapt to their environment and live comfortably and happily for a while, so much so that she hides away when she spots a ship on the horizon because she doesn’t want to be seen and rescued or have to return to her old life.

People are faced with adaptation on a regular basis…it’s called Change and it is not exclusive to the rich or the poor. It occurs in all sectors of one’s life including family, career, personal and while most of us don’t like it, it happens and we learn to live with it.

Human nature is astounding in this way. We are remarkably resilient creatures and can unconsciously adapt to almost any environment we’re in. So when we say that we won’t be able to survive alone in the world if our parents had to depart; or that we’d die if that special someone ever left to build a life with someone else; or that we cannot live without Double Cheese Burgers and Pizza’s; or that we could never live in other countries because they’re just too different from what we’re accustomed to…essentially, it is not true. Of course, very few would actually WANT any of the above to happen. But we’d manage just fine if they ever did because human nature is adaptable, resilient, tough, durable and unyielding. The need to survive almost always reveals a true strength that is often hidden, tucked away in the crevices of the soul, only to be unleashed when primal instincts take over and one’s spirit is tested. And it is only when we’re tested and forced to utilise these untapped sources of strength and power that we can learn our life lessons and grow spiritually. We learn what we are made of, what we can endure and what we can overcome.

They say that the only constant in life is change…I say, there is no such thing as weakness…only fear and inexperience.


  1. I think our adaptability justifies arranged marriage...just a thought!

    If you love Island's make sure you go to the Maldives, I have been to many islands but none like them...

    Quick fact: Most Islands in the maldives are approx 10 cm's above sea level, therefore, if global warming persists, most of them will be covered in water before too long...

  2. i agree. i think we're incredibly resilient and versatile and dont give each other (i.e humans) as much credit as what He has blessed us with.

  3. aah, the energy of this post! iv been told i tend to throw that word around too much, but you know.. it holds! everything is energy, including the resilience that you speak of, and the ability that we have to reach down and grab some of that strength in our storehouse when its most needed... im reeling after reading Eleven Minutes... and this adds so much to it... :)

  4. As you said we all have it in us to adapt and make the best of a bad situation... some people however choose to not explore this side of their psyche and instead just live their lives not bothering to discover themselves and what they capable of.

    and on islands its really kewl and beautiful but somehow when u alone there its just doesnt feel right or that was my experience anyway

  5. fuck humans. crocodiles are resiliant. They outlived dinosaurs.

    then again - cockroaches will outlive us in the event of a nuclear attack

  6. lol - "sole" I think your alone too long with the savannah twins.

  7. Stunna - Yeah I will go to the Maldives one day soon InshaAllah.

    Sofi - We live in boxes. And anything outside the box is deemed as unfathomable...but its our own doing. Theres so much more than meets the eye. And its only when we're facing obstacles etc. that we see the world for what it is and not what we want it to be.

    Miss KS - You exude an extraordinary energy :D Give me some too :D

    EOW - I think sometimes when we're faced with trials and tribulations, we have no choice but to we may explore or discover ourselves without even knowing it...unconsciously or even unwillingly.
    As for islands. The way I feel right now, I wouldn't care if I was the only one on the Island :)

    MJ - It has been said that in the event of a Nuclear attack, the only ones who would survive are the cockaroaches and Cher :D

    Trinity - You have no idea.

  8. I for one do not like change...I try to avoid it as much as possible, but there are some changes you cannot avoid.
    And yes, you are corect, no matter how much us humans resist change, when it is upon us, we manage to adapt and live with it.

  9. yup, change is the only constant. strange you wrote on this as there are going to be big changes after S.O visits. Sigh... And I am scared. lol....