Sunday, 8 February 2009


I've got that song in my head:

"Changes in my life, I wont leave you behind, 

Changes in my life, You will see in time, 
Changes in my life, You're always on my mind, 
Changes in my life, I've got you by my side...
Theres so many changes in my life, 
I don't know if its wrong or if its right, 
And I want you, want you by my side, 
Everything is gonna be alright... "

It makes me want to throw a massive party :D

I've got so much going on in my mind right now and unfortunately a massive party is going to have to take a back seat for now. Thats not to say that I've thrown my entire social life out of the window; no, in fact I'm still keeping to my "Do-one-thing-every-month-that-I-haven't-done-before-and-makes-me-happy" thing, and February's report is still coming. I fully intend to LIVE my life this year, as I so often preach. And that includes working hard, and playing harder.

In light of this and speaking of windows, I've decided to change Azra's Window to Azra's Adventures. The change will occur on the 1st of March 2009 and the URL is expected to change as well. Stay tuned for more info.
The Window was filled with reflections and introspection and has encapsulated and been somewhat emblematic of a life that was...what I've become in the last 25 to 26 years.
Azra's Adventures will see a whole new era in the evolution of Azra. I'm still open to introspection and reflection. I haven't entirely forsaken the depths of my soul ...and all that jazz. What I have recognised is that most times, we just think waaaay too much and we look for answers where there aren't any. Sometimes, things just are the way they are. They don't command lengthy inquisitions or over-analysis...they just are. With age, there comes wisdom and a strange contentment that it difficult to define. I'm not looking and searching for answers to the universe and life. I'm not longing or yearning for things that I can't have. I'm not trying to figure out who I am and how I fit into the grander scheme of things. I'm not internalising the worlds problems and trying to alter what cannot be changed.

I've come to accept that I am ME...and thats all I can ever be. All I can do for the world and myself is to try, give every day my best shot and help wherever I can. But I come first, because if I can't take care of myself, how can I be expected to take care of others?
And coming first to me means that I take care of ME. I will try to enhance my life as best as I can. And I will have fun while I'm doing it. Afterall, life is too short to shit-nit-pick about stupid things all the time.

Being the perceptive person I am (not vain, just honest), I've seen people out there that are so desperately searching for answers, trying to find this meaning that they are so convinced exists...looking for ways to justify their actions, the world, their lives...its an intense and anally retentive existence. They are too busy looking, searching, yearning and pining to enjoy anything in life...there always has to be more...some manna from heaven, some divine secret even when there is none. Then there are those people who are emotionally empty, seeking assurance and validation on the blog so that they can fill their empty souls and the growing void.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not for or against people's motives when it comes to blogging. Frankly its none of my business and I could care less. But what concerns me is that I can see how their efforts and time is being wasted. I feel like I already know the answers, but my knowledge is lost on them. It's almost like an adult trying to talk to an adolescent and the teen is just not interested in the wisdom that the adult imparts, the same adult who has been there done that. But I guess we all have our paths to walk, and some find their way much faster than others. It hasn't always been easy, but I'm so grateful for my life.

I'm expecting things to become very interesting in the future, in a good, fun and positive way. And as MJ would say, you lucky bitches will be first hand witnesses to everything that happens :D

I've had a few people ask me about my up coming schedule and course content. These are the subjects that I'm registered for this year:
Financial Reporting
Organisational Behaviour
Business Law and Ethics
Management Accounting
Change Management
Managerial Statistics
Managerial Economics
Information Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Operations Management
Strategy Formulation and Implementation 1
Strategy Formulation and Implementation 2

There are 7 individual assignments, 7 group assignments and 8 exams per semester. I have classes from 3:45pm until 10:15pm twice a month on Monday nights. Next year's course load is very similar, with different subjects of course. The third year is dedicated to writing up a Thesis.

So no kidding when I say that I've got my work cut out for me. But I also have two International holidays coming up this year, so it's not all about work.

If anything, I'll just be broke for the next year or two...but if things work out the way I expect them to, then I seriously don't mind. After all, why do you want to sit with a hefty bank balance and stare at the four walls of your bedroom? How is your bank balance going to help you when you're staring death in the face? Where is the living in hoarding? People are obsessed with money and the future, often forgetting that time and our sustenance comes from The Almighty alone. Thats not to say that we should splurge and live excessively or extravagantly or in debt, theres more to it than that. Life is short, people are dying like flies. I can't say this enough...get off your ass and LIVE dammit!


  1. that does sound like something i would say :)

    what can I say - you bitches know me well :D

  2. Congrats on the MBA thingy :-) All of the best!

    You are one awesome chick, you know that! I don't know you personally, but I would really love to have someone like you as a seems people are never bored with Azra around :-)
    Keep on being YOU :-)

  3. You should register your URL now, ask Mj why, there are some crazy people about.

    I like the whole live theme, that was my plan for each one of our birthdays with my cousin Hamza, in 2006 i went bungee jumping, then it kinda fizzled out.

  4. I like the way you expressed the growing wisdom of adults.. something that is rather difficult to explain.
    I do sometimes wish tho that wiser/older adults would show that wisdom more and teach us all a few things.

    Sounds like you on your way to an awesome year. and i wish you all the best in your adventures :) cant wait to hear about them.

  5. MJ - :D :P

    TCQ - Aaww thanks lady. You're pretty awesome yourself. I'm dreading some of the coursework I have to do, lik Accounting, the last time I did accounting I was in STD 6. But I'm treating it as an adventure.

    Waseem - Feel free to join my LIVE campaign...the only requirement is that you do one new thing every month - it can be anything, eating egg rolls, kayaking, going to Cinema Nouveau, chatting up a chick from CT...anything lol

    NK - Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah there are people who know so much, and if only they could share and we could listen. Youth is wasted on the young...especially those who insist on making the same mistakes when it is unnecessary. But I guess we all want to learn our own lessons in our own way, and we never really learn unless we experience it first hand. Who knows....

  6. Those until-10.15pm classes sound hectic, but I'm certain you'll take them in stride.

  7. I'm trying, I'm trying. SO stop shouting will you!

  8. Waseem :)
    Yeah - azra - I dont need to tell you about some of the malicious anon cunts out there

  9. That was my song for 2007

    2008 ( Day n Night)

  10. i see someone starting off...
    i knew you had someplace to be at...
    at least for now you are pretty much on the groud!

  11. :D - I was yawning like a mofo every 5 minutes. But luckily we had some great lecturers and convo to keep us going. Mental note to self, take food with. 6 and a half hours is a damn long time.

    Saaleha - It's about time :D

    MJ - Will see what I can do to speed up the process :P

    Mini - I like the Dirty South Remix specifically. I like too many songs to have a Song for the year, I have a song for every week and sometimes, every day :) ANd it varies between old shool and new school. SO I could pop out Air Supplys greatest hits if im in the mood :P

    Seher - Judging from how intense these classes are, at teh end of all this I expect to be an Accountant as well as a Corporate Lawyer, Financial Manager, Enterpreneur, MD, CEO, Auditor, Industrial PSychologist, Economist and Statitian :D

  12. o wow what are you studying? and how much are you gona :p ehehe

    besta luck girl!

  13. Nice post, Azra. First time on your blog. Will check it out more often.

  14. Mubi - I'm doing my MBA...

    SecretD - Welcome :D