Monday, 23 February 2009


I was having my breakfast and thinking of my father and it occurred to me that I don't ever hear about the fathers. When we talk / blog / chat about parents, it's almost always about the "Moms"...but what about the Dads? Where are they in this picture?

Everyone knows that my parents are divorced and that because I reside with my mother, she's the prominent figure in my life. Thats not to say that my father isn't in the picture...he is, quite prominently too. And we make one hellava quirky dysfunctional family...

But I want to know, where's your Daddy and what type of a person is/was he?


  1. Well, back then, they told me Daddy had gone to Allah's House.
    Its been many years since his passing, but his short time with us left deep imprints. So in a sense, he's with us now, more than ever.
    I blog about him now and then, in those little moments when I feel like I need to reach out somehow.

  2. hugssss!!!
    fathers are the first love of their daughters.

    my papa is the man on whom i base all ideals of teh kind of man i want in my life. he is not as perfect he could be, but he is the man who i worship after God... i adore him for his manliness. no one i have known has come even 10% close to what he is. they all think i make stories up when i say stuff but i live with him and i know that he is the kind i can live with [and we have our share of disagreements and quarrels too]... indeed they dont make men like my dad anymore... not even my uncles are as good as him.
    Rock on Daddyo!

  3. Ah yes my Daddy dearest. He's the funniest, moodiest, sweetest man I know. He never ceases to amaze me with his dry humour, brilliance and empathy.
    Yes, he makes me angry at times, but I love him to bits and wouldn't change him for the world.

  4. My dad is the sweetest person on earth...think I gonna call him just to hear his voice

  5. My father is the stereotypical Muslim man - he wouldn't lift a teaspoon to take to the sink. He expects supper to be on the table (and it must be hot) when he gets home.

    That aside, he brought my sisters and I up very strictly, back then I hated it and always rebelled, but now that I'm married, I appreciate what he did at times.

    Although I love him, I vowed to marry a man total opposite to him, which I've done.

  6. My dad alhumdulillah is like Jennifer Aniston's dad in he's just not that into u (coincidentally my sisters are like hers too lol). I can't take hurting him or putting him through difficulty but the weird thing is going thru things together makes us closer. We obviously also fight a lot but thats part of the fun of being the rebel kid :)

  7. :) we each have our prided space in enough dysfunction to keep us functioning...

    u inspired a daddy post some months ago... i wrote it then... i wont go back there, though i really enjoyed writing that piece... in the mean time.. here's an empowered post written by a darling friend of mine some weeks ago: its called 'a response to Fatherhood' -by Shabashni M. Its a facebook post, i hope that it allows u in.. if not, let me know.. will get permission from author to note it for general read.

    love, s

  8. ahem ahem *all so proud* :p one of my posts in 2008 is all about my pops :p :D

  9. My dad passed in June 2007
    I miss him with everything I am. He was alot like Nafisa's dad. Strict, staunch muslim man.

    But he had a heart of Gold

  10. Wonderful! I realised how much we take our fathers granted for.
    My dad is one of the coolest men I know of his age. He has tought me a lot of my lessons about life. He told me his mistakes and failures so I dont repeat them in my life. He loves cooking, travelling, reading and coffee. And I share his interests too. He always told me that it is very important for a woman to be independent at various levels. I cant agree more! He told me that thebest way to live life is to keep it simple.He is not just my father but also a friend and my guidbook! Love you daddy!

  11. Nice post:)
    made me feel all fuzzy on the inside, coz i'm a real daddy's girl :)

    My dad's just awesome! He's deep, sentimental, philosophical. Brilliant conversationalist! The worst thing you can do to him, is drag him fleamarketing. He literally sulks!!

    He still writes my mom poetry, brings her flowers, opens the car door for her.

    He spoils his daughters silly,
    I walk into the kitchen before leaving for work.
    There's a cup of tea, a tsp next to and the sugar bowl is left open for me.

    I find my favourite luxuries (chocs, sweets) with notes, in the house. It's summing he's done all my life.

    I'm pretty sure he reads minds, coz he has a knack of getting you everything you'll need without you even asking :)

  12. My father is weird...just when I think he is going to kill me for doing something...he just calmly asks me what happened...but when I do something stupid...all hell breaks loose.

    But I guess I always got what I needed from him. Was not always what I wanted at the time. But hey, that’s life for you. I’m glad I don’t live with him, I think we have a much better relationship because of it.

  13. Lovely reading your stories ladies, thanx for sharing :)

    My Dad and I have had our ups and downs in the past. I believe that even though my parents are divorced, that they are each others soul mates because they are EXACTLY the same. Maybe the striking similarities in their characters eventually drove them apart :P...but believe me when I say that they are EXACTLY the same lol.

    I've said this before, but I've come to belive that real love, pure love, exists between parents and their kids...its unconditional even at it's most dysfunctional, maybe thats why it hurts the most, and maybe thats why we are who our parents are or we become them. (There are exceptions with some crazies)

    When I look at Papa Bear, even with all his flaws, I know I love him. It's overwhelming.

    I still wouldn't want to marry someone like him though :P

  14. i write about my daddy all the time

  15. Greetings!

    Came to you from Saaleha's(Afrocentric) blog.

    Here's my blog entry about the men in my life (daddy, step-daddy, grandfathers):

  16. my dad is well ... like any other dad. What I love best about him is that despite being a traditional Muslim man, he NEVER stopped me from doing anything and he NEVER asked why i wanted to do anything. He went along with everything.

    Cool. isn't it?

  17. daddy is the kind that scares the boys away.


    that said, i love my father. i know i get away with a lot more than what my other siblings have - i suppose it's because i'm the youngest of the family.

    however, dad is a traditional, indian, muslim man. kurta-loving, bush-hating, strict on daughters type. yet, my father didn't stop me from doing anything. he allowed me to explore, even at times when i did try and push the boundaries, he did raise his eyebrows a few times.

    he is a soft man at heart even though he doesn't seem like it.
    and if i'm in a bit of trouble, i know that i can go to daddy and he won't yell at me for being an idiot.

    somedays i think he looks at me and thinks to himself, "i have a crazy child".
    the other day he patted himself on the back for raising such great children that don't do drugs, drink, don't run away from home, etc.

  18. it's a bit long....

  19. My father is the most inventive interesting person I know. And yet he is a real paradox. He is also very strict like Nafisa's but then again, somtimes he has this free streak which is funny and strange and cool. When we fight I hate him, but he has looked after me so well, I cant stay mad for long. He has always been there with a solution for me... school projects, social problems.I think I alternate between being the rebel daughter and daddy's girl. Recently though, ive found his more stuck in his strict ways , perhaps as he gets older and also, reacts to my 'modern thinking' but I still love him to bits.