Monday, 16 February 2009


In keeping with the theme of LIVE-ing, I've come up with a list of 1001 things to do before I die. I haven't managed to accomplish what I set out to do this month, due to unforeseen circumstances, but all things in due time. Anyways, this is not a sprint and one of the main conditions is that these activities should happen naturally, without being too demanding or laborious. I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to accomplish three goals this month, even though they may seem diminutive and insignificant.

So far, I’ve managed to join the Virgin Active Group. Anyone who knows me, knows the issues I’ve had with joining Virgin in the past…so I’m happy to report that I’ve taken huge strides to push those issues aside and for the past 4 weeks, I have been going to the gym regularly, Monday’s to Thursday’s between 06:00am and 07:00am. Sunday mornings are for swimming and the steam-room. It’s been going great so far, I have so much more energy than I use to and I’m already toned in places I thought impossible. The only snag is that these days, I’m always hungry…ask Nooj, WIP, MJ, Waseem and NK…they’ll verify this :D

I’ve also recently went to Cinema Nouveau for the first time. My experience was divine and I will definitely be using my Discovery/Ster Kinekor card to go and watch more Indie movies for half the price in the future. I went to watch “The Duchess”…excellent movie by the way. I love period / historical movies, especially when they are based on real events or people.

Another movie I managed to watch this weekend was “He’s just not that into you” and I laughed like a mofo throughout the entire movie. I’m glad to say that it confirmed every single thing I’ve been saying about people and relationships for the past 6 months. The movie manages to inter-twine the lives of various individuals who are involved in different types of relationships and emphasises what natural pathological liars men are and as a bonus, highlights how stupid women are, especially those who lie to themselves. Oh what a tangled web we weave.
I’ve said it a million times before and I will say it again. Stop lying people!!!
The only drawback of the movie, in my opinion, was that it ended too idealistically because face it, in life, there aren’t always happy endings. But that is why it’s called a MOVIE and New Line Cinema as well as Drew Barrymore’s production company, Flower Films had to ensure optimal commercial value.

And finally, inspired by a one Miss Shafs, I bought my first two books. I’m a member of 6 different libraries, both in South Africa and in the UK, because I love reading so much but I could never bring myself to actually buy a book. So I’ve resolved to buying the final book in the Cresswell Inheritance trilogy by Anita Burgh as well as the subsequent offering. I’ve read The House at Harcourt, The Visitor and The Broken Gate and I absolutely LOVED them. All of the books are centred on various inter-twining characters, set in mid to late 19th century in Britain, a time when £1 was equal to £58.68p in today’s currency. What I really love about the books is the way Burgh manages to connect and weave all the characters lives at different points in time in a rich tapestry of betrayal and intrigue.

And man how I love stories where characters are inter-twined…


  1. Firstly, u never bought a book up to now??

    I've been a member of VA for like ever - used to go 4 times a week. Then I got a job and signed my life to the corporate world. I;d gladly go to the gym at 6am but I'm supposed to leave for work around then. So I've resigned myself to temporary starvation. I miss the pain though - when it laughs to hurt and cough and getting my arms in my sleeves reminds me of muscles I forgot existed.

  2. Like never ever bought a book before??? :(

    Ok But yay for now! :P

    Wishing u Lotsa worded delight to make thee own! mwah :)

  3. And of course, I'm chuffed no thriLLed to be the inspiration!

    As for the Nouveau.. let me know when next you venture that way! You should have joined me at the Dbn Film Fest last year... so u can bookmark it for this year, k...

  4. WIP & Shafs

    I did buy one book when I was in London...but as a kid, all I ever got were books from my parents - I was a deprived child or a really intelligent and lucky one - take your pick lol
    But we had hundreds of books in our house - always!
    So as an adult, I haven't really gone down that book bying route - not unless it was for some academic reason. And I would read all the classics that UJ had on offer for fun. I use to read, on average, about 4 books a week! in my school and varsity days.

    WIP - I've been training and gyming at a private gym forever...just recently made the public transition :D

    Shafs - Definitely bookmarking the Durb filmfest!!! And I'll look forward to your company on my next Nouveau night :D

  5. Keira Knightly always acting in these movies, I would rather remove the pigment from my left eye than watch Duchess :P

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhh did you get hold of bride wars?
    totally on the hunt for “He’s just not that into you” and now that you say you laughed all thru i am much more excited !!

    have a wordy lemonade with those books you bought :D

  7. Waseem - You sound like you wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped you in the face :D

    AD - The movie is not funny, just embarressing. I laughed all the way through because it is everything I have been preaching about for the past 6 months, not because it was humourous.

    I didn't like Bride Wars at all, I thought it was stupid...I didn't even get to laugh once.

  8. I kid you not when I say I have spent almost R 2K on books for 2009.

    Some were gifts... and most were for me... Collectors items nonetheless...

    I will blog post my strange new year of bookish things in a while...
    First let me get back to business :)

  9. i wanna watch the duchess
    love keira and her pom accent
    my sister's gonna drag me for h's not that into you some day but ur analysis makes it less tooth wrenching. i managed to ddoge watching bride wars with her

    i also have stuff i wanna do this yr like canopying, rafting etc

  10. You make gym sound like fun, seriously (!) sounds like you're having fun :)

    cos of the wedding, ive been fighting the temptation to buy books. Im not supposed to be spending money.. BUT just cant live without my books.

  11. Shafs - Are you serious!?! Well I'm like that when it comes to travelling. I could drop R100k a year on travelling everywhere and anywhere without blinking an eye...and I'd even eat toast for the next two years to be able to afford doing that lol!

    Nooj - You know whats so amazing about the Duchess for me? She is the ancestor of both the late Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson aka the original Fergie and without giving too much of the movie away...she was a rebel of sorts, and defied convention whereever she me its astonishing how history repeats itself (with Diana and to an extent Fergie) watch all that being played out...I marvel at it.
    I'm going to do White Water Rafting in Clarens - Free State border iA.

    NK - Gym is fun :) THeres a strange camaraderie between everyone. I also have to scale back quite abit because I'm going on two more holidays this year. But I shop for bargains - being the notorious cheapskate I am...I bought one of the books for R20 and the other was essentially I bought one book and got the other free :)

    MJ - You would say that lol

  12. Mj last time i checked that hasn't stopped her winning an Academy Award or making piles of money...

  13. money and oscars are inconsequential to MJ :P

  14. interesting, u shud see 'the bucket list'

  15. i bought Hustlers back in the day.. Do they count

  16. noojs first comment read like someone on drugs commenting, i dont know what the hell she said.

    and i agree with mj, extremely flat chested, she shoulda acted in boys dont cry, they wouldnt have needed the tape.

    And she never won an oscar, she was just nominated, Johnny depp was nominated for Captain Jack, and that gay movie won lots of oscars, so that decreditises(is this a real word) awards

  17. this is azra's space and if azra understands me then i'm the stig
    i said ACADEMY award btw :P

  18. Raghav - I have seen the Bucket List, about a year ago...nice movie...but I want to live my lief now, while I'm still young and healthy :D

    Killa -
    "Live your Life" - T.I. ft (a F@#$ed up) Rihanna

    Mini - :D

    Nooj, MJ and Waseem
    Guys... it's a girl thing, we don't expect you to understand...don't hate the player, hate the game. We also dont expect you to recognise talent when it stares you in the face :D
    Boobs dont act or talk, they're like special effects, they just enhance the imagery to the male eye. Imagine me wanting to see Wentworth's Winky do some plotting on just doesnt work like that ;P
    No wonder they say women are the smarter species :D

  19. Well done on joining VA...I can't remember when was the last time I had a good gym session! Been too busy...

    Speaking of books, my friend said she went to the Exclusive Books sale, where she got books at like a quarter of the original price AND if you buy 10, you get one free, so she got 12 new books! I don't know how she gets time to read (then again, she did finish off the LOTR trilogy in a weekend!)...

    I really want to atch that movie...maybe I will go tonight...

  20. TCQ - Thanx :) Yeah that Exclusive books sale was crazy...I wonder if its still on . Watch the movie and then tell me what you think :)

  21. im so proud of you! seriously, you never bought a book?! tee hee

  22. book are my only indulgence. I don't do clothes. shoes. handbags. Just books. Talk of a geek :P
    So when my life is falling apart I hide between their pages