Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Poetic Justice

Mother was a victim of a smash-and-grab yesterday afternoon on her way to fetch Birdy from Varsity. Only, it was more smash then grab. Apparently, the guy broke the passenger window and grabbed Mother’s bag from where it was sitting in the middle of the two seats. Mother then grabbed her bag too and they were engaged in a little tug-o-war in the middle of traffic. Mother’s foot was firmly glued to the brakes, her left hand clenched her bag and its contents with an iron grip, whilst her right fist repeatedly slammed down on the perpetrator’s head. All the immobile cars in the various lanes began hooting violently, with some people shouting, and the gentlemen in the car in front of Mothers’ even stepped out of his vehicle to help out. By then, the offender had run off, his pal and assistant in tow.

We’ve been joking about the way Mama Bear pounded away at the guy’s head ever since. I guess her reaction shocked her, even though none of us expected her to react any differently since Mother has always been a fighter. But I find myself somewhat enraged by the whole incident. I play it back over and over in my mind, trying to fathom the sequence of events as they occurred and I wish I was there with a hammer or panga (whip) to beat the shit out of him. I even envision going back to the scene of the crime, hiding out in the back seat, waiting for him to come so that I could put a hammer through his head. I can see myself knocking him so hard that he falls down, then climbing out of the car and proceeding to bash his brains out, just so that I could make an example out of him.

Tweets always tells me that in the cartoon world, I would be the Punisher, always taking justice to extremes; and that two wrongs don’t make it right. Now I can understand and I acknowledge that to be true, but I can’t help believing that some people need to be taught certain “hard” lessons. Some people never learn, and as long as we let them off the hook, they will continue on their path of destruction.

An example of this is a certain Evil Aunty who has a penchant for the dark arts and black magic. She does not accept that what she is doing is wrong, and vehemently believes that she is entitled to everything she wants in this life and will ensure that she gets it by employing Satan to do her dirty work. Now Evil Aunty aka Evila, was once very rich and affluent in society and had men crawling at her feet. She was the type of woman who was always hungry for attention and admiration. She would snap her fingers, and expect to have everyone clamouring around her offering praise and approbation. But as the years went on, her true wicked self began to emerge, no longer disguised behind deceptive smiles and insincere words and people began to see the darkness of her soul. This was a woman who got everything she ever wanted in life. And when her life took a turn for the worst, she resorted to punishing everyone…because if she was to suffer, then she was going to make sure that everyone else suffered too. No one is allowed to be happy in her sick and twisted mind. She will play the innocent victim, catch them in her web of lies and malevolence and then revel in their misery.
Now I’m no advocate for violence towards women, but I can’t help feeling that if someone in her life…be it her father, brothers or even husband…had stepped in at some point in time and given her a good thrashing every now and then, she wouldn’t be half as evil as she is now.

I know of so many people, who could use some poetic justice and tough love. The son who is a substance abuser because he’s bored…the heart-breaker who thinks its ok because he’s good-looking…the criminal who steals out of greed…the housewife who sleeps with his best friend because she’s selfish…
Most of the candidates that qualify for some tough love and poetic justice often have it all. They either have the perfect family, or the loving husband, loads of cash at their disposal, and way too much time on their hands. Some are just plain greedy; too lazy to earn their keep and need to resort to activities like larceny and theft to sustain their lavish or indulgent lifestyles. People, in general, also love drama. So wherever there is greed, too much time, money and ego, there is sure to be some form of drama. I’ve always believed that dramatic flair makes an otherwise dreary and monotonous existence more bearable. And it is human nature to take things and other people for granted; so they begin to believe that they are entitled to whatever they want and start behaving in ways that enforce those beliefs; and they don’t care much for the casualties.

The biggest problem with the world is that there are too many people who are just too willing to sit on the sidelines and say nothing because it is safe. It’s this very mindset which fosters and perpetuates the notion that “this is not my problem”.

The sad reality is that it is everyone’s problem.

And it can be solved, one bitch-slap at a time :D


  1. yeah, just let your mum lose on those damn criminals.

    once a guy grabbed a gold chain off my mum's neck. i started hitting him with my umbrella - it was a huge hugo boss one. i hope i hurt him really bad!

    PS: He still took off with the chain though

  2. Problem with our society is this. We don't care enough. It's always some one else's problem. If we just put our foot down once in a while the aunties will have a lot less to fitna about.

  3. i dont feel proud in saying this, but i have stopped pitying and feeling sorry. so much has happened and like you say the side line isnt my line to be at. that is where people sit and watch and then go around telling their neighbors. i had my haunt and cousin in s asituation where they were held at gun point and their valuables taken away. yes i felt like bashing the damn criminal, but then i say what could my sorry do... am i law? am i running or doing anything to set an example for the to be criminals... today it has been a relative, tomorrow it could be me... and yet again it can be something worse... people will watch on because that is what they do. civil or not.. humane or not.. everyone values their life. no one wants to get into someone else's mess. yes they will watch and watch and not poke their finger.
    let's be honest... if you have three kids and real nice family.. and you see this guy with a guy almost killing this girl on the street, are you sure you are gonna leave those children sitting in the car and go fight for that girl, whom you have no clue about?
    i wouldn't ... i am too selfish in these sort of random acts of kindness and i cant b hypocrite!

  4. Ooh I Like!

    Straight outa the panchaat column :)

    That perfect family is always worse off as much as they like to put an ACT on!

    Hey I want more juicy details Azra pleeeez,without divulging names ofcourse!

  5. Sorry that your Mum was yet another victim of the heinous crime in our country, but thank goodness she fought back...and won!
    A similar thing happened to my Aunt...although she wasn't as lucky---the asshole punched her in her face-leaving her with a swollen & blue cheekbone and sans her handbag!

  6. lol, your mums brave :D
    haha and your going bk to the crime scene and hiding in the car was the best :p it wud have been brilliant :p

    you are right, we dont care as long as we are safe...i dono if its shameful or not to admit that i too contribute to the 'thats not my problem' not directly but somewhere in the bk of my mind...i wud write and point the problems but then thats not enough if you see whats happening in our society...

  7. Prixie - LOL @ the umbrella. Hope you got him good :)

    Aasia - Yes indeed, we should step up.

    Seher - Thats the problem right there...people on the whole have become too selfish. In older times, people stepped up and helped, regardless of whether they had three kids and a family or not. There was a strong sense of societal values in those times, where people stood up and defended what was right, where everyone was not self-involved. We need to get that back.

    Mini - :)

    TCQ - Shame poor aunt! It's a terrible state of affairs.

    Mubi _ I think we function out of fear, we dont get involved because we are afraid. And times have become so tough that no one wants to take risks.

  8. hurrah to your extremely brave mother!
    i think the guy was in shock that your mother fought back.

    yes, this sort of economic empowerment ticks me off and i'm sick of it and i'm sick of saying i'm sick of it.

    however i don't know what to do anymore.

    i'm scared to wear jewellery in public. i don't even wear my wedding ring that often as i know of people where their rings got stolen right off their fingers. it sucks.