Friday, 6 February 2009

There you go...

I've just signed away three years of my life. It's three years I'm hoping will pay off in the long run. My sentence officially begins today :D


  1. Congrats! If its any consolation, ure not alone...

  2. Mubarak! and all the best..

  3. sQuajiLLion sounds like just enough to buy a small island. hmm. with sand the colour of raspberry ripple, of course... :) thats three years worth investing in! all the best, hun!

  4. Good luck, you have the determination ;)

  5. Good Luck with your future studies...i know this is off topic but i recently discovered your blog and your writing is truly amazing,inspiring,noteworthy,genius,accomplished...anyways i think you get the point...Just a btw idea,you should publish some articles from your blog in your own sort of mini mag complete with advertising and the like,i know i'd subscribe!:] ..

  6. actually had a amendment to the mag should be published every 3 or so months and include all the great posts from your blog,MJ,BB Aisha and Organ Harvester's blogs as well as other great blogs i neglected to mention...but the jurys out i guess

  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I guess what makes this such a huge deal for me is that it's always been my dream and I didn't plan on this to happen so soon, it just occurred to me one day in November and now its happening. So in essence, its very surreal and over-whelming.

    WIP - It actually does help knowing I'm not the only one out there :)

    NK - Thanks :)

    KS - Thats the objective, an island for island living :D Then you can come join me and we can dream our days away :)

    Saaleha - Aren't you beginning your Masters program or something like that? If so, best of luck to you too...I guess we'll all see each other on the other side.

    Nafisa - Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

    Nazeer - Thank you for your kind words. I've actually been discussing the prospect of a blogger magazine with my sister for a few weeks now...looks like we're thinking along the same lines :D
    I just wish I had the resources as well as some guts to go with that to make it a reality. But, I'm definitely looking into it. If you have any more pointers, feel free to email me :)

  8. there you go!
    finally upi there!
    all the best for not only the 3 years but all the inbetweens and after the 3 years :)
    may this be for the BETTER!

  9. Thanks Azra:) Yep, MA next year. For now, I've signed up for Arabic and TEFL. It's quite a juggle.
    Asif (parasputin) and I were kicking around the idea of an online colab mag kinda thing a while back. It fell into the cracks as life stuff took over, but let me know if you and your sis are still keen. Maybe I can revive it after April when my time is not locked to an 8-5.

  10. congrats

    is it a part time degree?

  11. I also registerd for 3 subjects..
    I'm actually looking forward to it..

    Its been a while since i read

  12. Seher - Insha-Allah it will be.

    Saaleha - Im sure you'lll rock your MA with a vengence.

    Tazeen - Yeah its part-time. I'll put up a list of my subjects for those interested :)

    Killa - I actually signed up for 6 modules and 14 subjects this year. Next year will be the same before I write a Thesis.
    Good luck with yours.