Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Changing Seasons

There are really only 2 seasons in Johannesburg, summer and winter. Autumn and spring are just figments of our imaginations. I can see the hazy horizon and the sun’s loopy stance and I can just tell that winter is upon us.

I hate this time of year. The only way one knows that summer is gone is by looking at the cascading leaves, in all shades of autumn, that coats the sidewalks and gardens. It’s like one minute I'm basking in summer rays and then the next I wake up and it's winter. But the problem is that it’s still so freaking hot during the day. Where I’m situated, it’s an average of 28° Celsius (83F for you Lyn). The evenings are warm too and it only really cools down in the early hours of the morning. By cool I mean 16° C (62F). By British standards, their summer is our winter lol.

It’s that time of year where it’s too hot to wear your winter clothes, but too cold to wear your summer clothes. My body is mystified. At night, I can’t sleep because it's either too hot or too cold. This is actually a good indicator of what hell will be like (although no one will ever be able to comprehend Hell).

The only good thing about this time of year, (apart from my birthday), is the holidays and the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. I already OD’d on those chocolate marshmallow eggs; I should have stopped after the first 50 but now I think I’m good for the next year or two. With the public holidays on the 10th of April, 13th April, 22nd April, 27th April and 1st May, we’re going to be spoiled with chocolate filled 4-day weeks for the next month and will have to pay the price for that later.

I always want to go sailing this time of year. I don’t know why…maybe it’s the thought of cool waters and the hot sun on deck like those Armani or Dolce & Gabbana commercials with the super hot dude in his undies in that boat on the Med (Greece maybe?)with that girl in her (well who cares about the stupid girl & whatever she's wearing). I need a yacht, that’s what the MBA is for, I have to remember that. I’m such a yuppie sometimes. And a chronic dreamer.

Reminds me, I have a shit load of work to do…and my accounting is still not up to scratch. Honestly, I’d rather skin my own eyelids with a carving knife. (Seriously, someone cut me and it would be less painful) But there’s just no getting around it. Maybe I should just get a hot tutor that gives lessons without his clothes on, and then I’m sure I’ll get straight A’s because I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.

I don’t want much in the way of material possessions, I always feel like they weigh me down. But I have to keep that yacht in mind all the time. It’s my symbol of freedom. And the only motivating force I have right now.

Getting back to work is always a bitch. Especially in winter.


  1. I do a block week of financial management starting on Friday. Yay! I am dreading it so. And then a few months of assignments. I get the whole intense course thing now.

  2. im the opposite of you: i love autumn, because i dont like hot or very cold weather. Autumn has these days where you can wear cardigans and denim jackets and neck scarves, but the sun is shining :)

    All the best with that Accounting! speaking of tutors, M used to tutor me and thats how we met, cos he was like this genius and then thats how he fell inlove with me :D

  3. you that is ridiculous, thank the stars that you are not born where i am at where it is only summer and then when you think it is winter, it is just your frozen thoughts and not really the air.
    if i get married i wud wanna live in a place where i can see the seasons as i read abt em back in schoool!
    spring summer autumn winter!

  4. The wonders of a naked man...

    This time of year always reminds me of reading those sweet 16 romance books...mmm I miss those. They don't write them like that anymore. Its all bossoms and pulsating shit these days.

  5. OH - I feel your pain. Block week is a bitch. But good luck!!

    NK - I would love Autumn if it wasn't still summer :P It's bloody hot here, I guess Cape Town has all the seasons (and all in one day too lol)

    AD - Move to Cape Town...you'll get all the seasons there in one day...every day :P

    Trinity - I really want to go sailing. Maybe we should go to the Vaal Marina and check what we can get...

  6. aww i love winters...:D
    and lol @ your hot tutor idea...hahaha

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you're having an aweome and amazing day :)

    And your winter temps look great to me! I feel on the verge of summer here...so close yet not quite here yet...and I can't wait!

  8. I love winter :-) I don't like feeling hot...

    Quick story on my Accounting tuition...
    I too was not so good at Accounting and I needed help whilst doing my 1st year at UNISA, so I enlisted the help of a very hot BCom student---I learnt NOTHING! Hot men teaching are waaaay too distracting :-)

  9. The OH lives!
    Let's please not talk numbers - accounting, financial management, statistics - I think I hate them all equally.
    Winter - urgh. I think I shud start saving my leave for winter in the future.

  10. I love those hollow chocolate bunnies. The best part is when you chomp off their ears:)

  11. Mubi - Whenever I'm getting used to the idea of summer, then its winter...and when I get used to the idea of winter, then its summer.
    I don't like extreme temperatures...I hate the heat and the cold. Ideally, I'm a Spring chicken. I love Spring...so full of promise and hope :P

    Geekisiddiqui - I'm sure our winters are mild compared to yours. My friend Amanda was complaining of the -28 degree weather just this past week :)

    TCQ - LOL...you have no idea how much I hate numbers. Give me theory and I can dissect, justify, argue, compile etc. Numbers turn my brain to mush.

    WIP - I think so too...we take leave in winter then go up north, like Greece, or anywhere on the Med where it's summer...and just laze the days away on a yacht or catamaran. *sigh*

    Saaleha - People say chocolate bunnies and I smile from ear to ear...seriously. I love them...I love them in all shapes and sizes.

  12. Lindt chocalate bunny's are the best :)

    I love this time of the year... its a little in between everything... I especially love it when you open the window at 6am and that fresh breeze knocks you back.... It's the perfect wake up