Friday, 20 March 2009

Coping Mechanisms

Anyone who knows me will tell you that these pointless posts are a sign of avoidance. I’d rather sit here and type up complete shit then actually face what I have to face. So far, this MBA has been hectic but surprisingly interesting. I enjoy all the subjects and hectic work load aside, I actually find most of them to be quite easy…well all of them except Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting.

I always hated Accounting and dropped the subject in high school for Computer Science instead. Unlike Mathematics, Science and Biology, I never took to Accounting because I didn’t receive adequate knowledge to build a solid foundation on. So at this stage, asking me to cram 4 years of Undergrad Accounting into one semester is kinda like asking a kid who hasn’t yet learned to count from 1 to 10 to do complicated mathematical equations.

My brain is therefore, complete mush and I’m at a point where I can only manage to type random shit…and any excuse I can muster to get away from the text book, I will grab with both hands and run like a coward.
But at some point, I will have to gather my wits together (or the famous last two brain cells I have) and actually get down to doing it because there is no way in hell I’m going to allow myself to fail or give up, not after all I’ve been through. So I have to take a few steps back, re-evaluate some things and start from the beginning. I think getting a tutor may help.

On a completely different note, I received an invitation from Premier Paul Mashatile, inviting me to attend a luncheon on Saturday where he will report back on the Gauteng Provincial Government service delivery progress and economic growth strategies for 2009/2010. I usually accept these invitations, not because I care about Gauteng’s growth rate and development progress, but because I enjoy putting someone through the trouble of organising Halaal food. In a pre-dominantly Christian country where most people only ever consider their Christian-pork-chop-loving taste buds and neglect to even think of those with Halaal, Kosher or Vegetarian requirements, I take immense pleasure in having them run around to accommodate my needs. And the real highlight is the dessert table. It’s what dreams are made of.

Unfortunately this time around, I won’t be able to skip lunch and head straight for dessert because I won’t be in Gauteng this weekend. I’m using the limited time I have to fulfill some other LIVE campaign obligations for the month of March. So even though I’d love to have some Lindt chocolate mousse, with vanilla infused white chocolate cake, or a serving of strawberries and cream and some coffee-based tiramisu on the side; and even though I’d love to go to the theatre with her, I can’t because I’m out of town.


I was thinking about that subject that thrills, intrigues, disgusts and fascinates me all at the same time…MEN. It got me pondering about what guys want. They always say that we women are difficult, and we may be difficult to fathom but at the crux of it, I reckon people just want to be accepted and appreciated for who they are.

But what do men want from women...

Back to work.


  1. Vigario a UND lecturers' textbooks, in Managerial Accounting should simplify your MAN ACC for you!

    MEN want our SATURDAY futebol,some loving and SPACE.Dont be too clingy!!!

  2. Men want:

    1) you to keep quiet when we watching telly or learn the off side rule, and dont forget the snacks...
    2) you to take as much care of yourself as you did when we were going out
    3) you not to complain about things you didnt complain about when we were going out...

    Mini: I remember Viagra I mean Vigario, he was a legend, his book was good but Azra is struggling with Financial Accounting and that is a whole different ball game...

  3. shame man. ive been there before! it can be difficult to keep motivated. But thinking about the end result works!

    al the best :)

  4. for random shit its pretty eloquent stuff, i have to say... :)

    keeps the audience coming back for more... take a bow, lady!


  5. TMG - Not much like what?

    Mini - On the reverse...I dont like clingy either, it puts me off...and I've met some very clingy men, hence why I'm still single. At the same time, I dont want to be ignored so a healthy balance is what is required.

    Stunna -
    1) Do you talk when her programs are on?
    2) Do you take care of yourself?
    3) Do you help her out enough that she has time for such things and doesn't need to complain about petty things?

    I just want someone who will say "You know what, you're a crazy bat but I love you anyway, just the way you are...and even more coz you're so crazy"...or soemthing like that :D Is that so much to ask for?

    Gents, I'm willing to try out anything that may help my accounting woes...even Accounting for Dummies...well theres an idea :D

    NK - Thanx!

    KS - You're the star missy :P

  6. i was talkin to my boss today.
    i sorta have a crush on him but well that dont work at all as u know :P
    but from the conversation we were havin there is one thing i know men want...

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  8. Uptight and desperate for attention. We're all lost and begging to be found. With every word you say, you lead everyone on. :) man or woman for that matter.

  9. I hated managerial accounting last year! And Stats. blah! I can't wait to be done, so close!

  10. Accounts was ok for me just didnt want to make a career out of it like the other guys... maybe I took the easy way out...

    What do I want?

    Its in my head somewhere and i'll recognise it when I find it again... had it once before and lost it so maybe I wont

  11. Guys are weird in general. And my curiosity always gets the better of me though :P

    Icing Sugar Girl - Thanks to the Almighty, I'm not lost or seeking salvation or approval or any of the other things that everyone else seems to be so hung up on.
    Thanks to the Almighty, I'm quite happy with who I am, and where I am in life...I'm not searching or yearning or longing for something else. If it does happen, then great...if it doesn't my life will carry on and continue being great.
    And I believe my Creator has great things (and people) in store for me :D

  12. the lindt you mentioned..i still have an empty box of it lying above my never used fire place :p as a decoration piece :p

    and uff i hate accounting too..i dropped it in alevels and opted for business instead..i can never get my head around balance sheets and all :s

  13. guys weird, women irrational. I know which I'd rather be!

    What do guys want? > A chick that believes in you, is relatively attractive, is able to take a joke, has some semblance of self-respect and family values. Is ambitious in some way shape or form not necessarily in terms of money or career, just has goals... not much more really.

    optional: 5"7, curly black hair, a traffic stopping cute smile with wonky teeth and dimples just below the lower lip, smooth olive coloured skin that turns caramel in the sun, a fucked up hippy dress sense. cracked, scratched black finger nail polish, a nonchalant don't give a fuck, life will work itself out attitude. nice ass.

    yeah not much haha

  14. I'm going to "Attempt" my Accounting work today...wish me luck!

    Mubi - If lindt was a man, I'd marry it :D

    Mash - LOL LOL...not much? LOL...sounds like you've met her and lost contact or something. & not all women are irrational, just the crazy ones :)