Thursday, 12 March 2009

Current Addictions

1. Wanderlust
I always maintain that this is my one, only and true passion. I LOVE travelling, more than anyone can fathom and I don't think it will ever change. I would sell everything I own just to go on a journey. Luckily, I don't have to because then I'd have to seriously consider becoming a gypsy.

2. Oogling Guys
I'm sure my eyes will be popped out of their sockets and grilled on skewers as a punishment, before I go to hell. I know this is wrong on so many levels, but I can't help it and honestly, a part of me doesnt care. And it's not like I'm touching. I just look at the menu, I don't order. I'm old enough and as long as I don't have anyone...

3. White-fleshed Nectarines
To me, this alone is evidence that The Almighty exists and is the most powerful force ever. Because NO ONE will ever be able to re-create this absolutely beautiful fruit. I swear these come from heaven...I'm sure of it. It tastes like a mix between a peach, regular nectarine, passionfruit and heaven. I assume this is what people mean by orgasmic. And when you come to the centre, it tastes like flowers. I'm dead serious.

4. Pokerface - Lady Gaga
I just love this one...reminds me of my crazy/beautiful cruising nights. I can still remember the crowd at "I'll get him hot, show him what I got" ;D

5. Cornetto Chocolate Hugs
It's chocolate, ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, some wafer, chocolate wafer balls and some more chocolate. Whats not to like?

6. iPod Shuffle
I like compact things and this is great for those dreary mornings at the gym. You can't even feel it on you when it's clipped to your clothing. And each iTune takes me to another dimension. I wish iPod would make a waterproof one so that I could swim with them too. Hey, I think I'll patent that idea.

7. 2009 Diary
I've never been a "diary" person but with my hectic schedule, I barely know which day it is anymore so I rely on this little book to not only remind me which day it is, but what I've got scheduled for the day and the week ahead.

8. Mobile Gmail
It's how I keep in touch with the world, since I'm on the road alot and can't always get a decent Internet connection.

9. Playtex Cotton Bra
No underwire and no straps cutting into your shoulders. Just very comfortable support that is strong enough to push the girls to heaven and keep them there :D

10. Pilot G-2 07 Gel Pens
There's nothing better and cheaper to scribble and write with.

11. Stalking on Facebook
Fascinating...and so much cheap fun.

12. Watching "The Jane Austen Book Club"
I love this movie and could watch it over and over and over and over and over again.
The script is excellent and the directing is exceptional. It's depiction of various people's lives, and how they parallel each of the books they discuss in their bookclub is simply genius.

13. Toast
Definitely one of my favourite meal choices. Ready in two minutes with any topping of my choice...usually butter or peanut butter and honey, cheese or last night's leftovers. In fact, I hardly ever eat bread as it is because I always toast it. I can live on toast, thats how much I love it.

14. Nescafe Gold & Saccharine Tablets
Another result of a hectic schedule and the need for more quantities of caffeine in my bloodstream to keep me going. And because I quit sugar in August, I travel with my substitutes and use them in everything that requires sugar...even cereal.

15. Water
I drink at least 8 glasses a day on average. Around 12 glasses on some summer days and at the very least 6 glasses (usually in winter). But I can't live without water. It's my preferred drink over anything else although I do delve into the softdrinks and virgin cocktails on occasion.

16. Pritt Superglue
This stuff is like magic in a tube. It can fix anything ie. shoes, clothes, handbags, car accessories, stationery, spectacles/ name it. And I always walk around with one on hand because I'm freaky like that.

17. Making Carrot Cake
Because I made it once and it came out perfect and I have been trying to re-create that ever since.

18. Adidas Game Spirit Shower Gel for Men
I love the smell and it's the closest I'm getting to a guy for now :D

19. My Discovery Credit Card
I use it for EVERYTHING...even movie rentals and I know I shouldn't and it's terrible, considering the global financial crisis blah blah blah...but I get free air you know what that means to me?!? Refer to # 1...

20. Cheese, Spinach & Corn Cocktail Pies from Deli Delicious
I can't get enough of these. The chicken, mutton and beef pies have too much chili-garlic and ginger in them...but these are perfect. Lovely afternoon snack with chocolate Super M milkshake ;D


  1. 1.I'd love to work for the travel channel.
    2.There is no decent eye candy around anymore. We need men in suits!
    3.Love em
    4.It totally grew on me - heard it on the radio on my way home last night n thought of u.
    5.Can't get enough.
    6.I never used to use shuffle cos there were tracks on my iPod that I grew out of. But it's been updated with some old school (damn i feel ancient) so now shuffle rocks. Heard that u do get some kinda waterproof iPod casing...
    7.I should think about getting one of these. I use my outlook calendar for everything.
    8.I would not survive if I could net check my gmail anytime, anyplace. Sound like such a g33k now :P
    9.U need wire girl!
    10.I am a doodler - love those pens.
    11.Haha, let's just say it can be rather useful at times, purely for investigative purposes of course.
    12.Never watched it. Should I put it on my list?
    13.I only like toast as breakfast with strwaberry jam or sugar/cinammon toast. Oh and at Wimpy :)
    14.I have moved on to red bull.
    15.I drink alot more than I used to.
    16.Probably last used in high school. Oh wait, I did a project for my cuz the other day.
    17.I don't do baking. Not by choice anyway. I'd have to learn how to use the oven first haha.
    18.Lol y are u inhaling men's shower gel?
    19.Debit card/credit card. I almost never have cash on me. I get more sms's from my bank than anyone else :P
    20.Never tried it. Used to love chicken peri peri village bakery pies but they no longer exist.

  2. Azra you disappointing with me the no underwire bra's...

    I am sure they are more comfortable, but one should choose their sacrifices carefully...

  3. MJ - Cornetto rules and you're a masochist :D

    WIP -
    1. I would give my left arm to work for travel channel :)
    2. We do need more men in suits
    6. I heard about the casing too but it would be so cool if the whole thing and earphones were waterproof too. And my shuffle list is undated every 2 weeks, so I rarely get bored.
    9. Comments are coming on this one
    12. Definitely put it on your list, you wont be disappointed.
    18. I use it and then I smell like a man.
    19. My bank loves me more than anyone else :D

    WIP & Stunna -
    Warning forthcoming TMI (too much info)...My boobs are too big for the underwire, so the underwire is uncomforatble and makes them look even bigger and I hate that. I like to conceal my possessions lol.

  4. Way way too much information... lol
    For my 2 cents worth I think strapless bra's have some aesthetic appeal
    Oh and i dont like gymming with my ipod dont know why much rather plug the ear phones into the tv and watch some vh1 or sports while on the treadmill

  5. 1. Gym.

    2. I'm eating 4 eggs a day at the moment. I had 7 on Wednesday last week.

    3. saving money

    4. Girls, weening myself off that one.

    5. Chicken and brown rice.. I eat it sometimes twice a day. Takes an age to cook brown rice though.

  6. WIP, Stunna and Edge - I think you guys misunderstood. The bra's DO have straps - strong's just that they're much more comfy then the regular ones I use to wear. They don't have underwire - thank the Lord for that.

    TMG - I love chicken but eggs, no thanks :) I stopped eating eggs in high school, after an experiment went bad and I was covered from head to toe in egg. That smell stayed with me for weeks even though I washed and bleached my school uniform everyday! lol

  7. 1: I'm addicted to me other half :D but i find i dont have as much time to use him as i need to which SUCKS.

    i can relate to #2 :D

    i am desperate to try #3- bring some with you in the summer plzzz :p

    as for #6: i dont have the shuffle. but even having an ipod sucks. i havent updated my ipod for like..a year and its so embarassing.

    i bought #7 but ive realised i rely on my electronic calendar on my blasted phone more than my diary. arghhh. in january, i have entries split between my phone calendar and diary...which got me into trouble!

    the novelty has worn off#8 thanks to my beloved#1

    as for #11, oh dear god, i have such bad luck. imagine those youve "mildly" stalked on FB suddenly face you at various events even though you are not local!?!i even saw one of my £targets£ twice. i have also had to stop "hey, i'm sure i've seen you before!" line to unsuspecting innocent peeps when i realised it was thanks to FB I have this familiarity! too much info i know.