Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Finishing Sentences...

Apparently I'm contractually obligated being one of Khan's disciples and all that :D

So here's my take...

Finish the sentence..........

Finish the sentence survey - your turn!
Paste the sentences into a note of your own, change the ... to your answers, then tag awesome people to use it as filler posts

Finish The Sentence Survey

1. My ex... is wishing he never left the greatest thing on earth since Cocoa beans and Sugar.

2. Maybe I should... get down to studying instead of sitting on the net and talking shit.

3. I love... travelling with the passion of a thousand Shakespeare poems.

4. People would say that I'm... honest, because I am.

5. I don't understand... why most people can’t see things the way I do.

6. When I wake up in the morning... I always want to go back to sleep.

7. I lost... my struggles along the way :D

8. Life is full of... opportunities, we have to grab them and squeeze the life out of them when they come along.

9. My past is... a place I would never want to go to again even though it has moulded me into the person I am today and I’m grateful for that.

10. I get annoyed when... stupid people make assumptions and then they believe those assumptions.

11. Parties are... amazing when there aren’t pretentious bitches around.

12. I wish... people could see the light, there’d be so much less sadness in the world.

13. Dogs... are what most men are known as to their female counter-parts.

14. Cats... can be skinned in a variety of ways.

15. Tomorrow... is a brand new day of opportunities :D

16. I have... a knack for reading people accurately.

17. If I had a million dollars… I’d be off traipsing around the world.

18. I'm totally... fluent in crazy.

I tag anyone who's interested in playing insipid games :D


  1. 1. My ex... is married in a farm town

    2. Maybe I should... get a new job

    3. I love...myself

    4. People would say that I'm... daring

    5. I don't understand... Julius Malema

    6. When I wake up in the morning...I hear dishes that sound like musical chimes

    7. I lost...my zippo lighter:(

    8. Life is full of...genetically modified stuff

    9. My past is... my past

    10. I get annoyed when...people ask dumb questions

    11. Parties are...cool as long as Indians are not hosting them

    12. I wish...that South Africans could have more open minds and less open mouth

    13. Dogs...make me scared

    14. Cats...are such "pussys"

    15. Tomorrow... I plan to work out properly

    16. I have...become a DR Phill

    17. If I had a million dollars… I'd be investing wisely

    18. I'm totally...obnoxious

  2. i loved the first one :p

  3. LOL I like your answers MINI lol

    Mubi - ha ha, yeah...

    MJ - yeah you know those bitches :D

  4. Azra has changed the blog link and i couldn't find her online for sometime.

    Azra has gone all pink, when did this happen?

  5. Hey Azra :-)
    Geez! I get married and return, and you moved to a new home! I'm loving the pink, btw :-)

  6. hey tell me how you read me :$ me curious now !!!!

    p.s. i dunno if u noticed but http://2short2sweet.blogspot.com/2009/03/blogarina-blesses-me.html

  7. I really like how your answer for #3. And #18 too haha

  8. Tazeen and TCQ - I'm all green now :D

    Seher - People never want to hear the truth...so i always keep my mouth closed on some matters.

    GS - Thanx :)