Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How To Get a Woman To Go Fishing

I'm re-visiting the whole nudity issue.

So it's no secret that I LOVE men. And that I HATE them at the same time :D
Put it this way, I love looking at them.
But I hate it when they're drooling all over me.
I love it when they're sincere and honest.
But I hate it when their natural tendency to LIE manifests.
I love it when they display natural wit and charisma.
But I hate it when they open their mouths and try to impress me with sinister intentions.
I love it when they're polite.
But I hate it when the moon comes out and then they all miraculously turn into Dogs get the picture.

I don't like nude men. Actually, I think the male physique is quite ugly...yes hideous is more like it. It's like something died where their genitals are suppose to be and it's quite disgusting actually lmao. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that their parts are designed and modeled to ensure that various tasks and functions are performed at their optimum. Thats fine, I accept that...I'm sure that when I get married, I'll even appreciate it. But they don't get any aesthetic points. Naked men are still ugly in my books. Give me any man without his shirt on anyday and I'll be more than happy. I'm all for anything from the navel upwards.

Chastise me later ;D


  1. "It's like something died where their genitals are suppose to be"

  2. I'm all for anything from the navel upwards.
    The right bit of chest hair and of course a little unshaved for two days maybe. sigh!!!
    give me hugh jackman.. anyday!

  3. true.

    I prefer a wet male chest;)

  4. Just a Q?

    I guess most girls here are Muslim. Is it just Muslim women or women in general think that way?

  5. WIP, Mubi, AD, Trinity...

    :D You all know what I'm talking about :D

    Tazeen - To be honest with you, I don't know if all woemn feel this way. But I'm talking purely from an aesthetic point of view...theres nothing pretty to see lol.
    Like for example, a guys legs just doesnt "do it" for me. I don't find it attractive at all. Everything I find attractive on a guy can be found from just above his pubic region ie. about 3 inches below his navel and upwards. But maybe its just me :P

  6. I love the male physique. for me it's where his jeans sit on his hips...yumm!

    Oh his swagger too.

    Also legs do actually do it for me, I can't have a stringy spaghetti legs kinda guy. He needs to have meat on them bones.

    Chest prefer is smooth.

    *swoon* it's 6am and I'm at work and now completely unfocussed...

  7. the female form is naturally beautifully, because it is essentially a series of lines, whereas the male physique is functional, just a series of angles and lumps.

    or maybe that's just how we see it in our minds.

    Women are Ferraris whereas men are Trucks...

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  9. Aasia - for me alot of a man's appeal is in attitude, but not negative attitude positive confidence, not arrogance etc. I like "real" men, flaws and all...not men who are really boys or pretentious men who think they're too good for anything out there etc.
    And yeah I want some meat on my man...I'm no dog, I don't like bones lol!

    But I must say that i think as women, we're programmed to look at more than just the aesthetics. Thats why we have Oestrogen and thats why we have so much emotions, because we're biologically programmed to be like that. So if there had to be a guy that I liked, ir if I got married and was "in love" with my husband, I'm sure I'd love everything about him, even the dead animal in his pants LMAO.

    TMG - Nice analogy. I think guys can be trucks for my reasons stated above, because female hormones will love them anyway. Guys are very visual creatures - less emotional, so women have to be slightly "prettier".

    Apologies for the is bleugh...but I was tryng to make a point :)

  10. And here I thought after reading the title that I'd honestly get and "Indian" chick to come fishing:)

    Anyay I just got back from a fishing trip last weekend and a few pals and I were having a discussion on why "Indian" chicks are not built for a great outdoor sport like fishing?

    Our conclusion......You gals are way too fussy!

    Atleast now I have this half Indian female friend that might be up for something like that,but then again she is half Indian, so I guess it doesnt count?

  11. LOL!!! This post made me laugh (and drool, I might add!!!)

    You know, before I met hubby, I had a few 'prerequisites' on the man I was going to marry. Alas, most of them, my hubby does not posess.
    Nevertheless, I adore him for what and who he is and he makes me very happy. (Feel free to gag at any time!)

  12. Mini - Half Indian? So incestuous inbreeding is important to you? :D

    I guess you and your pals version of a normal "Indian" chick is programmed to stand and serve in the kitchen and talk about cutlery, recipes and "My Mommmed"...because their husbands and kids are like their limbs lol

    I think real women can do everything.
    Thats why I'm going to go and die on grade 4 rapids next weekend...I'm even looking forward to falling in the river :D
    And who knows, I may even stand in the kitchen myself and make all the "padkos" :D

    TCQ - And thats how you know that life and love isn't perfect :D

    At the end of the day, at the crux of all things...if he is a decent guy that can care for you the way you need to be cared for, it doesn't really matter that he doesnt look like Wentworth :D

  13. The next time you gonna show me butt cheeks, they better be female...opening your blog today was an unprleasent surprise...

    "That mash guy" summed it up nicely, us men are beasts designed for hunting and carrying...

    Women are more sleek and soft as they exude love and care...

    Lol...and please stop commenting on our genitals, concentrate on the substance rather than the form...its for reproduction, if it were beautiful, we would be wearing it on our faces for all to see...(they do look better when they are not flacid though)

    I wanted to make a comment on female genetalia but I will keep quiet...

  14. Stunna - I find it highly amusing that all the people complaining about the pic are men :D lol

    Sorry I'm not inclined to look at naked women, so I'm never going to post female butt cheeks.

    Anyways, I edited the pic to make it more viewer friendly...was losing my appetite there for a sec and now I have to keep my lunch down. I personally find it offensive to my eyes. Hips and upwards, thats all I need.]

    You can't say anything about female genitalia because it keeps you happy lol :D

  15. Azra

    Rafting dont count coz my female Indian friends went just last weekend.

    When can I pick you up for a fishing trip that entails putting worms onto hooks,shtting in the bush,skinning the fish to put on the braai,etc?????

    Incestuous breeding not important to me!....I have a diverse family background.

    Oh and I always tell my mom NOT to be that narrow minded "My Mohammad" type.

    I eagerly await you to join us on our next trip! :)

  16. Mini - So you just want to know if some of us females can get down and dirty right?

    I've skinned fish and dug my hands into chickens and I'm usually the one tackling the hundreds of centipede's that crawl around the house so the whole worms thing is not an issue. I've tackled spiders that look like crabs, almost drowned in the ocean I love so much, I've even crawled up ramps on the N1 on numerous occasions when mother use to leave us on the highway, to run up on the adjacent road to catch the bus.

    So I'm hardcore dude but I aint shitting in the bush. Hope theres a Caltex or Engen along the way :D

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  18. Men drool all over you? I wish womn would drool all over me (except for the stalking type, of course). Men don't have a natural tendency to lie... I swear. But I grant you one thing: they bad at it. I mean, compared to the way women lie - that is, perfectly, smoothly and no one will ever find out - men are morons. They always, ALWAYS get caught. Women rarely get caught, which is why we tend to think they don't have this 'natural tendency to lie'... there's no proof! I don't like nude men either, though when I was half my age I looked pretty damn good! I don't look forward to looking more and more like, well, you know, that wrinkly thing God gave us so that women could call it - I quote - disgusting. Sigh.