Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hugs and Kisses

I'm in such a euphoric and loving mood it's disgusting. I'm all about sunflowers and butterflies, rainbows and sunshine, hugs and kisses today. I want to hug the world...or at least those parts of the world that I like, those parts that I hate can F@#$ off and die.

I like big bear hugs...those ones that envelope you and crush your ribs...the ones that usually last for 30 seconds or longer and make you drunk. I wish I could hug someone.
I should go and visit someone with children and hug and kiss the shit out of them. Any volunteers? lol :D

So here's a big bear hug for all my cyber friends, and for all those who need one :D Take them while they're free.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to hug and kiss this...

or this...

With Love, Hope, Faith and Peace


  1. howd u know I need a hug! u shouldnt have :P

  2. So sweet :-)
    And I need a big hug, so thank you :-)

  3. Aww...you girls can have 3 hugs each. I'm so mushy, but not emo. Just want to share my joy. I edited this post btw. Theres new info... :D

  4. read shantaram and u'll understand bear hugs
    right back atcha:)
    i'm broody too
    i'm always bloody broody

  5. second baby isn't cute. though it reminds me, I was at dinner with friends last night and this girl bought her daughter who looks exactly like the girl from Monsters Inc. It was uncanny. very cute kid

  6. oooohhh lemme give you a hug back before you can :D

  7. Nooj - I'd like to read it. I think I'll go hug some trees tomorrow.

    TMG - Second baby's cheeks call me. I want to squish them. I have a little 5 year old half sister that is so accustomed to my squishing and hugging and over-bearing loving, that when I don't kiss or hug her, she asks me whats wrong :D

    MJ - Yeah boet.

    I'm looking for some cute kids I can harrass.

    Mother says I should stop messing around, get married and make my own kids.
    But it's not as much fun...

  8. AD - I'm accepting all hugs so thanks :D

  9. Any particular reason for the good mood?

  10. Geekisiddiqui - no particular reason...just Promised-Landy-smiling-on-the-inside-down-to-my-liver and a tiny bit broody thats all :D

  11. aww adorable babies :D
    you have won an award, visit me :D