Thursday, 19 March 2009

iTunes Top 25

The top 25 of the 178 songs I currently have on my iPod. I hate having too many songs on my play lists because it confuses me. I actually prefer listening to 50 songs on a play list at a time so that I feel more connected to the song, especially since I update my play lists regularly to reflect my mood…argh I can’t explain it. Honestly, 25 songs are not enough because I love my music. But here’s the current soundtrack to my life and in no particular order.

1. Poker Face – Lady Gaga (It’s been on my play list for almost 4 months now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon).

2. Hot Summer Night (Spanish Version) – David Tavares ft. Evissa 2008 (I love this track, reminds me of the sea and beach).

3. If You Seek Amy (Album Version) – Britney Spears (The “all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy” aka F.U.C.K.ME song).

4. Decode – Paramor (They are like the new Evanescence; amazing how history repeats itself).

5. Infinity – Guru Josh Project 2008 (It’s the ultimate weekend song and reminds me of the ship).

6. Walking On a Dream – Empire on the Sun (I’ve been hooked on this song ever since I heard it on the radio).

7. Click Click Click – New Kids on the Block (Partly because I was supposed to marry Jonathan & I’m still loyal and mostly because I LOVE the melody).

8. Changes (Dirty South Remix) – Chris Lake ft Laura V (It’s emblematic of all the changes in my life…so cliché but the remix is awesome).

9. Dance Dance – Fall Out Boy (I just love how the song unfolds).

10. Spinning the Wheel – George Michael (I LOVE these lyrics).

11. Bed Shaped – Keane (It reminds me of Amsterdam and the melody is soothing).

12. Now or Never – High School Musical 3 (Because I’m a schmuck who watches corny Disney musicals and think that this one had the best soundtrack. And Zac Efron is so pretty).

13. Aao Milo Chalo – Jab We Met singers Shaan & Ustad Sultan Khan (This song makes me want to pack my bags and go on a road trip with no particular destination in mind).

14. Run – Leona Lewis (Because she pulls it off, beautifully).

15. Sober – Pink (I always think Pink’s second releases are better than her first).

16. Alone in Love – Mariah Carey (One of her best songs in my books from her very first album…I miss the old Mariah Carey, when her hair was bigger than her face and not the other way around).

17. Secret – Maroon 5 (A seriously sensual song, it’s like liquid acoustic chocolate).

18. Kill the Lights – Britney Spears (This one grew on me like fungus and mould grows in the grouting of the shower’s tiles).

19. Seven days in Sunny June – Jamiroquai (This song epitomises summer in the Northern Hemisphere and takes me back to some great picnics on Parliament Hill).

20. Dead and Gone – T.I ft Justin Timberlake (Because it’s Justin’s voice and he makes the song work).

21. Who Am I? – Will Young (This soothing song takes me back to rainy days, cosy cafés, contemplative and reflective moods, hot chocolate and promises).

22. Road to Mandalay – Robbie Williams (Reminds me of old school…like Frank Sinatra old school)

23. Careless Whisper – Seether (The only good version besides the original).

24. Fortune Faded – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Some more great lyrics).

25. Reveal – Celine Dion (I LOVE this song and ironically every time I hear it, I’m transported INSTANTLY back to the days I spent on the beach in Gibraltar…the same beach little Caesar made his debut).


  1. I think your choice is all commercial cheese :( except for no 24! but thats just me!

    Lady Gaga I suppose is good cheese,kinda like "MUM REMEMBERED MELROSE" :)

  2. lol lol lol - I like my cheese ok, my favourite's Gouda :P

  3. I don't know half these songs. Maybe Waseem was right n I haven't been exposed to music :O

    I've been trying not to like pokerface cos I mean the lyrics have no substance - But I give up, it's too catchy. Kinda like Timberland - the way I are. I mean that doesn't even make grammatical sense!

    I can't stand Britney, Leona Lewis' bleeding love drove me nuts so I'm out off her, thought Will Young fell off the planet?

    That Seether version of Careless Whisper is growing on me, i LOVE Pink and mostly like Maroon 5. I'd have to be really depressed to start breaking out the Celine Dion tracks altho I think there r a couple on my iPod.

    It's all about the lyrics :)

  4. ohhh sleeeeeeeeeek!
    i have 195 on my play list and just 5 on repeat.
    love pocket full of sunshine and live your life! and also JUST DANCE!

  5. i only like careless whisper from that lot