Sunday, 1 March 2009

Welcome to The Promised Land

Time is flying, and in the midst of juggling a very hectic schedule, I've managed to take an hour out of my precious time to bring forth Azra's Adventures...the new installment in the evolution of Azra.

Like I stated previously, I feel like this is not only a new chapter in my life, but a whole new book.

I allude to "The Promised Land", which is symbolic to me. I've grown so much in the last few months and I'm in such a beautiful place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically...that I can only describe it as close to Heaven on Earth as possible. It's taken me 26 years to get to this place, and I'm definitely one of the lucky ones because some people go through their entire lives, and they don't find it. At present, I feel like my soul resides and is a citizen of the coveted land, while the majority of the people I know are still wandering around aimlessly, lost in the desert. Then there are those that aren't even close...they're still stuck in the jungles of the Congo, waiting for a map to Egypt before they even come close...

I am the King, the Queen, the Emperor, the President, the Tsar, the Shah, the Prime Minister and the Ruler of my Promised Land.

I will be issuing Visa's i.e. Resident, Visitation and Transit Visas, to anyone who meets the requirements and in accordance to the strict requisite qualifying criterion. Citizenship is only awarded to those who can truly demonstrate their eligibility to represent and be an ambassador of this great land.

Watch out for some amazing adventures to come…Living it up...Go Big or Go Home.

And to the Haters…Don’t Jella guys, Vang tips!


  1. May i be the first to congratulate you on embarking on this adventure, you daring soul :D and may it be a productive, wholesome and enjoyable journey..:D

  2. CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS!!! you are so deserving to be wheer you are...
    out of the many i have come across indeed you have all that it takes to get some place. if i ever have to quote an example for 'dont just sit and dream, move your butts to get it'... it has gotta be you!

    Hail to the Queen, the Princess, Empress :D ALWAYS BE BLESSED! amen

  3. Hyphenated :D

    I fucking rule - hence ... I am THEE King :D

    High Fives people, high fives.

    Chica - i need to know when you get back from your June holiday - will you miss the italy brazil clash?

  4. Sofi and AD...Thanks :D

    MJ - The only way you'll ever be king is if I'm dead :D

    I was thinking of the hyphenated before you mentioned you just confirmed it boet :P

    I will be in London/Wales/Ireland/Scotland (not necessarily in that order) from the 13th of June until the 2nd of July. It has been confirmed. When is Brazil/Italy?

  5. You sound like Telkom!

    Load shedding over I presume? :)