Friday, 3 April 2009


It's official.

I'm giving up my beloved. I'm saying goodbye, salute, مع السلامة (maa alsalama), totsiens, до свидания (do svidanja), hasta luego, au revior, abschied, arrivederci, 再 见 (zàijiàn), até logo, tapunzu, na razie, hatahana, waliki, agur, mana, ciao, marsha 'oila, tionana, nestaevavoomatse, ñakum ñiway, sowyn, farvel, vaarwel, khoda hafaz, auf wiedersehen, geia, aloha nõ, shalom, namasté, doi gen, tata, dewa mata, salám, allinllaña, cayacama, baidh, tsamaya hantle, sun-kia, elveda, khuda hafiz, rhonanai, adios...GOODBYE.

I'm giving up chocolate *gasp*, yeah you read right. Shocking I know! And what prompted this I hear someone ask? Well, for starters, I had an entire week of birthday chocolate and every day was a chocolate infested day. It was all kinds of DIVINE, every girls dream, but now my body needs a rest. I had all those easter eggs in the past few weeks too. Then to top it off, I'm eating a vat of chocolate mousse tonight (thats right a VAT, because 3 spoonfuls is not enough and I want to enjoy my last supper ok!?!). So tonight my ass will graduate from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez...with Honours :D

But do not fear old addicted self. The plan is to detox for 10 weeks *gasp* (yeah I know, what the hell am I thinking right, 10 weeks without any chocolate am I insane?!?!?)...yes you read correctly 10 WHOLE WEEKS. And I'm doing this with Tweets by my side so if I cheat, she's going to tell on me (*tisk tisk*).

The aim is for a healthier lifestyle for most of the winter (not all) and the reward? After 10 weeks have lapsed, I will leave for London hopefully knowing that my ass is back to Vanessa Marcil and that I will have won the right to eat anything I want to during my trip. Like ANYTHING. Even Lindor for breakfast and those decadent krispy kreme donuts for supper!!

I'd just like to extend a few words of gratitude to my beloved Flake/Aero/Lindt:
Farewell my love, you were always there when I needed you. And I couldn't have gone through some of the things I went through without you by my side. You never judge me, and you're always available when I need you. You have a special way of comforting me, through good times and bad, every step of the way...and I shall miss you terribly *sob*.
Farewell my love.

Anyone who wants to join us, set your own goals and rewards and jump on board. We will start at midnight tonight and hopefully help each other through. Set your timers ladies and gents, it's going to be one hell of a ride :D


  1. im there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on, or some moral support...

  2. e-mail me your address and I'll send you a box of Godiva Chocolates to help you end it once and for all with a binge - purge your system with the help of more chocolate. I think that's the answer.

  3. my goodbye would be to any good chocolate biscuit, now it's romany cream tarte.. :( but not yet, i love dunking these - it's comforting! hehe if you haven't tried these you shouldn't, i find them addictive.

    good luck. wow @ vanessa marcil's butt.

  4. Oh my god!
    i just cant believe what you are sayin.
    or maybe i dont wanna believe it!
    ohh come on, how about the moderation and not quitting!!!
    honey i am with you.
    or wait. i think i will pledge for a whole one week of carb free diet!

  5. You can do it, Dude! All the best!

  6. I've been trying to reduce my intake but I don't want to give it up! I could of course...if I wanted to...its not like I'm an addict...but I see no need.

    I think I'm gonna go have a chocolate popsicle now...

  7. I thought about this - after I had a chocloate croissant on Friday...
    Nothing yesterday. And now I'm typing this while drinking this awesome Snickers milkshake so um yeah ure on ur own :P Good luck!

  8. I like a good chocolate myself, but I wonder why girls make it seem like a spiritual experience..

    Anyways, good luck..

  9. Ditto WIP, youse betrayeds uss, my precious choclateseses

  10. nk - thanx :D I'm going to need it.

    LL - indulging is what got me in this mess in the first place...thanks for the offer though :D

    blackolives - I've had those tarte's before...they are delicious. hmmm...reminiscing lol

    AD - There is no such thing as moderation for a chocoholic :)

    JDee - Thanks.

    geekisiddiqui - Guys are lucky, they eat whateve they want and gym for 2 mintues and then they're fine. Women only have to look at food to gain weight :P

    WIP and Waseem - I'm no traitor lol. I betray you not. It just means that theres so much more int he world for you guys to consume :D

    Arslan - Like Mash said, Chocolate is to girls like what Cars are to buys :D

  11. what's your substitute, then?

  12. Dreamlife - I drink low(er) fat hot chocolate instead...Well I said I'm not going to EAT the stuff, I never said I'm not going to DRINK the stuff lol :D

    The hot chocolate only requires water, so I don't drink milk and if I want it a bit sweeter, I use Sweetner (with no Aspartame or Cyclamates)...

    I've cut back significantly on dairy as well.

  13. I wonder if they'll ever invent a patch for chocoholics...

  14. Dreamlife - If only we were that lucky. Curse the cocoa bean instead :P