Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Little "Pick Me Up"

I'm not a massive Bollywood fan, in fact I can count on a single hand the number of movies I've bothered to watch and actually liked. But this is spectacular. I love everything about this video...the colour scheme, the Moroccan theme, the choreography, the music and even the somewhat cheeky lyrics...

Indulge me if you will. Just imagine me as Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor as my partner, instead of the old-ish Shah Rukh Khan. We'd be an awesome pair. Damn it would be so cool! And I'd totally rock that black and gold she's wearing :D


  1. Bollywood movies?

    GroanI have difficulty seeing how they qualify as entertainment. Maybe my tastes run in other directions.

  2. LOL LL, I guess different strokes for different folks? I'm not a hude Bollywood fan meself..but there are some good productions out there if you're into reading subtitles :D

  3. apparently, the video you linked to is not viewable from the country i'm in-mwhaha! :O

    anyway, judging by the description, i believe youre referring to MARJAANI?

    If only you knew the number of times I have dreamt/imagined the same thing. But I would DIE to act with my eternal loverboy, Shahrukh, over and above anyone else ANY DAY. Even my heartthrob hrithik doesn’t get a look-in when SRK is around; I just hope my future husby can live with that.

    I LOVE love love love this song. I love everything about it: from the actors(kk and I have a Puraana Rishta), to dance to music, to outfits, to background et al..boom boom. And even though the track makes me crazier once its played, I must still listen to it once a day at least. I might be a fickle being..but some tracks take longer to leave my subconscious than others. This is one :D

    i love you more, day by day Az :D

  4. Sofi :D I can't telly ou how much I lvoe this song, it's irrational lol!

    I love watching it. I can't believe that you cant access it :P I've been wasting all my bandwidth watching it on Youtube.

    SRK is ok...but not for me. Shaahid Kapoor. Did you watch Jab we Met? I love love love that movie.

  5. dont worry, i watch UK certified versions of the vid allll the time. :p

    and i have my nephew addicted to it. now, all i do is say "DANCE" as soon as the intro starts and he does hehe

    re J.W.M: check your chatbox:p

  6. "This is no going to help my heaven quota" looooolll love it!

    What movie is this from?? I dont even keep up with bolly trolly anymore. I reckon SRK is going through a midlife crisis.
    I love the song "mauja mauja" from jab we met.. my sister and i can go crazy :-D

  7. Zahera - It's from Billu Barber...the song is Marjaani Marjaani...

    I didn't actually watch the movie..like I said, it takes one heck of a movie to captivate me, but my father liked it.

    I love Mauja Mauja...I think between Mauja, Marjaani and Aao Mi Chilo (also from JabWM)...& two from Salaam Namaste (Tu Jehaan (sp?) and My Dil goes mmm)...those 5 are my favourite Bollywood songs ever LOL!

  8. oh she even rocks the Marjani song!