Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Mandy eventually spoke to her parents regarding her love interest. She told them that she’s interested in him romantically and that she’d really like to get to know him better. They acquiesced and told her that they can’t really stop her from seeing him. I guess they are just like any other parents and wouldn’t want to see their daughter hurt. He officially asked her out, with her parents’ permission/consent this past weekend. And now they’re officially a couple. I’m so happy for her. She deserves this, she deserves great things in her life. She is however, a little apprehensive and I think afraid because she doesn’t know what to expect. She already set down the rules with him i.e. no sleeping around, sleeping over…he’s even cutting out the Alcohol for her. I told her to take each day as it comes, stay true to herself and not to screw it up otherwise I’m going to kick her ass. I really hope it works out for them.

Sadly though, Mariam hasn’t been so lucky. A lot has happened since Mufti dropped her off at her parents a couple of months ago. She eventually returned to his home after discussions and negotiations to return ensued between the two families. However, when she returned they beat her up, quite badly, leaving scars all over her back. She stayed anyway and after a month, Mufti decided to send her to Jordan to visit her family for a short holiday. While she was there, the swine divorced her and a few days later she found out that she was pregnant. Now to be pregnant and alone in Jordan is dangerous. If she doesn’t present the divorce papers, they will consider her unborn child to be illegitimate and ostracize them from society. It will bring great shame to the family as well. But the fucking SWINE contests that the unborn child is his and even refuses to send the divorce papers to her, so that she can live in peace. To anyone defending him, maybe you’ll want to present his case in front of The Almighty and see how that pans out. My prayers are with her.

It’s been 12 days and chocolate-less-ness has proved to be a little challenging. It has taken me to the brink of depression and even sprouted grandiose delusions about the world coming to an end, and my impending doom. But I’m glad to report that I’ve survived so far. The first 11 days were horrendous though. I guess this is what a crack addict feels like. Well, onwards and upwards. I still have hot chocolate though, but with water instead of milk.

Gyming is becoming tougher though…well not so much the gyming as the waking up on increasingly colder and darker mornings. I hate winter. So with scant motivation, I drag myself out of bed and make my way there. Thing is, even if I didn’t go and slept for an extra hour it wouldn’t be any easier to get out of bed in the morning, so I might as well go and make the most of it. Good news is that there are considerably less naked people prancing around the changing rooms and showers. I guess most of them have changed their schedules and either go in the afternoon when it is much warmer, or the cold keeps their jelly bits at bay in the comfort of their own homes.

MBA has proved quite challenging too. MBA + Chocolate-less-ness = Nervous Breakdown. But I've recently discovered that it really is mind over matter. And alot of it is not what you know, it's what you can DO. I was kicked out of my origianl group though...we were 10 and only 8 are allowed to be in a group according to Professor. And being the only non-black/non-white, ten points for guessing who was first to go. I'm not complaining though, this new group is proving to be fantastic, more diverse and less procrastination. They're also more organised and group meets are even closer to home then before. We meet every consecutive Tuesday evening...or when it's necessary. I do feel a little out of my league though, every now and then. But thats the whole point innit? Whats the use of studying something and knowing all the answers...the whole point is to learn and be taken out of my comfort zone. I should stop bitching, I'm beginning to irritate myself.

I have the best parents in the world. I could gush about them the whole day that’s how much I love them. I’ll stop before I get all emo and start crying like a freaking baby. But even when we are at each other’s throats and I’m positive that one of them is going to give me an Aneurism, I can still count on them and I could not have asked for better parents. They just know when something isn’t right with one of us…all of them, even Step-Ma…and the way they rally around us, pushing us forward, believing in us when we don’t believe in ourselves, it’s phenomenal. Ok, ok…I said I’m not going to get all emo here…*tear*…I’m such a sap. Anyways, I can always rely on one of them to make me feel better, to calm my irrational fears and ease my emotional discomfort.

So Daddy popped in for a quick visit with Step-Ma and little peanut in tow. And after enduring the ritual competitive argument between the Exes; Father complaining about Mother’s smoking habits (since he quit smoking over 7 months ago); and Mother’s retaliation on Father’s sugar addiction (since she quit sugar 9 months ago) while the rest of us roll about with laughter; we eventually got talking about life and the decisions we make that dictate the paths we lead.
My father is a wise and philosophical man who never misses the opportunity to impart his wisdom and knowledge to us at any given moment in time. He said it best:

“Life is about learning lessons. It’s like a man on a journey, who trips on a stone in the road. He has to learn from that mistake and be careful in the future, remember where that stone is, so that he doesn’t fall again. But if the man keeps on tripping on the same stone, and he doesn’t learn anything, then he should just be fucking buried there.” :D

We laughed so much. My Dad cracks us up. But he’s right. Mother always says death is over-rated, but that at least they’ll get to eat Dhal and Rice. Take it one day at a time, be true to yourself, work smart, play hard, pray often, be good. LIVE

Conclusion: So what if I die? I won’t care, I’d be dead! Now back to making the most of my life on earth. I want 2, 4 or 6 odd numbers. Crisis OVER :D


  1. I'm so glad for your friend Mandy...hope all goes well for her.

    Shame---poor Mariam! And we think we have problems!

    You are braver than I am...I'm way too addicted to stop with the chocolate! Kudos to you chicka!

    I must get my ass in gear and go to the gym! I don't have time after work now as I have to cook and do wifey things B4 hubby gets home, so early in the morning is the only time I have...

    All the luck with the MBA---don't go crazy with all the studying though :-) helps to have people like that around you---makes days when you are depressed and down feel somewhat approachable and bearable.

    Heck yeah! Glad your crisis is over :-)

  2. I gave up smoking like 4 weeks ago. It was not too difficult. I still maybe smoke one at night or if i'm really stressed out or something but hey we all allowed to spoil ourselves right?

    Dont stress the death dream I think we all get it. I resorted to writing out letters to my parents and sisters. I think i even gave it to someone to keep and give to them should the worst happen but I cant remember now.

  3. Great news for Mandy! Aw sweet :)

    Mufti needs to be shot. I know of another story as well of a well known young Moulana in Mayfair that was beating his wife up. Gave her talaaq and is now hiding because her father found out about the beatings and basically wants to kill him. :) Serves him right.
    I don't know where ppl get off thinking that just because they're moulana's they can hurt their wives? UGH. It disgusts me. It's not Islam. They should revoke his Mufti-ness award or something. hehe.

    I stayed away from chocolate, until yesterday when Husband and I went grocery shopping and I saw Lindt dark. It was bad. Could not resist.

    Lol, when the gym was further away, I went regularly. It's been so crazy lately, that even though the gym is even closer to me now, I can only manage once a week.

    Good luck with the MBA. I can only imagine how stressful it must be.

    I'm glad to see that you're feeling a bit more happier today :) Yay Azra's dad! :D

  4. Azra, I'm going to post a photo of a gym in the US on my blog for you...

    But more importantly, your father is a very wise man. Life is about the journey and learning from mistakes. A lot of people have "the end in mind" and goals are important, but it's the journey in between the goals that REALLY matters and enjoying every day as it comes.

    (if it can be enjoyed without chocolate)

  5. TCQ - Thanx. If you can, dont give up the chocolate. Take it from an addict :D

    Edge - lol, thanks for sharing. I was drafting up my will...good luck with the quitting.

    Fatima - My dad is crazy, but the best :) But I guess we all think that of our fathers. Lindt chocolate bunny? *tear* lol
    I wish I could shoot Mufti myself :P But you know, Our Creator doesnt sleep, he's always watching.

    LL - Thanks, I will look out for the pic. I'm counting down the days for chocolate's sake :)
    Life is definitely about the journey :)

  6. Looooollll i loveee you Azraaaa :-D I finally found your blog again and what can i say.. got my morning laugh again *does funny dance movements*
    Tis funny, i seem to find time to comment on everyone elses blogs but not write blogs of my own :-P

    Best of luck to Mandy and also to Mariam. Poor girl, must be very difficult for her but like you said- Allah Ta'ala is Most Just and he will get whats coming to him. I say rather be single and alone then with dickheads like him.

    I miss studying (procastining) :-P used to get a buzz out of it. Sometimes you do feel abit out of your depth, i was like that with my MSc- used to sit there thinking, "how the heck do these blumming geeks know everything." Felt like a right dumb cow at times but then i proved myself wrong so many times.

    CHOCOLATE??! youve given up chocolate? *looks confused* what th heck you do that for?!?! (yes yes i know im supposed to be saying "good on you and keep it up etc etc" and yeh to all that :p but man im not addicted to chocolate and i wouldnt even give it up. Actually since having Abdullah, my junk food craving has gone beserk. I feel more pregnant not than in my pregnancy!

    I miss gymming too :-( now im an even bigger fatso jatso. I just want a pool.. i love swimming, i love water.

    Miss you Azramitaaaa x

  7. u better re-check this fact because I'm not too sure.. but from what i've heard, Islamically, a man can't divorce his pregnant wife until AFTER the baby's delivered!

  8. Zahera - I miss your wonky ass too :D
    I guess Abdulla gets all our special time now...but I dont mind :)

    Dysfunctional - I think he divorced her before they found out she was pregnant. Even so, I'm just narrating the story...a sad one at that.