Friday, 17 April 2009

Updating The Updates

Well, since I forgot to mention…and some of you would like to know, the bag broke. Well the zipper broke, rendering the bag useless. I was mildly disappointed because I used to be able to smuggle so many snacks into the cinema without having to spend my rent on their overpriced confectionery. I used to be able to stuff the bag with a huge pack of Jumping Jack Popcorn (white cheddar flavour), some chocolate, juice and some other sweets in addition to the regular crap I hauled around.

The good news is that my new bag is only slightly smaller, but it carries most of the same shit and is generally waaay prettier. It’s so lady-like. Problem is that these days, I’m usually lugging commercial law and financial reporting textbooks with stationary in tow, so I’m carrying a backpack as well. And in addition to that, I have my gym bag too, with gym clothes etc. stuffed in there. So in essence, I’ve exchanged my one humungous bag, for 3.

But to be fair, life has changed somewhat. I didn’t need textbooks before, and I was still training in my private gym…so the three are warranted. Sadly though, I can’t post any pics. My damn camera is still at Sony, waiting to come home to mama. I’m thinking of pulling an Angelina and just adopting that waterproof Olympus, but my budget won’t hear of it. I’m saving every cent for London anyway, and I’m behind schedule on my Netbook …and it’s Dad’s birthday soon too...Squajillionaire wishes...

My Dad is a technological whiz. Something I don’t see in many of my peers parents. He loves his gadgets and gizmos and is always fixing something or making little movies with his camcorder. He’s got every gadget you can think of and I really wanted to get him the updated Sony Hard Disk Drive Camcorder DCR-SR47E/S, because thats what I do for the people I love. But honestly, I don’t think I can wing it, not now...not unless I find a couple of grand lying around the house. Hopefully in the near future.

He doesn’t seem to mind though. He wants us to buy him underwear! LOL…seriously! My Dad enjoys fucking us around like that, we have the same sense of humour. So he suggests it, and we’re all putting our palms over our ears and screaming “nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!”. LOL. I don’t need to be traumatized for the rest of my life and I hope that the only man I ever buy underwear for is my future hubby. I think I'll get him an iPod instead.

On a completely different note and without going into too much detail, I seriously don’t get some people. Ever feel misunderstood? Like people just don’t get you? And you always have to worry about crushing someone’s fragile ego? If they only knew how much I DON’T care, that I don’t give a fuck…that I don’t even care enough to continue typing about it.


  1. Oh Gosh! My Dad loves gadgets and gizmos too! Cell phones, GPS, Cameras, name it.

    Sorry about your bag love...I know how that sucks! My Guess (fake) bag also gave up on me and my current bag is also much smaller.

  2. I just hate it when my bags break, esp the ones i love. But for me its just an excuse to get a new one :P
    enjoy ur new bag!

    my father is totally NOT techno-savvy. he can use a pc and email and the basics, but thats about it.Then again my parents are rather old..

  3. SHOULD YOU decide to buy your father underwear, the speedo-banana hammock style underwear should be crossed off the list.

    However, it might be a fun gag gift to buy him a pair of silk boxers with hearts and cupids on them - just to look at his face when he opens the present. I mean, he asked for them...

    Then you can give him a cool toy. Remember that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. I hate ANY gifts that are not essentially toys, and techno-toys are always the best!

  4. i thought i m the most misunderstood woman, but now i know i have company!
    and yes Azra it is always that i feel what i say is not what they get but they decipher it into something they so want to hear!

  5. prettyu bags are my weakness, just got me one from sale and it is nine west and so totally hot.

  6. TCQ - I love gadgets too...I wish they were cheaper though :P

    NK - My new bag is so pretty...I hope it lasts though :)

    LL - lol, yeah it would be a cool gag gift. I might just do that LOL!

    AD - There are very few people who dont understand my humour. But I dont care :)

    IcingGal - :) I try not to get attached, and only ever have one bag at a time, so when this one breaks, its on to another one :)