Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What The HELL Was He Thinking?!?!

The Lord of the worlds knows how much I love my parents, in fact everyone does. So when I don’t understand why they do certain things, I either try to see the wisdom in it, or I wait until their reasoning becomes clear to me. However, NOTHING could have prepared me for the events that transpired on Saturday night. But I’m getting ahead of myself again, let me start with a little meaningless information, from the beginning…

When I was a little girl and my parents were still married, they had mutual friends…two couples who both had sons that happen to be the same age as me. Now apparently, we were friends or playmates or whatever, it must have been really long ago because honestly, I can’t remember ever being buddy-buddy with either of them and I'm one that can remember details from the time I was 3 years old. According to Mother, there were always playful disputes between the parents as to which one of the sons would eventually marry me. That didn’t last long and whatever friendship we had ended in toddler-hood because throughout the years we were at school, none of us were friends. We barely even greeted each other. In fact, I only ever acknowledged their presence when I encountered either one with their parents.

Then just over a year ago, the one…lets call him Mo, decided to invite my second youngest sister, Birdy on Facebook, KNOWING that she’s my sister. Apparently, he used to chat to her regularly from what she says…I didn’t mind because I didn't really care. Then last week, my father announces to us that there is someone who may be interested in one of us, but quickly canned the idea after we vehemently protested about being paraded like fucking sheep. Or that’s what we thought.

We decided to celebrate my Dad's birthday a few days earlier by having cake at his house on Saturday night, since he was going on holiday the next day. So there we were, all his daughters, eating chocolate cake with a filling made from crème and walnuts and sipping on tea and/or coke. I was sitting next to Tweets and we laughed merrily at Dad’s age…Birdy and Peanut chiming in at regular intervals…when there was a knock at the door…

And guess who comes strolling in like one of those cowboys walking into a Saloon after having left town a few years before…ten points for anyone who said or thought of Mo.

My Dad told him to take a seat and where did he sit? Of course, right next to me…He chose to ignore the nice big spacious seat on the other end of the lounge, thus making me feel like a really bad tuna sandwich. I nearly choked on a walnut as he sat down and I instinctively moved closer to Tweets.

He then proceeded to chat to my father for most of the evening…whilst the rest of us sat and watched TV in silence…trying to get a word in edge wise but eventually giving up as the two were avidly engaged in enthusiastic conversation. It had then occurred to me that he was the guy that was interested…but he wasn’t interested in Birdy…

Now does my Dad honestly think that I will be interested in someone who was chatting up my little sis? Someone who blatantly ignored me for all these years?!? Come On! My dad clearly likes him, hence the move into insanity. Im blaming all of this on his age.

And I maintain, we’re not cattle…and I am by no means desperate to get married. Dad even told us before hand that he has to choose from “many girls”. So what does that mean? That I must be grateful that he’s even giving me a chance?!?! That I have to be gracious, fall to the ground and kiss his feet because I made the list?

Hell Fucking No…

That’s all I can say.


  1. LOL :-)
    So sorry doll...but I have to laugh!
    Moving on- that was a pretty nasty (albeit funny) thing Daddy dearest did. Before getting married, I too went through this (my Mum being the culprit!).
    I know what you mean about feeling like cattle...

    In all fairness though---our parents do mean well and only want the best for us :-)

  2. You go girl, thats the spirit!

    The - he has to choose from “many girls” line woulda pissed me off big time too.

    Like Cullinary Queen, I know what its like feeling like being 'cattle'. The life of a South African muslim girl :P

  3. Ok, too many likes in one sentence.

  4. It sounds as though the boy, Mo, is clueless in the girl department. Not unusual really - guys tend to be clueless - some worse than others.

    Perhaps he thought that if he arrived at your house, you'd swoon and bask in his presence (The Little Prince syndrome). Since that didn't happen, it will be interesting to see whether he steps back to examine what went wrong or whether he moves ahead to the "herd" of women waiting for him.

    As to your father, I'm sure he was simply trying to be a good parent, because he might have liked Mo as a person and thought you would do so naturally.

    There are theories men use to try and understand women. Now that I am older, I understand that all of them are wrong.

  5. hmm cattle?
    is that not the story of every girl
    yea well i m desperate and i aint gonna hide it.
    i want my babies and that is reason enuf to b cattle.

    sorry all women, but i think i m over the top desperate to lead a family life!

  6. but the q is-how does birdy feel?

  7. Anyone who could be named Mo is not worth pursuing. I know and you know it that you are better off without him.

  8. Mo you a legend dude.... you go to a girls house with the intention of hopefully kindling something and then you spend the night having a discussion with her dad

    Didnt think this one through did you?

  9. aah yes :) i remember those days.
    lol, our parents usually want the best for us and go to crazy lengths for them at times.

    hey, sometimes the parades work. i know of quite a few ppl who were adverse to it, and are now happily married when it did happen to them...so i don't knock it ANYMORE. lol ;)

  10. I am NOT judging YOU or HIM.......

    But could it be possible that he only chatted ur sis up to get to you?

    Are you judging a man from an incident many years ago that he probably regretted too?

    Just some food for thought:)

  11. TCQ - Go ahead and laugh, it's hilarious lol. I know he means well...

    Nafisa - That line irked me the most...it implied that he's so freaking great and we're not worthy...or we should be grateful that he's even considering us. *Puke* :D I hate the whole idea of "he's coming to see you"...like what makes them think that YOU want to see him?

    LL - I know my dad just wants whats best for us and I think it seemed very convenient to him at the time.

    AD - I value myself too much to be made a fool of. It's me first, and second and third...and then everyone else :)

    Bibi-Aisha - Birdy never liked him...she only replied to his messages. He added her because her profile pic at the time portrayed her to be older and prettier than what she really is LOL...(he's like 10 years older than her)...so you can say she chatted to him out of courtesy as a family friend, but he was a little more than friendly with her.

    Tazeen - :D I felt violated for a bit there...but then thought, why should I feel like an idiot? I did nothing wrong.

    Edge - lol, at one point I wanted to ask them if we should leave them alone lol!

    Fatima - If its done respectfully, you know - not where the one party feels like a roast lamb then I suppose its ok lol. I just dont like the insinuation that we're "less than" compared to his highness...it peeves me off. Men you think they're entitled peeve me off.

    Mini - He definitely DEFINITELY did not chat to her to get to us. If he really wanted to chat to me, he would have done so. His parents and mine know each other quite well and he knew Birdy is my sister. So that is a lame excuse.

  12. Have you considered that maybe he was talking to your sis to get closer to you?..It happens. Dont judge the guy based on that. And just cos he was sat next to you.

  13. sorry, just read mini's comment. scrub mine.