Friday, 1 May 2009

The Difference Between Jihad & Murder

Tazeen's post made me shudder. I had no idea that it was so bad. I did not know the extent to which Islam has deteriorated in so-called Muslim much so, that children are being reared, indoctrinated and brainwashed into becoming soldiers, to fight wars that dont yet exist, for reasons that have nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with their political agendas. It's disgusting. It's appalling. It's disturbing. It goes against everything Islam stands for. It goes against everything we as Muslims stand for. And to think they're using our religion to justify their madness...I don't have words!!! It makes me so angry.

Jihad exists in Islam as a DEFENSE, which means that we are obliged to defend our religion and ourselves if and when we're being attacked. It does NOT mean that people should be going around, OFFENDING others by killing innocent people just because they don't believe in what we do. After all, Islam instructs us to respect all religions, cultures and beliefs.

At the same time, I have to say that it gives no nation the right to invade others, also killing their innocent civilians, for their own economic and political agendas. Terrorism exists in every single religion, so to isolate one and brand everyone the same is not right either.

The entire situation exasperates me. So many wrongs, do not make it right. I've said it many times...the problem with the world today is that people aren't afraid of God. We are not afraid of answering for our actions because if we really were, we wouldn't do half of the things that we do.

The way I see it, people are too busy judging everyone else, looking at what everyone else is doing wrong instead of trying to improve on their own characters. People are too busy shit-nit-picking on every single minute detail of their lives...things like whether they're walking with the right foot first or whether they have beards or not, that no one can be bothered to be a DECENT HUMAN BEING. How fucking pathetic. Do they not think that they have to answer to The Almighty? And what do you think matters more, that he had a beard or that he murdered in the name of Islam?

I will say this one more time. People need to STOP MAKING THEIR OWN RULES BASED ON CULTURE, the beard i.e. confession # 3, AND START BEING BETTER HUMAN BEINGS. Wanting to be a good Muslim and acting like an animal defeats the purpose. And stop believing every single thing every so-called Islamic Leader spits out, thats how the indoctrination begins. We need to take back our religion from the real infidels.


  1. Azra, it's not just Muslims, but Christians and every other faith.

    Wicked people twist and pervert systems of gentle life, kindness, charity and faith into self-serving justification for horror and power. I think they do this because if they can convince people that it's God's will, then they will do anything, commit any atrocity, completely justified in their own minds.

    The belt buckles of the German Nazi soldiers were inscribed, "GOT MIT UNS" (God is with us). Islam doesn't have a corner on the market when it comes to evil manipulative people bent on power at all costs. It comes from every nation, every religion and every people from time to time.

    In the American Old West, people gave blankets to Indians from people who died of small pox (the Indians had no immunity). It was small pox, far more than any other thing, that wiped out the Indians. Their justification for deliberately infecting the Indians with that HORRIBLE disease: They were not Christians.

    To spite the sadness of the world, we can each make our lives stand for something good because it's simply the right thing to do.

  2. It really terrifies me to know that there are little child "soldiers" being bred to ruin our beautiful religion just because some twit somewhere has some dumbass political motivation.

    8 years old. That's the age of my nephew. My sweet, loving nephew. I'm trying to picture him with that mentality that that kid had....

  3. The problem is that the majority of people are just plain ignorant and dont feel the need to do anything about it. They listen to spiritual leaders for guidance. Where some are genuine and provide correct guidance others are there to further their own insanity. We Muslims especially need to begin an educational JIHAD and heed the words of our Prophet (S.A.W), seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

  4. I agree with everything you said in your post. The fact that these kids are taught that this is what Islam preaches sickens me.

    But for me, there is much more to this story. There are deeper underlying reasons for this behaviour, for this interpretation and practice of "Islam".

    I think that if there was a religion called X and it was the predominant religion in places like lebanon and Iraq and Pakistan, Afghanistan then people would still be teaching these young kids to be soldiers but they would use X as the justification.

    Religion is our guide and our solace for most people anyway and when you are hurt, abused you look to religion.These people have suffered a long and hard road of violence and oppression for different reasons, eventually I believe that violence becomes a part of you if that is the only thing you were surrounded by growing up. If all you know is that you have been oppressed and all of these things were done to you, then as humans the instinct is to fight back, the instinct is to survive and that's why we have the situation we have.

    What we need to do is find a way to reverse that cycle of violence and that is no easy feat. For as long as there is occupation and influence by foreign invaders and for as long as their is no aplogy and no amends, the situation is never going to change. It won't matter what the excuse is, Islam, religion X, Judaism, Christianity.

    I was born in 1982, Iraq and Iran were blowing each other to bits. The child that was unfortunate to be born in Iraq that same year was born into war, if tehy managed to live through that, they then lived under sanctions that denied some basic human rights and then at the age of 18 while I was partying hard and loving life his country was invaded by a foreign bully and he has lived in war since then. If I put that into perspective for one moment, if I put myself in his/her shoes then I wonder what I'd be like. I wonder if someone said to me Islam allows you to kill if I'd grab the excuse with open arms and go for it? I dont know. I sometimes listen to the lives my young students have and it is so incredibly sad.

    My long comment is not to excuse anyone or justify people's atrocious actions but the reality is that anyone who is a little bit loony and has some warped idea's in that region will be able to influence these people so easily because of the situation they in.

    There needs to be alot of change in the entire world before we can reverse what's altready happened.

    Sorry for such a long comment.

  5. I think it's easy to critisize & judge when we are not the ones in the desperate situations... South Africa is a very'safe'distance from any serious jihads being waged.

  6. Azra u need to STOP bringing up the beard story!

    First of all I dont grow a proper beard and deep down I know its wrong.

    Secondly,the fact that someone else grows is a good thing for it was one of three sunnahs found in all the sahabis as well as the prophets.

    Thirdly 2 wrongs DO NOT make a right!

    The mere fact that a person does wrong( we are all sinners) and grows a beard does not make that person worse than you and I.The way I look at it is atleast he is doing one more good thing than me, ie growing a beard.

    So instead of mocking him rather make dua for mine ,yours and his guidance!

  7. LL - Yeah I know that extremism exists in every religion. If only people could respect ech other eh?

    Fatima - It's a sad reality. And theres NO justification for it.

    MK - I agree with you 100%. Education here is key. People need to be educated or have access to education - and not the education that passes and doctrine from their autocratic and corrupt leaders.

    Emmy - true...I feel like religion is always used as a mask to cover their true agendas.

    DD - I understand what you're saying, and I'm not against Jihad if it's in mitagating in defense. But I can't help feeling that there are so many people who have no clue about what they're fighting for. They are uneducated and brainwashed to believe that it is right to go around and murder innocent people. And nothing justifies those power hungry and greedy leaders sitting on their thrones using religion as a cover.

    Mini - EXACTLY...The beard is a SUNNAH, not a FARDH...

    They say men dont read...this must be true because if you read my post correctly, the beard was just one example of how people make their own rules and regulations in terms of Islam. I was NOT attacking the beard...merely using it as an example.

    The beard was always Recommended (key word here, RECOMMENDED) in Islam, but only became compulsory (especially here in SA) in the last decade or two. Hence, the law seemed to have changed. Here in SA, the Indians are always making their own Islamic laws to suit culture and themselves.

    I went to Palestine, and half the men in Masjidul Aqsa didnt have beards...yet none of them were condemning each other to hell.

    Main point here - people always tend to mix culture and religion.

  8. Beard is Waajib..

    As always...
    Just a thought..

  9. Killa - Exactly. Its still not FARDH (compulsory)...never has been.

  10. erm.. to the best of my knowledge.. Waajib is obligatory..

    I might be mistaken..

  11. Killa - You're mistaken. Waajib means that it's better to do it, but there is no punishment if it's not observed.
    Fardh means obligatory/compulsory.

  12. erm.. i dont think im wrong..
    actually.. i think im 100% correct..

    once again.. just a thought

  13. KIlla - I wont waste my time arguing with you. I don't know which madressa you went to...or exactly when did Waajib become Fardh...but thats what we learned - from credible teachers I might add. I suggest you go and look into it from a NON-INDIAN or NON-TABLIG perspective.

    As far as I know, I'm correct. And I'll leave it at that.

  14. i thought i'd butt in the convo between you and killa after referring to my brand spanking new PTS notes (hanafi, btw):

    legal rulings:

    wajib (obligatory) -

    technical def: that which is either (but not both)

    1) probabilistically established by transmission
    2)indicates obligation, but also admits the possibility of other interpretations.

    (it must also have one of the conditions of the fard - i.e either 1 or 2 of fard but not both)

    practical ruling: one is rewarded for performance and punished for non perfomance BUT the wajib aspects of an action relate to soundness but not validity (eg recitation of surah fatiha in prayer) and one who denies it is not accused of kufr.

    apparently, its wajib for women to keep a calendar of their cycles - regardless of your status. previously, i thought it applied to married women only. doh.

  15. Sofi -
    >>>practical ruling: one is rewarded for performance and punished for non perfomance BUT the wajib aspects of an action relate to soundness but not validity

    Do you mean one is rewarded for performance and NOT punished for non performance?

    I don't follow the Hanafi way. And even when we were taught the Hanafi way, we weren't taught that the beard is fardh, we were taught that it is recommended.

    I don't give much credit to Hanafi, given that he was a student of Shafi and that his work deviated somewhat.

  16. erm...Imam Hanafi came before imam Shafi. (logic will tell who was the student and who was not)

    And Imam Shafi mastered Imaam Hanafi's school on thought...(google it if u do not wish to obtain info from islamic sources)

    So on that note.. Rather usw Winzip and zzzzzziiiiip it...

  17. Sofi - I don't follow Shafi either.

    Killa - My mistake there...but it just so happens both Hanafi and Shafi were both students of Maliki. And I quote:

    "Al-Shafi'i was controversial in his own time but, as history has shown, he won his point. Starting from the Maliki position of reliance (largely) upon tradition in legal matters he came into contact with and opposed the Hanafi position of reliance (largely) upon common sense. He reached the conclusion that tradition was indeed the proper basis for legal decisions, but only if that tradition was based upon the prophet and no one else.

    The Hanafis, of course, were not willing to exchange all their common sense for hadiths and the Maliki's were not willing to give up traditions just because they had no prophetic hadiths supporting them. As time went by, however, both the Hanafis and Malikis have grown to conform to Shafi'i's idea that only prophetic hadiths matter."

    At the end of the day, Fardh is Fardh and Waajib is sense in making them one. So please take your Indiansed version of Islam and shut it.

  18. fard is higher up in the obligatory stakes but wajib can be defined as obligatory with a but. i dont understand - are you refuting the definiton of wajib or whether or not you believe beard is wajib? the latter i could understand but not that former (i.e for eg shafi ruling is sunna whilst hanafi is wajib) ) - if im not wrong, the definitions go pretty much across the board whichever path you were taught-and i welcome any evidence to contradict this.

    killa: not every school of thought rules beard to be wajib-in response to your comment which initiated this.

    Allahu alam.

  19. Sofi - *sigh*

    I'm disputing SOME peoples definition of it seems that it is afforded the same status as fardh here in SA.

    I also believe that the beard is purely sunnah. But that is a personal opinion. And even if it is Wajib, I dont believe that men who dont have the beard will go to hell.

    There are lots of hadith on this, all subject to interpretation. So I will leave it at that. To each his own and God for all.