Saturday, 30 May 2009


I've had to take some precious time out of my hectic study schedule (yeah what else is new?) to do this month's challenge. I wanted to do something slightly different; utilising my creative and *ahem* somewhat artistic talents *cough cough*. I have no prior experience with clay (other than those insipid mandatory playdough episodes in pre-school).

I sought out a pottery class in my area, but unfortunately came up with nothing and didn't really have the time to delve into the matter further. So I went out and got some Terracotta clay and cheap paint and decided to give it a shot. I mean, whats the worst that could happen right?

I initially wanted to make a plate similar to this one and got to work...

But then I started experimenting and came up with some weird shit:

And of course, that wasn't good enough; my Type A personality called for some order and perfection:

Then the real fun started. I've always liked painting...and just re-discovered my love for it. And yeah, I'm no Davinci or Michaelangelo, so what...

I had a great time with was better than what I expected it to be. I've realised that painting actually soothes my soul and I even temporarily forgot about the stupid Financial Reporting exam...I also think what made it so relaxing was that there was no pressure to perform. I wasn't being graded on it, and there was no pressure to make it absolutely perfect. I just surrended to the art and let my hands do all the work. It was quite liberating actually.

I love these colours, they are the National Colours of My Life; The United States of Azra...they remind me of eternal holidays...

Some abstract art I reckon could sell for millions...

Overall, I enjoyed this more than I ever thought I much so, that I stayed up until this fucking hour to blog about it :D
I will definitely buy more clay and paint in the future, just to make shit...because it's THAT much fun.

Oi, back to studying :P


  1. I'll admit that as I read the blog, I groaned a little inside. When I saw the final result my attitude changed and I think it's COOL!

  2. I too picked up my pencil to sketch today! Check it out on my page.. :)

    Colors are great here.. :)

  3. I can give you a number of a lady that gives potter classes once a week in Westdene/Melville :)

    I started in January. It was a lot of fun, but I've had to stop because of future commitments :(

  4. Love the end result. Is your abstract painting going up on ;)

  5. beautiful
    i still need to find a hobby :/
    good luck with the brain banging :)!!

  6. LL - Thanks :)

    Arslan - I'll check it out tonight!

    Dew - Thank You...

    AD - :)

    Fatima - Yeah I'll take that number please. Thanks!

    Nafisa - The painting was a result of a few of us drinking hot chocolate and doodling with the left over paint, just making it up as we went...mostly my sister :) Maybe I'll put it on ebay under my british account/address, so theres a possibility of making more money :)

    Noojie - Give everything a go...just have fun. I think its when we have no expectations that we have the most fun :D

  7. wah this was really good.. re exploring your talent
    i loved the colours you chose and the design you made.