Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Top 25 Favourite Movies

Because there are just way too many to have just 10, here's my top 25 list of favourites movies. Mind you, not all of these movies have deep meaningful reflective subliminal messages, or are cognitively stimulating, or were big winners at Cannes, or were nominated for Academy Awards. Some of them are cheesy and corny and even a little stupid. But they are MY favourites...those movies I turn to for comfort, those movies that are special and mean something to me, those movies that will make me laugh or cry. These are my feel-good movies...what I watch for my own amusement. I could watch these a thousand times over again and never get bored or tired of them: (In no specific order)

Under the Tuscan Sun


Rush Hour

The Jane Austen Book Club

Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Bad Boys

The Sound Of Music

A Walk In The Clouds

A Knights Tale

Undercover Blues

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Money Talks

Pirates of the Carribean

My Father The Hero

To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar

Jab We Met

The Man In The Iron Mask

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Shakespeare In Love

California Man

My Best Friends Wedding

Son In Law

What Happens In Vegas

Kindom of Heaven (Directors Cut)


  1. My Top 5
    1. Shawshank Redemption
    2. A Walk to Remember
    3. When Harry Met Sally
    4. Kate and Leopold
    5. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

  2. Whoa! Quite a few there I haven't seen yet. And being a movie buff, that doesn't occur often. I'll try to catch some of these soon! :)

    Here's my personal extended list:

  3. not one of these is in my list.
    azra my dear child - i believe that you have unwittingly created a tag :)

    i shall do this when im no more in my 'angsty go fuck yourself' mood

  4. that is a seriously shit list.

  5. LL - There's two Bond movies in the top 200...the one is Casino Royale 2006...I can't remember the name of the other because I used to watch it alot as a kid, all I remember is that it had a black rose in it and I used to watch it at least once a day :)

    AD - I don't know what it is about the Shawshank Redemption, maybe I have to watch it again to see the significance.

    Arslan - I went through your list..I like most of them...Love Actually is in my DVD collection :)

    MJ - I look forward to reading your list :P And just because you're special, I can extend your Promised Land Visa if you want :P

    Mash - LOL..I watch movies to escape from the seriousness and drudgery of life, thats why all my movies are light hearted, funny and sometimes stupid. I don't like movies that are too serious, depresses the SHIT out of me...I have enough problems and I'm not on this quest searching for answers, so I don't need to watch movies that are dark or incite major reflections...those movies what I call "heavy" stuff. I do like ALOT of movies, some are really good and have won Oscars too, but they're in the top 200 :P

  6. The only genre I happen to HATE is Horror...there's no fucking point to watching horrors and if you're an adrenalin junkie, rather go on a rollercoaster or jump out of a plane, it's more productive.

  7. Azra, Here My Top 4:

    Ice Age I & II
    Salaam Naamaste
    Rush Hour
    Pirates of the Caribean

    Like you say, its more of an escape and feel good movies...I can watch them as tho I am watching it for the first time!

  8. What about Marry Poppins?

  9. Princess - I like Salaam Namaste too...I bet you're excited for the 3rd installment in the Ice Age saga :)

    Mini - Mary Poppins is in the Top 200 too :)

  10. aw i love jane austen book club..

    and i am adding some of these to my to be watched movie list :D