Sunday, 21 June 2009

Let's Freeze This Moment In Time

I can't believe that its been a week already! Geez time flies...even more so here in London. I love London...did I mention that??? Anyway, I haven't had time to come online...I rarely have time to sleep so checking my blog is the last on my list of things to do. I'm constantly grappeling for time...

A few notes on my home away from home...

Firstly, it's like I never left. Seeing my friends and going to my favourite places has comfirmed that. My 3 year absence feels like a mere 3 hours. Everything is still exactly the same...although a little different at the same time.

Secondly, everything is so much cheaper. Or is that just me? According to my faithful friend B, Britons no longer pay VAT. How cool is that?!?!

It has also dawned on me that I used to earn an absolute fortune working for the British Council....we'll a fortune in comparison to most people. Damn I miss that!

Another thing I've noticed...the chocolate here is very sweet. We'll it's supposed to be innit, especially since its CHOCOLATE...but South African chocolate is a little less sweet and more creamier. I haven't managed to eat much chocolate though...just don't have the apetite for it I guess.

I have the best friends in the world. Period. You don't get better than this. And I feel terrible that I won't be able to meet with everyone...especially those outside of London.

So much I want to say...I just don't have the time right now. And considering all the crap I have to go through when I get back (including a new boss), I want to enjoy and savour every second of my time here and not waste it doing frivolous things like sitting on the Internet or sleeping :D
I guess that means that there are alot more detailed posts on the way...well in the near future.

In the meantime, I have loads of other things to do, like take photos and laugh with my friends. I think I'll move here again, who cares about little things like the global recession. Actually, I don't even want to if anyone sees a crazy woman on a vespa, running away from the police on the M4, it will most probably be me. If only I could stay...


  1. There is nothing like returning to a place that's more or less unaltered to examine the ways you, yourself have changed.

  2. I'm so glad you're having a good time! I've never been to London but it's a dream trip of mine. A friend of mine just returned from his first trip and loved it... I hope to make it there someday soon. I'm looking forward to reading about all your stories!

  3. Azra, we can go together! Im hyperventilating at the thought!

    Lets do it! Lets do it!

    Oh and PLEASE eat loads of the choc for me!

  4. lol...too many exclamation points in the above comment.


    I am calm now.