Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Next Generation Of Idiots

*Name changed to protect identity of the 17 year old Facebook friend. Note, this is the actual conversation.

Dino: "hey, thanx 4 acpting my invite, im dino n if u dnt mind cn we be frwndz?"

Me: I dont mind

Dino: "thanx, im Dino n wcutm"

Me: Huh? I'm old...I dont know what wcutm means.

Dino: "lol, wat cn u tel me? Towi"

Me: DUDE, I'm like 27 with a degree in English. I don't speak text-talk and I don't know what Towi means!

Dino: "oh god nw i have to speak proper english, bt it kwl geting to knw u, towi is like sowi whch stands 4 sorry".

GOD, I miss English. At least there's only 10 days left guessed it...CHOCOLATE HEAVEN :D


  1. I hate text-speak too. But new generations just don't seem to get it, they're too busy partying and singing and lol'ing.

  2. *speechless*

    I hate sms lingo! Urgh! I dont reply to emails and msgs sometimes out of irritation.

  3. I never ever use sms speak. It makes me sound pretentious on mxit but i don't care- i spell shit out.
    I just asked noorjehaan what wrt stands for. Maybe you can help me with that. All this twitter is affecting her! Or maybe its just a typo.

  4. Oh yeah. I don't get the whole rofl and roflmao and fmthmf and all that. Lol is an appropriate response for any funny situation

  5. lol, I didn't want to admit that I also type smses out in full (I use 2 and 4 though).

    Naah I like acronyms, how can I not, I live online. Acronyms FTMFW! :P

    wrt - with regards to

  6. So true! I've actually begun guessing the age of the person from the way they chat! Ok, at least whether they're under 21 or above.

    A prof. mentioned in class: Once upon a time it was "How do you do?", then "Hey, howz u?", then "What's up?" and now it's just "ssup?"

    So, ssup?

  7. sms speak is dumb if you say it out and it sounds like your parents were too closely related to avoid picking up a few extra chromosomes.

    Towi? seriously? I have a strong urge to put on some Rob Zombie and beat this kid to a bloody mess with a book.

    Fucktarded, this season's new black

  8. Hahaha. Dude I no longer accept strange boys as my friends on Facebook anymore. I'm not even sure who they find my profile.

  9. i'll be honest...on mxit i'm too used to typing short (because my sisters make fun of me and say my children's thumbs are going to drag on the floor- i try to type as little words as possible)...BUT that doesn't mean people have to use baby talk while doing it and WrItE LiKe tHiS-seriously, instead of ToWi, whats wrong with sory? a S and R won't hurt anybody

  10. Hehe!

    My sentiments exactly....


    I hate reading TeXt ThAt GoEs LiKe ThIs.


  11. this is just too funny

    I seriously have to google phrases sometimes just to find out what the other person is trying to say

  12. when my niece hacks my mxit ppl know its not me coz we speak different dialects. she'll mwwaaaah and i'm sooo happyyy to cu beeeg hugzzzzz omg lolololol in the first sentence. funny post :)

  13. WTF! This overly cutesy bullshit needs to be marched to the range at dawn

  14. A47 - hahahaha @ the lol-ing. I think that most of the generations are so different from the next...and it just increases with time.

    Nafisa - I could understand if he was using shorter words or leaving out nouns...but to make entire sentences into pseudo acronyms like wcutm? lol
    Since when did it deteriorate to that?

    MJ - I'm also one of those people who will spell out everything...and then if the message is too long, I'll replace the "and" with & and to with 2 and for with 4. But thats about it boet.

    Arslan - lol. It is true...its amazing how different the generations are.

    OH - lol! Regarding "towi"...that blew me away lol! I recommend that it be made mandatory for everyone born after 1987 to walk around with an Oxford dictionary.

    sid - maybe I'm just too nice :)

    Birdy - lol. I can understand if people need to shorten words when they're chatting from their mobiles or cell phones. But WHAT IS WITH THE BABY TALK?!?! Seriously...I'm not a 2 year old. lol!

    Fatima - I cAn jOiN yOu iN HaTiNG tHiS tExT :D

    Edge - I guess we're just from another era...

    Noojie - We should set up a Facebook Group called "Please save the words" lol

    Mash - Like I said, I can understand the need to shorten the text...but seriously, I don't get the baby talk. Like WHY? Its not like it's even attractive lol!

  15. I tend to shorten words/use acronyms depending on who I am texting but I'd have needed a translator for that conversation! It really annoys me when people just randomly replace letters in words that don't even make them shorter.

  16. Hu taut dez ppl english? I tink we r al juz getin ol! Mwaaaah

  17. Yesterday led me believe I had crawled out of a time warp, I thought that although I don't use them, that I understood them. then some one said iirc thats how it's done. Apparently for if I recall correctly.

    sms speak is dumb. even my niece and nephews know that they can't type like that when chatting to me. ugh

    does anyone know what gii stands for?

  18. laughing my fucking ass off

  19. *OMG* (Oh My Goodness)

    text speak is nonsense...dont understand it and try not to use it...i use 2 (to), 4 (for) & (and) but thats about it...

  20. WIP - Exactly! Instead of "dez", why cant they say "ths"? It makes more sense! But I guess this generation doesnt want to make sense...everything is about being cool :P

    Aasia - Sorry I can't help you there lol. I will keep an ear and eye out for you though ;D

    T - Jy ken mos :D

    Princess - Thats the extent of my text-talk too. I hardly ever venture out of lol and brb :)

  21. AAAH! Do not even get me started on this!!

    I've gained some kinda notoriety for biting the head off of imbeciles who have no grasp of their own first language.

    I type things out fully, and use punctuation- including apostrophes on mxit too!

    I still maintain, if you've got a phone that takes mxit, your phone comes with a dictionary or predictive text. Typing stuff out in full is so much easier.

  22. Ever wondered if perhaps we don't like things that are different from what we're used too, especially things such as language? The way we write and speak, the words we use, all of this is so strongly connected to who we are, to our SELF, that any changes that we happen to perceive automatically trigger resistance. Why? Because we need confirmation. Ask any shrink.

  23. RCB - I think it relates to more than just a need for validation. The connotation behind this "text-talk" is that it "de-values" our language and the spoken word in general. I can't take anyone who uses the word "towi" seriously. It actually makes one feel dumber in a sense :P