Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Something T said the other night that never really occurred to me. We are very close…much closer than all the siblings we know personally, including our cousins and their siblings. In our home, we talk ALL THE TIME (except when Mother is watching Survivor or Amazing Race, or Prison Break or Noot vir Noot, you get my point…because we’re told to Shut Up until the commercials come on). I call T at least 3 times a day partly because its fun to talk about shit at random hours of the day, and mostly because she’s the only one who will listen or entertain my thoughts.

When we get home in the evenings, we’re met at the door by Birdy, the youngest one (second youngest actually) who usually recounts all the interesting details of her day at University. I guess we communicate a lot…most of the time it’s positively…and sometimes negatively too.

My sisters and I can fight like cats and dogs. And when we fight, it’s like World War 2 in 3D. I guess the main reason it gets that bad is because we are all very strong willed and none of us like being told what to do. The paradox is that we are all so different…completely different people, yet we’re exactly the same.

But through all the bombs and missiles, I still love them more than they’ll ever know. And it’s not because I’m genetically programmed to. Being the eldest sets me apart. Being the eldest in the family always makes it harder, more difficult because I am naturally prone to want to protect them and take care of them all the time…even when they feel like their independence is being stifled. It’s like I become all maternal and overprotective and shit.

It’s amazing though, how we all pull together when one of us is being verbally attacked or the victim of some injustice. Usually I don’t mind telling either when they’re acting like real bitches…but if I ever heard someone else tell one of my sisters anything of the sort, I’d rip their heads off and spit down their throats. I would declare war on anyone messing with any of my sisters (& family in general) and war with Azra is like a holiday in Hell :D

I’m 2 decades older than Peanut…my Dad’s daughter in his current marriage. A lot of people refer to her as my half sister but I have to disagree. She’s my sister, through and through. The fact that she has a different mother is irrelevant; you just have to see her to know. She’s my mini-me…the same extroverted demeanor, aggressive, the same mischievous smile and that wicked look in her eye. And even though she doesn’t live with us and was reared to be somewhat different, she’s EXACTLY like us...somewhat wild. The love that exists between us is inexplicable. To see her little face light up when she sees one of us and how she runs into our arms every time, that’s real love right there.

My sisters and I enjoy similar things…so we’re each other’s company wherever we go. We have the same lust for life, the same goals and priorities. And over time, we’ve realized that we can’t rely on anyone except each other. This is all we really have in life…those ties that bind. I prefer having my sisters as my friends, even when we don’t see eye to eye because I can trust them completely, be honest to the point of being offensive and know that they’ll still be there. We are tied by more then just friendship strings.

The best part of our relationship is that NO ONE has as much fun as my sisters and I do. We can laugh for HOURS…and the same thing will still be funny the next day. Between the four of us, I reckon we could take over the world. We come up with the wackiest ideas; have the wittiest, funniest and most sarcastic conversations; make stupid home videos; dance like idiots; take memorable holidays; plan pranking sprees; sit in the sun and read for days; oogle and stalk nice guys and reflect on life, love and religion together.

I only ever want what’s best for my siblings. Actually I want for them more than I want for myself. Whatever distresses them, distresses me. They’re good people, much better people than the person I am, and they deserve nothing but the best. I know I irritate them most of the time…especially when I’m hugging and kissing the shit out of them, but one day they’ll see my wisdom in that. I hope and pray that whatever the future may bring, that it only brings us closer and doesn’t tear us apart…everything from marriage to kids. At the end of the day, all you have is your family.

I wish a similar life-long happy crazy sibling rivalry for everyone out there.


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  2. After reading this post, I'm really feeling all emo. Bleh...darnit Azra...I'm missing my sister!

    Yeah, I have a brother - but brother's are not the same like sister's. My brother pisses me off on a daily basis, but I still love him. But my sister is just cool. She's the middle child and without her my brother and I would be killing each other (massive age gap - we're 12 years apart). My brother still acts like we're kids annoys the crap out of me purposefully and he knows I get ticked off when he does certain things. He can be in his 30's, married, have two kids, but will still annoy me! However, I have revenge :) I take great pride in the fact that my brother's daughter is just like me...absolutely brilliant...he calls me to complain how she is like me..will show the innocent smile when she's up to crap, etc. I love it...he can't get pissed with her because it's his daughter...but she's starting to show habits like mine and we don't even live together...I love it! REVENGE! hahaha!

  3. Mash - I'm sure they are...

    Fatima - Thats lovely, that your bro can wake up every day and have mini you staring in his face :D