Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It's All About The Cheese

So I thought about sharing a few of the 1256 photos I took over the last four weeks, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered, it’s just too much work and I don’t have the time at present. Then I scrolled through Geeki Siddiqui’s blog last night and saw that he had already done my work for me, because we managed to visit the exact same places on two different trips, just a couple of weeks apart. So if anyone wants to see more photos, go to my Facebook page or just check out Geeki’s blog.

Somebody asked me, one day, why and what exactly did I like about London. My answer was simple; unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Nothing seems impossible when you’re in London. NOTHING. Literally everything and anything is in your grasp. All you need to do is be determined, extend your right hand, take what you want, and surely you will succeed. That’s the beauty of a first world country. If you want to study, there are ample means to do so even if you don’t have the money. If you want to delve into the arts and the world of theatre, there are various options you can explore. Even if you want to be an Astronaut, there is a way to make it happen with enough determination and minimal effort. Want to change your career? Just click your fingers; it’s as easy as that.

This concept of unlimited possibilities and opportunities is very appealing to someone whose fundamental requirement in life is “Freedom”, as I’ve mentioned before. Coming from a borderline third-world country, attaining anything is somewhat of an issue. Most people in a country like South Africa have to go that extra mile or ten, to get what they want. It’s just that much more difficult to achieve anything with the limited resources and opportunities we have. That’s not to say that it’s impossible. Au contraire…anything is possible if you put your mind to it. All I’m saying is that in a country like SA, it’s just that much more difficult.

Britons don’t realise how lucky they are. They are spoilt for choice and have everything on their doorstep, all they need is the sufficient amount of ambition required to actually go and open the door.

There are other various reasons that I love Britain, and London in particular. For example:


So you can get like 86 variations of Baked Beans...and well, every other product you can think of...from cakes to detergents, household items to skin care treatments...you name it.

Freedom of artistic expression…
So you feel like channeling your inner-canine for the day. Hey, as long as it doesnt break the law, it's fair game.

No pressure to conform or colour co-ordinate…

So you want to wear purple sandles with a blue over-all thingy. No one is judging you. You can wear your PJ's in public, with hot-curlers in your hair and thick fluffy slippers with monkey faces on them and no one will give a fuck. Seriously.

Quality of life…forget about the standard 2 ply toilet paper (because we have 2 ply too, although it’s not standard). I’m talking about the 35 hour weeks and 2 hour lunch breaks. And the after work socials. Only the French beat that with their 30 hour weeks.

But I have to state…that the food in South Africa is WAAAAYYY better than anything I’ve ever eaten in Britain. That’s where we knock them out of the park. Homerun. And everyone who has ever been, will agree with me.


  1. The food is much much better here. I think general service is also better here.

    Imagine if we had shorter work weeeks.... we would't have as many strikes and well the same amount of work would get done as now anyways

  2. When you talk about walking around in PJ's. In 1996, at 14, the last Sunday of Gunston, I woke up, was hungry, decided to walk down to Jmo's at the beach front in my pj's and bed hair. I have never ever recieved more attention in my life. It was crazy!

    People need to get over themselves, once they relax and embrace just being them and doing their own thing, they'll be much happier.

  3. I was seriously considering leaving and then u had to mention the food.Dont think I will survive now :(

  4. Thats what I loved about the place.. we used to go to the corner shop in our pj's and slippers and nobody would bat an eyelid... dare I do it here!

    Yes, agree about the food. The chocolates were horrid. How expensive were the 'South African' stores? I used to pay triple for Romany Creams and Ouma Rusks! Mad!

  5. Edge - I don't know about service...because I've had alot of issues about the decline in customer service here in SA.

    Shameema - I agree that people need to get over themselves. People here are too self conscious...always worrying about what other people think.

    Mini - lol, its not that bad though...you still get good places in London...its just that it's not home food y'know.

    Nafisa - The only chocolate I eat there is Lindt. And those SA stores just rip people off...I do miss it though *sigh*