Friday, 3 July 2009

The Power Of Words

On the 10th of June at precisely 10:07PM, I happened to update my Facebook status to "There's change in the air. I can feel it". If only I knew how prophetic my words were. In fact, most of my words of late have been quite powerful words that manifest themselves into real life scenarios. Now if only I could start using more functional and constructive words like “There should be a couple million lying around in my bank account”, then I won’t feel compelled to want to pour hot wax down my back after every manifestation, cursing and stating that I should have wished for a million bucks instead. I should actually start charging for my words, my random comments or verbal thoughts and haul out a fake crystal ball while I’m at it.

So I go away for 3 weeks and in that time the world as I knew it literally changed forever. I’m talking colossal unexpected changes. Changes that include an unexpected new direction in my career, a new University, life in a new country perhaps and Michael Jackson’s death.

And yeah, his death was a major shock for me, I still can’t believe it. It’s Princess Diana all over of those events where everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time when they found out. It marks the end of an era and I was genuinely sad and even a little miffed. Miffed at the people who vilified him, ripping him to shreds when he was alive…then doing a complete 180˚, sanctifying and glorifying him when he’s dead. What a fucked up fickle world we live in. I really do hate this world.

Anyways, ever since I was teeny weeny itty bitty, I was a Michael Jackson fan. I didn’t have Barney and his moronic friends. I didn’t have Ben 10 or a virginal Britney Spears. I didn’t have Hannah-fucking-Montana or the High School Musical cast clamouring for my attention. All I had was Michael Jackson, his music and moves and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was us against the world and I’ve been a fan ever since. Even when he became weird and somewhat dodgy, and even when my interest in him waned and I adopted other additional likes and interests, I was still a fan because I’m loyal like that. I have my own opinions on who Michael Jackson the real man was, based on extensive reading into his life, analysis of his behavioural characteristics, my own psychological readings and perspectives…and perhaps I’ll share them in another post.

I think what really hit home about his death was that the perception or illusion that the King of Pop would always be King was shattered. That he wasn’t Invincible…like the title of his 10th and last album stated. I guess the world thought that there’ll always be a Michael Jackson, that he’d never go away…that he was somewhat immortal. His death was a rude awakening in that regard, a reminder to us all that no one is invincible, reminding us of our own mortality. No doubt about it, the man was a legend in his art and there will never be another to replace him or even come close to his artistic genius. He gave us words in the form of stories, attached to melodies and acted out in his slick effortless choreography. And all of his words are still worth millions, even more so after his demise. His words will forever echo in history…words and stories like this one.

I have a million British Pounds Sterling somewhere…just throwing that in for good measure :)

Oh yeah, and I think I should add that I DON’T CARE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO SAY ABOUT HIM, especially the haters. I don’t care about the rumours, the allegations, the jokes, the harsh words, the nonchalance, the opinions, the hate, whether he was Muslim or not etc.

There’s a song by the Commodores called “Nightshift”, initially a tribute to the late Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson who both died in 1984. The meaning behind the lyrics seems apt:

Marvin, he was a friend of mine
And he could sing a song
His heart in every line
Marvin sang of the joy and pain
He opened up our minds
And I still can hear him say
Aw talk to me so you can see
What's going on
Say you will sing your songs
Forevermore (evermore)

Gonna be some sweet sounds
Coming down on the nightshift
I bet you're singing proud
Oh I bet you'll pull a crowd
Gonna be a long night
It's gonna be all right
On the nightshift
Oh you found another home
I know you're not alone
On the nightshift…

… Gonna miss your sweet voice
That soulful voice
On the nightshift
We all remember you
Ooh the songs are coming through
At the end of a long day
It's gonna be okay
On the nightshift
You found another home
I know you're not alone
On the nightshift

Oh well, only Allah SWT knows…

My holiday? Three words. Too bloody short! A whirlwind of amazing-ness…details and pics coming soon. Just know that I'M BACK baby, full of life, ready to hit this mother out of the park, grabbing the bull by his balls *ahem* and horns, spitting in the face of convention, NOT politically correct, robust, fire in my spirit and steel in my veins…oh yeah, and that I have a couple million British Pounds coming my way soon!


  1. i wish u d know how lucky u r

  2. back with a vengeance? :P

    lovely to have u back missy! sounds like the trip was splendid! will drink up travel notes like a good cat ;) mwah! u were missed.

  3. Welcome back fellow fan of mj.

  4. MJ was so misunderstood, I don't think people realised how affected he was from being abused by his father. He used to throw up at the sight of his dad.

    Watch this interview when you have time - He didn't have any real friends and he didnt know what normal was.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics :)

  5. AD - If only I was that lucky :P

    KS - Thanx Miss... :D

    DD - :)

    Nafisa - His father damaged him beyond repair. He spent his whole life searching for the love and approval that only his father could give him. He became so self-destructive as a result that no one could save him from himself. It's a very sad story.

    Waseem - Thanks bud :)

  6. HOLA CHICKA! Glad you back from your travels in one piece :-)

    I had no idea you were a MJ fan---I am too. When I heard the news on the radio on the 25th June of his death, I cried on my way to work. And last night watching the memorial, I was so so sad...I had a lump in my throat the entire time.

  7. TCQ - Ola!! WOw, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're good!

    I'm still grieving about MJJ... although, this is my 3rd official day (and the last)because we're only allowed 3 days of grief :D

    People don't understand what he meant to runs so much deeper than just being a "fan".

    But I dont care...and I dont feel compelled to try and explain and justify. It just takes too much energy.