Friday, 24 July 2009

Sounds Good To Me

I’ve always been a city girl at heart and I guess I always will be, but these past few days I’ve come to the realisation that I want to live by the sea. Well let me be specific because I’m not talking Durban’s North Coast here…I’m talking small-seaside-town…quiet-dreamy-sun-drenched days filled with the sound of the waves and wind chimes in the distance and gorgeous sunsets and balmy evenings under the stars. Now THAT’S the life I want. Those squa-jillions better start rolling in, beachfront property costs a fortune! Let me see if Google can help me explain it…

This is it, right here...all my hopes and dreams in this picture. I'd even get married to the right man for it:

In other news, its girls weekend…which in simple terms means good conversation mixed with lots of food, dessert, chick flicks, pillows, blankets, pranks and other entertainment guaranteed to have us laughing all weekend long. The last time I had a decent girl’s weekend was in London:

Nothing like some good company to melt away the hours. Have a great one :D


  1. Hmmmm....Nutella....

    I haven't had a girl's night in forever!! I think it's about time.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. That looks disarmingly like the place I call home.

    And you're right, Azra. Life on the seashore is a good way to spend your days.

  3. Hmm, living in a quaint little seaside town is my dream too!

  4. Pam - Thanx. Girls nights are a monthly (or at the very least tri-monthly) essential :)

    LL - Lucky you...while the rest of us not so fortunate ones rot in urban life :)

    SII - Maybe one day our dreams will ocme true iA.