Monday, 13 July 2009


I have to admit that I’m not a “Transformers” fan…not in the least. It’s too…ummm…technical for me. Or should I say mechanical, unrealistic and pointless. It’s the cliché good versus evil thing…only it’s with cars that turn into fighting machines…the ultimate boy-toy dream topped with a Megan Fox cherry. My cue to *YAWN*.

Unfortunately, I’m not into girls and I don’t get how or why the Autobots would want to save the world from the Decepticons when neither have anything to do with earth…they’re not residents, they’re not even visiting on tourist visas. I could barely keep my eyes open for the first one and I definitely don’t have the sequel down on my list of must-see-movies.

Regardless of the spectacle CGI on steroids, I still think that this is very cool…from an artistic point of view. Came across this artist in Dublin but couldn’t quite capture the remarkable detail in his work through the bloody window. Now THIS is talent! It's built entirely from car's the real deal. To check out more awesome figurines, go to


  1. it's 'ART' for Geeks. i.e it's not art at all. 'Pop Art' maybe at a push

  2. I think this is f'n cool.

    In my book it's art.

  3. wow! that's amazing!

    i loved watching the transformers, the cartoon, as a child. i enjoyed the first movie being the geek that i am. but the 2nd movie, oi, they lost the plot!

  4. Transformers are more than meets the eye...

    When you consider the franchise, it's owned by and the movie funded by the toy company that also owns the cartoons and has the right to make and sell transformer cars/airplanes and whatever else they transform into to parents of boys worldwide.

    Transformers 2 the movie was designed with boys with an attention deficit disorder - actually brilliant branding and marketing. There was CONSTANT action, little boys aren't big on the plot - with Meagan Fox for the teenagers.

    I understand that it might have left you cold, Azra, but from a business point of view it was remarkably insightful... playing to the focused audience worldwide.

  5. Mash - I think art, like beauty, resides in the eye of the beholder

    Prixie - It looks even better in real life, up close

    LL - I'm sure the movie has it's symbolism and that the message is intertwined into an intricate story-line...but glad you understand why I didn't take to it :)