Monday, 10 August 2009

Nothing Really Matters

What a crazy weekend. It’s like everyone I’ve ever known decided to drop by unannounced this particular weekend. Not that I’m complaining because I know I’m blessed and it turned out to be an awesome few days.

I finally watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last week and Wow, what a beautifully depressing story. And that Cate Blanchett is the most beautiful ugly woman I’ve ever seen. She’s the kind of woman who looks horrendous in certain angles and angelically amazing in others. She has that chameleon-morphing-thing going on. Anyways, the movie resonated with me, particularly because I feel like the issue of ‘Time’ is a recurring theme in my own life.

Time. Either wasting it, not having enough of it, identifying the nothing-ness of it, wanting it to be perfect or trying to grasp the concept of it.

The movie also highlights that life is a series of new life and deaths, which is very true. For example, every new friend you have breathes new life into your existence. Then when the friendship runs its course, the death of the relationship is marked either by its end or by a metamorphosis of some kind. Then there are those relationships that never end…instead they change. Like with your parents, brothers and sisters…and one or two really special people in your life.

Everything in life is a series of life and death. New hobbies that are discarded in favour of more interesting ones, jobs that come and go, birthdays, friendships, relationships, good times, bad times, eating your favourite food, pain, grief, happiness…everything has a time span, even this blog. We give birth to new ideas, adopt older ones, re-evaluate them, change our minds and may even discard them altogether. We grow constantly and our growth is determined and measured by the number of lives and deaths we have had to encounter or experience.

Mother always told me “This too shall pass” and I used to get annoyed whenever she said that because I felt like she never understood what I was going through. Of course I always knew it was true, but I could never completely appreciate the gravity of this proverb until now. This perpetual cycle of life and death makes us who we are and we’re the sum of our experiences.

I still hold true that Time is a concept that only exists for Mankind. Time is irrelevant to anything outside our atmosphere. I’ve mentioned St. Augustine and his views on Time before too. The only real meaning our existences have is to our Creator. The One whom we all have to answer to one day. And Time means NOTHING to Him.

So at the crux of it all, I’ve realised that no matter what happens, eventually it won’t matter courtesy of Time’s healing properties. Two hundred years from now; unless you made some significant contribution to this earth through some form of Greatness or by adopting Hitler’s policies on devastation; no one will even know you existed. Your own family won’t even give you a second thought. We will all become, like our forefathers before us, little specs of dust in Time and history and eventually fade into oblivion. We will all be but numbers, faceless names that wander through eternity, marked by nothing of significance, along with the Billions of souls that have left before us.

Strive for the Greatness in the way of Goodness. Live your life so that you never have any regrets. And remember nothing REALLY matters.


  1. dam. i thought this was going to be a post about queen :)

    much love chica :D

  2. I really enjoyed that movie. The aging and how some of us really have to be born old because of life circumstances and spend the rest of forever trying to catch that elusive laughter of childhood contentment. Of how the people we love sometimes grow slower or faster or apart from us. Of how only a parent will see you after a decade and recognise in you what was there ten years before. There's something about Cate. And in Mj style I'll use something related to what you said to pimp my own post on that thing:P:

  3. this chick is spending too much time with me ;)

  4. MJ - That song is called Bohemian Rhapsody...not nothing really matters :P

    Noojie - I do feel sorry for you :D But anyway, thanks for the MJ pimp lol. I guess I'm looking at a lifetime of unlimted link love from you two.

    Mash - I beg to differ. Nothing REALLY matters. They matter in the realm of frivolity and petti-ness...but on a grander scale, all of it means nothing. Only worshiping means something, only worshipping transcends this world.

  5. why does no one feel sorry for me :)

    I love bohemian rhapsody - thats why i thought this post was about that :)

  6. MJ - LOL...because when it comes to insane and outrageous, compared to Noojie, your cup spilleth over. She's going to have to trudge through the Amazon with your crazy ass.

    The closest you'll get trudging for her is the Durban Botanical Gardens :D