Monday, 17 August 2009

Quais De Seine

Recently, on a whim, I bought a DVD of a movie I’ve never seen before. I never buy movies that I’ve never seen, merely because I don’t want to risk wasting my money on something that may turn out to be crap. But a few months ago, while strolling through the aisles at ASDA, something caught my eye.

It was a movie titled Paris Je T’aime (Paris, I love you). Up until this point, I had vaguely heard about it somewhere (my memory only serving to recall a thread of positive sentiment) but I had no idea what the movie was about.

It turns out that Paris Je T’aime is a collection of 18 short films by notable directors like Wes Craven and GĂ©rard Depardieu. It really is a piece of art. There’s one particular short film (has to be my favourite short film of all time) titled Quais De Seine, directed by Gurinder Chadha who’s more famous for titles like Bend it like Beckham.

This story makes me wish I could meet a Frenchman that says InshaAllah too. I would urge everyone who has the bandwidth and 6 minutes to spare to check it out if you haven’t already seen it.


  1. One of my favourite all time movies!!! Last year at the Toronto Int Film Festival, they were going to have somethijng similar, or around Valentines day, something similar called NY I love you.. I wonder if that ever panned out (Scarlett Jo eg)


  2. Ms Isheeta :D - The second movie New York, I love you will release in the United States on October 16 2009. It stars most of the big names including Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Blake Lively, Orlando Bloom, Chris Cooper, Andy Garcia, Christina Ricci, Robin Wright Penn, Julie Christie and Ethan Hawke etc. etc. etc. There are only 11 short films, each around 10 min long. The film premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008.

    I can't wait to see it!!

    PS. Apparently, they're working on a third installment, another movie called Shanghai, I love you.

  3. wonder how "Johannesburg, I love you", would turn out?

  4. I told you to watch it on IM at some point I think

    I've had a crush on the hijabi in that scene ever since I saw the film.

    Leila Bekhti I think

  5. fatz - I think JHB I love you will be filled with at least 3 crime-related love stories and a protest or strike or two :D

    Mash - I can only recall your raving about Pan's Layrinth...not this one.

  6. PS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the guy...he is so sweet it tugs at my heart strings.