Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What Women Really Want

*Sigh* So I don’t want to be a traitor to my gender and all that…but what the hell, this needs to be said. I don’t get some women. No, I don’t get MOST women.

I don’t get those women who don’t respect themselves enough and are so DESPERATE for attention that they would do ANYTHING for it. Things like strip down naked on Facebook and call the guy 600 times a day and make themselves so available, that they’re not even hookers because at least hookers get paid. She enjoys strange men looking at her half naked body and sending her ‘mwahs’ and ‘hugs’, telling her that she’s ‘cute’ because she doesn't love herself enough. She needs their validation and approval because quite obviously, she doesn't feel worthy.

I don’t get those women who have no conscience and run after married men, knowing he’s married and has a family. I mean, what part of MARRIED don’t they understand? Can’t they get their own men? Must they resort to stealing someone else’s? And if he can leave his wife for her, what makes her think he won’t leave her for someone else? One can never build happiness on another’s pain.

I don’t get those women who want to be in control; they want to be the head of the house and have all the say; be in charge of everything. Then they want to complain that their men don’t do anything. WTF? She didn’t want him handling the finances; then she complains and resents the fact that he never goes out to do the grocery shopping and that he expects her to do everything. If she wasn’t such a control freak, she would have recognized that he should have been the one wearing the pants in the first place.

I don’t get those women who know that their men are lying and are completely oblivious to it. Those women who know he’s cheating because they actually saw the text messages, but are in complete denial about it. If she caught him the first 12 times, what makes her think there isn’t going to be a 13th time? Instead she isolates herself from the rest of the world…ignores all those friends that have warned her about him, because of her stupid pride. Pride never got anyone anywhere.

I don’t get those women who get married, knowing who their future husbands are, and then spend the rest of the marriage trying to change him. He never liked going out on Sundays and always preferred staying in and preparing for the long week ahead. Two years into the marriage, she complains that he never wants to go out on Sundays. She knew that about him before they were married, what made her think it would have changed two years later?

I don’t get those women who have the attention and amor of someone wonderful…but refuse to see or acknowledge it because of their vanity and arrogance. They assume that person will always be there, forever showering them with attention and affection, when they themselves give nothing in return. And the day he decides to walk out and move on with his life, she cries like she’s the one that’s been wronged oblivious to the fact that she could have had it all if she wasn’t so bitchy and arrogant.

I don’t get those women who compromise who they are when they get married. They have no lives of their own. Everything becomes about him and the children. Their hopes and dreams and identities cease to exist. They isolate themselves to the point that no one else matters. Then the day he leaves, or kicks her out she wants to cry because there’s no one to help her. She has no social network of her own, no one to support her because she made her whole world his.

I don’t get those women who are so in love with the material aspects of this world, that they will marry a man for his money and believe that money is enough to sustain the marriage. They have no moral compass and no conscience. They just ‘want, want, want’ and the more they have the more they want because they don’t recognise that even if they owned everything the world has to offer, it won’t rid them of the empty voids in their souls. She thought that if she marries the rich guy, her life would be bliss and she’d have everything she’s ever wanted. She didn’t need to love him because in her mind, having ‘things’ meant that he loved and respected her. Until he started bashing her head into the cupboards and becoming paranoid about her activities during the day. There isn’t enough money in the world to save her from her woes.

I don’t get those women who are willing to sell their souls, just so that they can be in a relationship. She can never say ‘no’ to him, because she’s terrified he’ll leave her and that she’ll have to be alone because she’s never been alone. She’s always jumped from one guy to the next, so she doesn’t know how to exist on earth without being in a relationship. And now she drinks because he drinks and she becomes him by morphing every characteristic of hers to suit his preferences. She forgets that she was born alone and that she’ll probably die alone too.

I don’t get those women who are so insecure that the only way to feel better about themselves is to verbally shit on everyone they come into contact with. Every beautiful woman is a whore and every child is a brat. They treat their husbands like shit, belittling and emasculating them…making them feel worthless and unappreciated, just so that the massive void can be temporarily filled with a false sense of superiority.

I guess at the crux of it all, every woman wants the same thing. That is to be loved and appreciated unconditionally. It really is as simple as that. But some (most) women need to re-evaluate the way they go about attaining that love and appreciation whilst still maintaining their dignity, integrity and self-respect. After all, if you can’t love and respect yourself, who’s going to?


  1. yes women are evil venus fly traps.

  2. Hehehe, well Azra, I can't say anything because my species has so many abominations, I don't see how we have ever evolved...
    Yes, I'm a guy, but even I have to look at some of my fellow dudes and say "Are you THAT stupid or are you just an asshole?"

  3. hmmm. i'm reading this list and i feel very very lucky :D

  4. C'mon! Women aren't all that bad. :P They aren't, are they? :|

    You'll have to do one post on how good women are to restore my faith. :)

  5. Mash - The thing is, no matter how bad the worst woman may be, she's still 5000 times better than the best man :P

    OrganicM - Not to worry OM, I'm not prejudicial and I don't discriminate, I can confidently state that I Hate everyone equally :) This is my take on the men out there:


    MJ - Why? you won the Lotto?

    Arslan - Some women aren't that bad...its just a case of finding the right one. Good Luck with that :)

  6. Azra baby- you say it truthfully. Ive never understood women who dont love themselves enough. If you cant love yourself- how the hell will you recognise your worth?

  7. sigh... i dont understand women at all!

  8. Zahera - Seems like women these days are too desperate and men have become lazy :P

    Sami - I'm sure one day you'll understand :D

  9. Zahera - Seems like women these days are too desperate and men have become lazy :P

    Sami - I'm sure one day you'll understand :D