Monday, 7 September 2009

Dreams & Aspirations

I had such a beautiful dream last night that I woke up at 4am smiling down to my liver. I dreamt that I was eating the most delicious pizza in the entire universe. It was amazing. Now to most of you that dream will have no significance but let me tell you, when you wake up and you’re starving…no, correction…I mean STARVING at 9am in the morning, dreams like those are like finding drinking water when you’re stranded on a deserted island.

On another note, the most AMAZING and the WEIRDEST thing has happened to me. I haven’t been feeling very well for the past 6 weeks or so. I have these regular back aches, cramps that are not related to PMS and my skin on my tummy is all itchy, but itchy to the point where I want to rip it off and cut myself…seriously. I’ve even resorted to taking scalding showers to burn the itchiness because that’s the only way I can get some relief. Despite this, I’ve refused to go to the doctor. I hate doctors as I’ve mentioned before. Thankfully though, these symptoms don’t correlate to those related to the oink flu.

So what’s so amazing and weird about that? Well let me tell you. On Saturday we had a HUGE family dinner at my aunt’s place. We’re a close-knit family but I haven’t seen anyone since we got back from the UK because I’ve been quite busy, so it was the first time I got to see my cousins in a long time. As I’ve mentioned before, my cousin Jazz is pregnant, so it was the first time I got to see her too. When we got there, we all started chatting non-stop like we usually do.

It was funny to note that Jazz and I were wearing the EXACT same clothes…a black kurta (the same one) with a grey tracksuit pants and black sandals. But that’s not where the similarities ended. Before long, she was complaining about her back aches, her cramps and her skin that itches relentlessly. I was shocked. I told her that I was having the exact same issues and couldn’t understand why. She was scratching herself with a fork and mentioned that the only thing that relieves the irritation is a scalding shower! By this time I was FLOORED. I’ve been having these symptoms long before we even found out she was pregnant!

So my other cousins were joking around, wondering if I was pregnant too. I told them that unless it was another baby Jesus, there’s no way in HELL that could be possible. Then my cousin Shan suggested that Jazz and I were very close since childhood and that maybe we are cosmically linked and that’s why I have all her pregnancy symptoms. And knowing my family, this opened up a torrent of jokes. Stuff like when Jazz is in labour, I’ll know because my water will also break and I’ll feel the baby coming. I know that it’s common among husbands to pick up these phantom pregnancy symptoms from their expectant wives…but cousins? And even before I knew she was expecting? For me that’s just downright weird.

Later that night we were still chatting and I realised that I’m finally ready to get hitched. For years before this, the slightest reference to marriage or a wedding made me want to throw up, I would get physically sick. The mere thought of it often made me want to run screaming down the halls and corridors like a mental patient. But that’s changed. I don’t know exactly when or where or how. It just did. And I know that I want at least 4 kids…but no itching please. I’ll go insane.


  1. Azra, that was a real switch - 0 children to 4 in the space of a few weeks. It sounds as if you have the "itch" to be married.

  2. So this whole marriage realisation thing does it just smack you in the head or does it slowly creep up on you?

  3. Edge of Where - It creeps up on you, in my experience anyway.

  4. This Pseudo-pregnancy thing is creepy.

    Marriage is fun - I'm having a blast.
    Perhaps it's because it's only been a year and a half? Lol. I don't know.

  5. I'm with LL on this - what's going on? It's like an epidemic - I'm losing friends by the minute - not u too :P

    Seiously though, may Allah grant u that which is best for u. Ameen :)

  6. Thanks Mash I think i'm about there as well. It has slowly hunted me down and about to consume me.

  7. LL - lol, I've always wanted 4 kids, but I've always been hesitatn because the world we live in is so screwed up. I want to get married, but to the right guy :)

    Edge & Mash - Yeah I agree it creeps up on you, its like one day you wake up and you feel differently...for me I was less terrified.

    Fatima - It is very creepy :P And I thought by acknowledging it the symptoms would go away, but alas I was wrong...they're still here. Well I believe Marriage can be fun as long as both parties have their heads screwed on right :)

    WIP - Ameen :D But we're still in the same boat. I'm ready to get married now but remember I don't have anyone to get married to. I still have to find that one that's looking for a needle in a haystack I tell ya :)

  8. 4 kids is cool.
    i intend to have at the very minimum 1 and the max 5. after the 'factory' closes down :p

  9. I'm not ready to get married, I don't know when or if I will ever be. The bright side is I don't have anyone waiting to marry me either so it's win-win, or lose-lose, I'm not sure.

  10. fathima - lol, I've always wanted 6 kids. But I'm being 'practical' and saying 4. No odd numbers. There's always 2 against 1 :)

    Waseem - I think that theres no real 'ready' or 'not ready'. When it happens it happens and we go with the flow. I'm learning to just let things be this year, and not try to be such a control freak.