Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Languid Indulgence

What a week! Well, it’s more like what a four days!! We’d been so busy with Eid preparations on Saturday (until the wee hours of the morning) that I woke up tired on Eid morning. But I couldn’t afford to be all groggy because it was time to get dressed in my best gear and party. And what a party! We cooked up a storm making Mutton Briyani, 4 Roast Chickens, 1 Roast Leg, Greek Salad, Roti, Mince Pies, Steak Pies, Kheer, Pomegranate Punch, Chocolate & Caramel Mousse Cake, 8 variations of biscuits and hundreds of little sweets and chocolates.

The downside to all this food is that by the time Ramadaan draws to a close (and you've gotten used to not eating for around 12 hours a day) your stomach is the size of a Walnut and not much can fit in there. So its like a hollow victory because you have all this delicious food, but you can't eat it. And the little that you do manage to gobble down weighs heavy on you and you walk around for days feeling bloated. I don't know if thats funny or sad :D

Anyways, it has been established that I know waaay too many people. This is why we’re allowed to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr over 7 days, to give you time to greet everyone. I couldn’t cram everyone in on one day so I did it over three. So that was three days of eating everything shoved in my face including all the left-overs here at home. It’s times like these where I’m happy that we only eat Briyani twice a year, because we usually end up eating it for the whole week (that’s how much food there is).

But the star of this Eid was Mother’s Roast Leg. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my ENTIRE life…EVER!!! The meat was so succulent and tender, wrapped in a perfect blend of spices. It was PERFECTION...unprecedented!! It was like it came down from heaven and flew into my mouth. I savoured every single bite and for once was glad that I could eat the leftovers for the next three days. However, I’m slightly devastated that I’ll never get to eat it again because Mother can’t remember how she made it! She cooks on a whim, so every year the the flavours change.
The Roast before it was popped into the oven for 6 hours.

Anyways, the day itself was splendid, even more so this year. We had loads of good food and laughs because humour and eccentricity is genetic in my family. Our celebrations even split over into the next day when everyone decided to ditch work for continued merriment. It’s taken me this long to wake up from my Eid Hangover. The lack of sleep, sinusitis, too much food, constant socializing and indigestion has left me feeling lethargic and bloated, and with one of those dull headaches at the base of my skull. I need to detox, and then I need some rest. It’s a long weekend in SA…with Thursday being Heritage Day and most people taking the day off on Friday. Wherever you are, enjoy and be safe.


  1. My mother has this tendency of making stuff amazingly the first time she tries stuff. After wards she can't seem to repeat the amazingness of the first time.

    It goes from Amazing to Tasty to Nice to have to I'm sick of this already.

    I enjoy my mothers cooking though.

  2. Waseem, I LOVE my Mother's cooking. For me shes the best :) But she has this habit of always making things differently...its delicious all the same but its NEVER the same. And sometimes, you want to re-live the experience of eating something that was so delicious, but you want it to taste EXACTLY as it did the first time she made it *sigh* :D

    Hope you've enjoyed any left-overs.

  3. Did you really bake so many delicious cakes??? And all the food. Fried chicken and breyani was IT at my house.

  4. no pix of the cooked roast? or the rest of the food!?

    I do the whim thing as well but I can only cook like..2 things.. so it doesn't really count.

    Eid Mubarak Az,

  5. Sid - Yes we made all that but most of it is distributed amongst our neighbours, family, friends etc. So we're not eating ALL of it lol.

    Eid-Ul-Fitr is the only time of the year my Mother likes to go all out and overdo it. She doesnt do it any other time of year :)

    Mash - Belated Eid Mubarak. The food was so delish, no one bothered taking pics. When you taste heaven, the camera is the last thing you're thinking about, trust me :P