Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spring Cleaning

September 1st marks the first day of Spring in South Africa. But I beg to differ because the last couple of days have been uncharacteristically hot and a few days ago, the birds were chirping at my window at 2:30am. Looks like we’ve gone straight from Spring into Summer. It’s like 2 weeks ago it was 0˚ Celsius (32˚F) and today its 28˚ Celsius (82˚F). But I’m not complaining! Geez, I’ve had enough of the depressing depths of winter…all that brown and black was starting to get to me and I’m more than ready to look at the greens please.

I love Spring. I mean I LOVE Spring. It’s my favourite season. It’s the season that’s Fresh, not too hot and not too cold. It’s filled with hope and promise of new beginnings and better days ahead. The air is just electric with possibilities and excitement. Every single year, the month of September is what I look forward to the most. Our garden seems to be playing along fabulously this year, with the first peach blossoms out and about in all their glory.

Spring for me also means cleaning out…physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally… Getting rid of the baggage, out with the old and in with the new. It’s my New Years Eve. So this weekend I started with clearing out my tour momento’s. I like to keep all the stuff I collect when I go overseas, and I’ve had every intention of making a scrapbook of each destination…and then it occurred to me that in the last 5 years, I’ve been to over 20 countries and in all that time, I’ve never bothered assembling any kind of scrapbook.

I also reasoned with myself that memorialising the old bus tickets and museum passes and little insignificant pieces of paper meant that I had no intention of going back there, and that’s a big NO-NO in my books because I’m a born traveler and I plan to visit every single destination at least thrice (iA). Getting rid of the clutter meant that I had two extra drawers, and I love my space. So with a heavy heart, save for my photo’s and the maps of every destination, I made a little camp fire and burnt it all.

For some reason, I don’t mind getting rid of my clothes that much. I think I’ve mentioned before how I’ve come to dislike hoarding and I hate having too many things. My primary objective is to ensure that all of my possessions, I mean ALL of it, including clothes, shoes, accessories, travel momentos, souvenirs, this & that…ALL of it, has to fit into these two suitcases. If it doesn’t, I feel like my life is chaotic, weighed down by mostly unnecessary things and it makes me claustrophobic. I like to live as if I can pick up and leave at any moment’s notice. It’s a gypsy’s life. So any chance I get, I throw out or give away to the less fortunate. My general rule when it comes to discarding clothes, shoes, accessories and stuff in general is that if I haven’t worn or used it in the last 6 months, It Goes…no matter how much I love the item.

And now my shoes. Every women’s Achilles heel (excuse the pun). I wish I could say that these are all the shoes I own, but I’ve counted them all, including the flats and slip-ons and I have 20 pairs. The last time I had this many pairs of shoes was in high school (actually it was more like 100 pairs of shoes at the time), when I was still a hoarder. I have since reformed and changed my ways and my last shopping spree in London means that 10 pairs have to go…now to decide which 10…


  1. It still boggles my mind sometimes that seasons are different across the world...it is the start of your Spring and the start of our Autumn here in the states! I bet it is beautiful in your homeland!

  2. One day, and I'm not saying today, I need to visit Capetown in the spring. I know it's south of you, but it's a place and time of year I've always wanted to experience.

  3. shew! and i thought my shoe collection was bad at 17 pairs;)

  4. I am yet to meet a woman who is not totally obsessive compulsive about shoes

  5. OM - I have a few friends in the States, some of them are already complaining about the weather :) I did a post on exploring Johannesburg a while back...take a look if you want to see pics:


    LL - Capetown is at its best in the late Spring & Summer, which is from October to March. In the early Spring (August to September) it rains alot. But if you dont mind the rain. I want to visit California next year hopefully.

    fathima - I threw out 8 pairs already. It was difficult but had to be done :)

    WIP - lol, too afraid to delve into the depths of your wardrobe? What is it about women and shoes anyway?

    Mini - Thanks dude. It used to be very difficult before. But now its liberating :)

    Tazeen - That is so true :D

  6. Some killer heels have you ;)

  7. Nafisa - I wish I could wear them at my leisure...but I always find myself in my adidas or my flops :P