Monday, 5 October 2009

Finding Peace Part 1

This is about to be the ‘gay-est’ (as Waseem might say) post I’ve ever published and I suspect that most people are going to be convinced that I’m Bi-polar. Mostly because I’m about to do a complete 180˚ here and say that I’ve seen God’s hand at work. SERIOUSLY. It’s like throughout the past year, I’ve gotten these little key’s to my very own personal Scylla which has just been unlocked, yielding incomprehensible personal power in the form of peace. For the past year, I’ve been getting these little pieces to a puzzle, and suddenly the picture presents itself before me and my soul is free. But I’m getting ahead of myself…let me start from the beginning. This is going to be a very long post, so I’ve split it in two…

Through the Lord Almighty’s grace, it has been established that I have exquisite instincts. I really do & I’ve mentioned this before. If only I trusted them more often. See, Azra is the type of person who just knows certain things. I kid you not. Like for example, when I meet new people…whether it’s in person or online, I immediately either love, dislike or distrust them and I can’t explain or determine why, but the answer always manifests itself over time, justifying my feelings. And the weird part is that I don’t even have to know them. All I need is one conversation.

What people don’t know about me, is that I can pick up all sorts in a single conversation. The conversation doesn’t even have to be in person, it can be online and it doesn’t even have to be a lengthy one. Even more extraordinary, I don’t even need to speak to the person…all I need to do is witness a conversation between two people, to have it figured out. And I’m not just tooting my own horn here, this is the honest-to-God-truth. I'm the Michael Scofield of people in general. I can tell by a single sentence, or just by the aura of the person whether they’re insecure, conniving, egotistical, manipulative, pathological liars, suffer from abandonment issues etc. etc. etc.

And even though I pick up on all sorts of personal ailments, I choose to ignore most of them purely because it’s none of my business. Even when people feed me their bullshit stories and I oblige or indulge them, I always see the bigger picture, what they’re not saying, and I know that they’re either unaware of their own issues, or they simply want to believe what they’re telling me. I rarely correct them, I just accept it even when I know what I know.

That said, let me deviate a little…I’ll come back to this case in point…

Ok, so in every company or organisation, there is at least one tyrant, a Goliath of sorts. Now the degree of tyranny is based on the Goliath’s personality i.e. whether he is secretive and cunning or a power-hungry egotistical exhibitionist. One will commonly find these tyrants amongst middle management – a classic case of over-inflated-ego-flaunting-what-is-mistaken-as-authority-to-overcompensate-for-whats-lacking. There’s even a name for these people in Industrial Psychology and the condition is very real.

So, over a year ago when I just began working at the company, I encountered the company’s Goliath who operated in the form of the HR Manager. From the very first minute in his presence, I hated this man and I couldn’t understand why…especially since I was attending an executive meeting and got along great with everyone else, including my bosses. There was something in his aura…the tyranny, arrogance, racism, sexism…I couldn’t quite put my finger on it because he hadn’t said or done anything to offend me personally. I suppose I was lucky in that I worked at a facility apart from the Head Office, so I rarely saw Goliath and his cronies. It was however, incredible that every single time I saw or met with him over the span of the year, my hatred for him intensified; and mystified by my response I continually brushed it aside, ignoring my intuition and not paying any attention to it.

But I should have known. See, another astounding fact about companies and organisations is that when you’re very good at your job and everyone likes you, you become a threat and a target to some people, especially those people who govern through intimidation, with agendas and authority complexes. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was being set up by Goliath and his cronies, a victim of industrial sabotage, the result of which led to my unfair dismissal from the company when I got back from the UK. The entire company was left shocked and appalled at my departure, and I had bosses and colleagues calling me on the sly, urging me to take the matter further. They need not have bothered because I was already on the war path, out for blood.

Now throughout the entire process, I was raging inside. I knew what an asshole he was. I knew that even the pansy-asses called executive management were intimidated by him, so they wouldn’t question his motives. And to say that I was LIVID is an understatement. SEETHING doesn't even do it. I mean I. WAS. PISSED!!! The kinda pissed where had I known where he lived in Sunninghill, I mean the exact location, I would have surely paid a visit with a missile or two, and I wouldn’t have cared that he had a family in the house. Evil pissed was I. For a few days, all I saw was blood…his blood smeared on the walls in my name. It took all the restraint in the world, every ounce I could muster, as well as our familial keen sense of humour for me to stay calm and semi-rational.

I then decided to pay a visit to a very formidable woman, an expert in Labour Law and the Mother of my sister’s best friend. I called in a favour and together with one of Mrs. Formidable’s employees, I contested the dismissal and the charges leading to dismissal at the Council, citing managements’ incompetence, arrogance and negligence in the matter. I wasn’t allowed to have any legal representation in the hearing at the Council at the company’s request but unbeknownst to them, I didn’t need any representation and my lawyer can attest to that. After witnessing one of my passionate tirades, he even suggested that I consider becoming a lawyer.

See, let me tell you how fucking stupid they were…well it’s not really ‘them’, just Goliath and his cronies. Firstly, they seriously under-estimated my intelligence because aside from my acute sense of intuition, the one thing I can do very well is over-analyse, pull things apart, read between the lies, find contradictions and flaws in any statement...something I was trained to do academically as well as in the Private Investigative field I once worked in. And I found contradictions and flaws, particularly within their own Policies and Procedures and Code of Conduct. With this gift bestowed upon me by The Almighty, I found loopholes their own lawyers couldn’t find.
Because I smile every day and because I’m very friendly, make jokes, and have the whole ‘happy-go-lucky’ thing going on, people think I’m an easy target. I’ve said this before…if they only knew. I played my cards very close on this one. I refrained from talking about it, because I didn’t want to jeopardize the case and I did extensive research on the matter.

Needless to say, I went to court guns blazing, ready to ANNIHILATE them. And Thanks to The Almighty, annihilate them I did. When I left the courtroom two and a half hours later, I had ripped them and all their arguments to shreds, left them gaping and breathless because they never saw it coming…even the Commissioner and Adjudicator was speechless. But I don’t count my chickens before they hatch and when I had heard that I’d won the case early last week, I refrained from being jubilant. Always two steps ahead, I’m waiting to see what’s the next move, if the arrogant bastard will try to massage his bruised ego and appeal to Labour Court. Apparently, this is the first case he’s ever lost. Too bad for the hundreds of uneducated people out there who were dismissed in a similar fashion, without the confidence or recourse to challenge it.

In the interim, I’ve been wrestling with my morals. I had decided before my appearance in court, not to make this about revenge but I can’t help feeling that a tyrant like him has to be ousted in public. I’m considering contacting the Head of Global Operations in the UK, a man I happen to know on a personal basis, telling him about Goliath and the general incompetence of his department. And I also think that the Labour Department will be very interested in the information I have on the company. But again, as much as I’d like to see them crumble, I don’t want to make this about vengeance. I won’t win with vengeance. Besides, I can’t make the whole company pay for the indiscretions of one colossal asshole. There are many good people there…pansies, but they’re still good and it would not be fair.

But like I said, I haven’t won yet…not until they pay me the stipulated amount set by the court. And I’m secretly wishing that the arrogant son-of-a-bitch takes it further to Labour Court, so that I can annihilate him once again and then they’d have to pay me out twice the stipulated amount as well as my lawyer’s fees, thereby cementing their humiliation. Whatever their plans, I say BA-RING IT! These days, I have no problems, because I’ve relinquished all control to a higher power and I watch The Almighty do my bidding for me…just the way it’s supposed to be.

“Here is your final lesson - do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. God said, ‘Vengeance is mine’…God will give me Justice” ~ Count of Monte Christo

To be continued…


  1. By the sounds of this I wouldn't want to come up against you in an Arbitration hearing.

    I know in your case your H.R Manager was a douche but a lot of times H.R Managers have to take the slack for other managers not doing their work properly or making stuipid decisions.

    There were a few times that I have had to tear someone apart in a hearing even though they didn't really do anything wrong. I'll deny ever saying this but to those people I normally try to settle so at least they get something because I know the company is wrong but it still doesn't always sit well with me.

    I doubt he will persue the matter further. Going to the labour court only brings more attention on himself. But if he does then good luck. The truth always wins.... well most of the time anyways ;)

  2. AWESOME is the only word i have at the moment.

  3. cow, i had to wait over a week for THIS? anyway, im glad to finally read an outcome i expected ;-)

    keep going x

  4. Hmmm, so we now know whom not to mess with in South Africa.

  5. *annihilate*

    it rolls on my tongue :)

    Well Done!

  6. my mind works in pictures when i read and right now you're looking like a fiery red dragon! Way to go - standing up for yourself and what you believe in!

  7. Meow.....:)

    Guess the wagging dog letf empty handed.

  8. Edge - Biggest problem is that employees aren't aware of their rights. I dont care if he takes it further or not. If he does, I'll just do a repeat performance on steroids :P

    fathima - thanx :D

    Sofi - thank you x

    JDee - Ironically, I hate fighting. But I'm very good at it ;)

    Shafinaaz - It rolls on the tongue like ice on a hot summers day, thanks :D

    DD - Dragon was apt lol! I was ready with the fire in my veins. In life we need to defend ourselves, no one else will ;)

    Mini - :D Yeah, the stupid ass had the wind knocked out of his sails...and I just wanted to drown him and sink his boat :P But I'm over it now :)

  9. whoooosaaaaaaaaaaa!

    hell hath no fury huh :P
    congrats :)