Tuesday, 27 October 2009


So I have been very busy lately. Very busy. Busy in my role as academic editor of theses and dissertations, busy with the business of being on a serious holiday…just busy. So busy that I’m going to consider my triumph over Goliath as this month’s challenge, since I’ve never really won a lawsuit before. Well I’ve never even been in a lawsuit before, so this was new. It was not the best or most exciting of challenges, but it was certainly the most physically, mentally and emotionally taxing.

I’ve learnt so much from this experience, that it would be impossible to ignore the footprints it left in my life. For one, I’ve become very well acquainted with Section 188 of the Labour Relations Act, and other similar aspects of Labour and Corporate Law. And I’ve had a chance to channel my inner Lawyer, by applying all my analytical thinking and linguistic skills in conjunction with those laws governing corporate practices in a lengthy iron-clad argument that was my case.

The end result was a 16 page dossier from the Commissioner slating the company’s negligence, unprofessionalism, incompetence and blatant disregard for the Law and enforcing the maximum penalty. Even if they decided to pursue the matter further, they would have never won. I mean NEVER…not with the information I have.

That aside, I’ve since learned that Goliath has been threatening other employees with dismissal because of their friendships and associations with me, alas the tyranny continues. So I decided that it’s time for Phase 2 and I think it’s my duty as a concerned corporate citizen to make the Head of Global Operations in the UK, a one Mr. Nathan, aware of the situation. It just so happens that Mr. Nathan enquired about me a couple of weeks ago…so I reckon it’s time to get reaquainted.

And so David slew Goliath, three stones and a sling in the space between the eyes with a force hard enough for the monster to come crashing down. Then, in Phase 2, David stepped forth and severed the massive head from the body holding it up for the world to see, cementing his victory.

In other news, it’s my mummy’s birthday today!!!!! The only person on earth that I love more than myself. I would lay down my life for her without even blinking an eye. I’ve said this before, but my mother is the very essence, the epitome of a powerful woman. Her personal power always leaves us in awe and admiration and her aura brings forth a force of silent strength that commands respect and sends even the toughest men cowering to their corners in a frenzy.

I’m fiercely protective over my mother, even though there’s no reason to be, even when she makes me want to swallow razor blades and rub salt in my eyes. Once, when I was 2 years old, my mother hit me on my backside for something I had done. The shock made me cry and to comfort me, my grandmother, (Mother's mother), pretended to hit my mother in my defense. This made me so angry, that I immediately stopped crying and my little 2 year old hands pounded away at my grandmother, even though she was on my side defending me! No matter what my mother had done to me, no one was allowed to do anything to her.

My two year old self used to express my love for my mother with grandiose tangible structures. With tiny arms outstretched to their capacity, I loved her like a house, and then I loved her like a school. I loved her like a mountain, even a city and a country. I loved her like the world and the sun and the universe. This sense of loyalty has gone from strength to strength throughout the years and now it’s this giant tree with unyielding roots embedded in the very core of my soul.

My mother has given up her life to be devoted to us, to ensure our consistent well-being. She was there, every step of the way, with every rise and every fall…often picking us up, dusting us off and insisting we try again. She is my source of comfort and strength. She’s the foundation of what I call home. Here’s to many more blessed years filled with mounds of fun, great health, rivers of wealth and oceans of love, contentment and happiness.

"...here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart, I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)" ~ EE Cummings


  1. HAPPY BDAY to your mum!

    may you both have a happy existence! God bless

  2. *offers a silent "fuck yeah" for your triumphs, and wishes you many a prime seat in the opening of Budapest theatre productions*


  3. Happy Birthday Azra's Mommy!!!! :D

  4. Btw, congrats on your win against Goliath.
    I wish you well in knocking him senseless :)
    Cretins like him should be outed!

  5. Happy birthday Aunty Sherifa...

    Az, I love your mummy too. I always tell myself I want to be the same kind of mother to my child as your mum is to you guys, Inshallah.

    Hats off to her, she has done a great job indeed.

  6. Prixie - Aawww thanks :D

    T - Cry baby :P

    Irfaan - Thanks dude ;D

    Fatima - Thank you...yeah he needs to come back down to earth ;p

    Hajira - Ameen and Thanx :)

  7. HAppy Birthday to your mom. I look forward to her Biryani

  8. Mash - Yeah, me too :D Last Eid's roast was just off the hook man. When are you coming to visit?