Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Visually Stimulating

I’ve been very lucky in that I have a Mom that’s spontaneous and adventurous. That’s where I got my wanderlust and spirit of adventure from. When we were kids, Mother used to pack us up in her car and drive us to various destinations throughout South Africa. Those were some of the best times of my life and I got to see most of South Africa by road-trip. For a while, we even lived in Cape Town (which I hated at the time, but it had its perks).

So I thought I’d compile a little visual of South Africa, since I'm a little tired of talking. I did a post on Johannesburg before, so Jo’burg pics won’t be added to this selection. We have a truly amazingly beautiful country. Too bad the Morons that live here diminish and make you forget about that beauty (but Morons live everywhere and there’s nothing we can do that doesn’t constitute Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing to rectify the situation).

The best way to see South Africa is by road-trip, without a doubt. For visitor’s, I’d recommend travelling in groups of four or more people. And contrary to popular belief, we don’t live with tigers, lions and elephants in our backyards, you’ll have to go to National Parks or the Zoo for that.

The Blyde River Canyon is in the Province of Mpumalanga, north of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Mpumalanga is also known for its splendid waterfalls like this one, Lone Creek Waterfall. Click here for this pic and more waterfall visuals.

Mpumalanga is also home to the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, as well as other beautiful attractions.

The Sabie District is home to many other beautiful attractions, like this one called God's Window.

Further south of Johannesburg, moving out of the Province of Gauteng and into the Free State, there are the beautiful and magestic Drakensburg Mountains, like this, The Drakensburg Amphitheatre.

The Free State Province is also known for its little 'boere' towns, like the touristy town of Clarens.

Moving a little East from the Free State, and we're in the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, home of the city of Durban and its harbour.

Durban is a popular destination for Gauteng-ers, people from Johannesburg and Pretoria etc. because of its close proximity and warm balmy weather.

Further down south from KZN and Durban, is the gorgeous Eastern Cape Province, home to the famous 'Garden Route', one of the most spectacular drives along the coast in the world and home to places like Knysna.

And the Tsitsikamma Forest and Nature Reserve.
Nature's Valley, part of the Tsitsikamma Reserve.

Moving further westwards, from the Eastern Cape Province, we enter the Western Cape, probably the most popular of all the provinces and a tourist haven. Pearly Beach at sunset.

The Rooi Els Coast.

The famous Cape Town and Table Mountain.

Cape Town City at dawn.

View from Table Mountain.

Clifton Beach, every holiday makers destination.

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, shopperholics be warned.

Just outside of Central Cape Town, are other illustrious towns too. Like Simons Town.

And Stellenbosch, known for it's vineyards.

And a picturesque Hout Bay...the best fish and chips in the world.

And the spectacular Franschhoek Valley.

Then, moving outside of Cape Town, to the north of the Western Cape Province, we have what I call the best kept secret of the Cape, Langebaan.

And the Lagoon of Langebaan.

Honestly, there is so much more to see in South Africa, that it would be impossible to put it all on one blog post. There are many hidden treasures and gems in the way of towns and amazing places to visit. I feel the need for another road-trip ;)

Some of the images courtesy Google, others courtesy Azra cam.


  1. OMG, We live in Paradise!!! I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me :)

    Mwah. These pics are stunning, lady...

  2. Did u take these pics? wowowoow.... they are mind blowing, amazing... do start a photo blog :D

  3. Shafinaaz - Thanks. We do, and its easy to forget ;)

    Mikimbizi - I didn't take all of them, just some of them. I googled the others :)

  4. i've also been itching for a road trip of late! perhaps we should team up?! :)

    this post reminds me of all that i truly love about SA! THANKS!

  5. damn woman, you're making me miss home big time!
    urgh! :P

  6. ct is gorgeous when it has great weather.
    i mostly remember the cold, wet, windy days of winter.
    i love jozi's winters

  7. Prixie - A road trip sounds great :D Lets put it in the pipelines.

    Fatima - When you're snowed in, you can escape in these pics ok? :P

    fathima - I hated living in CT...a holiday and living there are two completely different things. The winters there are miserable, rain, rain more rain and sand everywhere. Although, I suspect that my adult experiences of CT and my childhood experiences might differ significantly, especially since I've come to love rain ;)

  8. This is the SA I want to come back to :)

    Thank you for the reminder of just how beautiful South Africa is. You help revive the many happy memories

  9. Beautiful pictures, Azra. I'm sure Bachelorette 2012 will be very jealous... And only morons bieve you live with tigers, lions and elephants in your backyards. You have a nice day now. It's almost weekend!
    - Randy