Thursday, 15 October 2009

You Remind Me Of My Jeep

Ever have someone come up to you and tell you that you remind them of someone else they know? Or you’re at a gathering of sorts; a picnic, a dinner, a significant others Christmas Party – whatever – and you’re meeting new people; and a friendly stranger tells you that you look EXACTLY like their best friend/sister/niece/cousin…or that at the very least, you remind them of someone else they know…

I’m not a fan of the “I-was-just-telling-my-mother-that-you-look-just-like-my-cousin-from-Klerksdorp-Ayesha-you-know-Ayesha?-Ayesha-Khan-You-look-JUST-like-her” conversations. In fact, I always feel mildly insulted when those people are looking at and talking to me, but are thinking of someone else. It’s kinda like having your husband cuddle up next to you in bed, while he’s thinking of Fatima down the street. Actually it’s more than just a little annoying (and lets not forget that its preposterous to expect the person who resembles someone else you know, to know that person as well. No, I don't know any effing Ayesha Khan).

Do you know what’s worse than the friendly stranger? A friendly relative. Someone you actually know / are well acquainted with, telling you that you remind them of the neighbour’s aunt’s cousin’s daughter-in-law’s sister. Talk about pointless. What does it matter to you that there is someone, or 10 someones who look like / act like / walk like and talk like you do? It makes no difference. It’s just annoying.

I’m aware of the hypocrisy as I sometimes walk around, telling certain people that they remind me of so and so, and at the time, I whole-heartedly believe it. They really do remind me of / look like someone I know, and it’s…dare I say it… exciting. It’s exciting to see someone’s twin traipse around in front of you, and you’re compelled to let them know that there’s more like them in the world.

But I don’t want to be told that I’ve been cloned and there are different versions of me roaming the earth. There’s only one Me. There’s only one person that looks like Me, and only one person that acts like and talks the way I do…and that person is Me. No one else can replace Me. This narcissistic undertone is fascinating. No one wants to be told that they’re like someone else. A sense of dominance and individuality takes over. Self-preservation perhaps? Survival of the species? I sure as hell have no problems telling everyone else who they look like or remind me of, but I have major issues when people do it to me.

I usually reply by asking these friendly strangers if that’s an insult. They’ll laugh and almost all of them will say the same thing, “Nooo, she’s just as funny and bubbly as you are”. I hate that word “bubbly”. Specifically, I hate the word “bubbly” and me in the same sentence. It irks the shit out of me. But my mother taught me to be courteous and polite, so I usually smile at these friendly strangers before I make my swift exit.


  1. I thought that somebody (perhaps a guy) told you that you actually remind them of their Jeep. It might even be a compliment coming from a guy - though I can't imagine a woman who would take it as such.

    So, which famous movie star to you remind people of?

  2. LL - Many people have told me that I look like Demi Moore, although I can assure you I look nothing like her ;)

    PS. The title was taken from an old offensive song by R. Kelly circa 1995.

  3. People say crap, and chat rubbish for the sake of it. Much like folk who talk about the weather, because it's something to say. I agree that it's pointless, there isn't really much you can say in reply.
    Do people expect you to gush with excitement because your doppelganger has been spotted?(incidentally you are meant to have 7 copies of yourself in the world, I can't remember who told me that) I remember many moons ago going to a wedding in a city in England, when introduced as being from Scotland, I was then asked if I knew such and such random person...because of course there is only 7 of us up here. Us, and our sheep.
    Again. People are stupid.

  4. i find it amusing to be told that i look like or remind them of so and so.
    what's worst is when you look like your cheeky aunt. my family never let me forget this. and i'm not cheeky like her.

  5. This post was funny, i totally forgot this R Kelly song, it was so offensive.

    I think people just try to make conversation, I think if you dont have anything else to say, just shut up.

  6. Honestwaffle - I think its worse when people actually point out the person you supposedly resemble LOL!

    fathima - lol, worst still, imagine if you look like a family member you happen to hate :P They say you kids will most likely resemble one of your sibling ;)

    Waseem - I agree. That song was so offensive, true R Kelly style, its like a can of worms innit? And its difficult to forget :P